How To Kill A Spider

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How To Kill A Spider
Dates run: July 2, 2017
Run By: Sam
Read the logs: How To Kill A Spider

At least it's not Jumanji that traps us in the game."

A simple card game turns into something a lot bigger and creepy.


Stephen Strange, Clea Lake. Xavin Majesdane, Alison Blaire, Maya Lincoln-Lopez, Topaz, Amanda Sefton


July 2, 2017

Plot Summary

Clea and Stephen come across a game store in Salem Center, and find a card game called How To Kill A Spider. Thinking it would be fun, they buy it and post a call out looking for people to play with them. The players (Stephen, Clea, Alison, Xavin, and Maya) gather in Stephen’s suite, and the game commences.

The moment the they make the first move, however, hundreds of spiders of varying sizes, pop into existence all around the mansion. Clea texts Amanda and Topaz, who fight their way to the suite and, after fighting off the spiders and shielding the group from any more, Amanda takes a look at the cards and realizes they’ve been cursed. There’s no quick way to reverse the effects, however — the group will have to play through the game in order to end the spell.

So while the rest of the mansion fights off spiders, the kids play, and when the game finishes the spell is broken. Amanda takes the cards to try and figure out who might have been behind this while Topaz talks to Clea and Stephen about where they got the cards.

In the aftermath, Amanda and Topaz go to the store to find out what kind of games they’re selling, only to find the storefront clearly abandoned. They talk to the neighboring storefronts and find out the store just up and disappeared. They suspect the store was a front for people from the Winding Way to sneak some magical tricks into the mansion and see how the kids would react.

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This was the first plot directly influenced by The Winding Way


Plotrunner: Sam

This plot was inspired by the real-life card game, How To Kill A Spider, which was played by the Texas XP contingency (Sam, Mack, Chris, Tink, and Zip), during an NYE party at the beginning of 2017. It was Sam who said "I bet I can turn this into a plot."

And she did.