Death is Legion

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Death Is Legion
Death is legion.jpg
Dates run: November 12, 2014
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Death Is Legion

"Gar? My folks were mixed up in this. Have you guys...I mean...shit. Has anyone heard from them?"

Two investigations collide at the site of a defunct Weapon bioweapons research lab.


Garrison Kane, Kyle Gibney, Logan, Wade Wilson, David North

Tim Dugan, Tyler and Midge Gibney, Dr. Horatio Huxley

Omega Red, Abraham Cornelius


November 12, 2014

Plot Summary

Still investigating the deaths of his Alpha Flight comrades, Garrison got another lead from his friend “Dum Dum” Dugan on the Weapon X program. Garrison enlisted Wade, North and Logan – survivors of the program – to come with him to investigate the lead, a facility called “The Bug House” which was alleged to be active again.

At the same time, Kyle’s mother left him a message about his adoptive father being in a car accident. After some phone tag, Kyle was able to establish he should go back to Montana to help out, and made his arrangements. However, when he got there, it was to discover things were definitely not what they seemed, as Abraham Cornelius and Omega Red greeted him at the door. After explaining that Kyle’s mother had at one time worked as a researcher for Weapon X and that they had been aware her son had a healing factor, the family was bundled into a car and taken to a remote Montana location. It proved to be an abandoned Weapon facility, a research lab which was evacuated after it was contaminated by a programmable virus called “Thetagen-24”. The lab still held its research, however, research Omega Red needed. With the information regarding the virus provided by Dr. Huxley, a former researcher with the program who had been “persuaded” by Omega Red to cooperate, Kyle was coerced into descending into the contaminated facility and fetch the data, with the hope that his healing factor would be enough to keep him alive long enough to complete the task.

While Kyle reluctantly – with his parents’ safety at stake – entered the labs and began his search, Garrison, Wade, North and Logan arrived, following Dugan’s lead concerning “The Bug House”. Finding Kyle’s father bound and gagged in the back seat of a car, they freed him and established what was going on. Wade and Logan went after Kyle in the lab, trusting their own healing factors would enable them to survive, while North and Garrison tried to rescue Kyle’s mother.

Down in the labs, Kyle had come across “Subject Zero”, a man in a biohazard suit with a mask who claimed to be the source of the T-24 virus and to have been trapped down in the lab since the 1980s. Apparently trying to help Kyle, the man known as Weapon T-24 guided him through the labs, explaining that the virus not only made people sick, but absorbed them into itself, that while he could avoid absorption himself, he was also part of the virus and its self-preservation instinct and that this prevents him from his attempts to destroy the nuclear reactor at the centre of the complex for years. The information was secured and uploaded to the surface, but when Kyle disclosed he wasn’t actually part of the Weapon program, however, his new “friend” turned on him just as Wade and Logan caught up. A bloody fight ensued, with all three mutants battling the virus as well as Weapon T-24, but between the three of them, he was eventually defeated and decapitated by Logan.

On the surface, things were going less well for Garrison and North against Omega Red. They had, however, managed to get the upper hand against the Russian when he grabbed Kyle’s mother and used her to secure his escape with Cornelius. With Doctor Huxley left behind, Garrison and North convinced him to help provide an anti-viral for Kyle, Logan and Wade, without which they would have died. As it was, they needed time to recuperate before going after Kyle’s mother.

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It was Garrison's decision not to include the X-Men on this mission, rationlising that the Weapon program would be too dangerous for them to to go up against.


Plotrunner: Dex