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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Jean-Paul Beaubier (disambiguation).

Jean-Paul Beaubier
Portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Codename: Northstar
Birthdate: May 26, 1994
Journal: xp_northstar
Player: Available for Applications


Character Journal: This Is How An Angel Cries - Blame It On My Own Surprise

Real Name: Jean-Paul Beaubier

Codename: Northstar (eventually)

Aliases: Jean-Paul Martin, JP (if people feel they must use some type of nickname)

First Appearance: July 18, 2015

Date of Birth: May 26, 1994

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Citizenship: Canadian

Relatives: Jean-Baptiste Beaubier (father, deceased), Melisande Beaubier (mother, deceased), Louis Martin (adoptive father, deceased), Genevieve Martin (adoptive mother, deceased), Raymonde Belmonde (father figure/mentor/former guardian), Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (twin sister, he does not know she exists).

Education: Partial credits for an undergraduate degree of English Studies and Comparative Literature from Université de Montréal. He’s also working on a minor in History, specifically French Canadian.

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Retired Olympic Champion (Men’s Alpine). Currently, unemployed (despite several endorsement deals with various sports equipment/clothing franchises).

Team Affiliation: Generation X


Early Life

At the age of two, Jean-Paul’s biological parents were killed in an automobile accident - he was in the backseat of the vehicle at the time, but his car seat saved his life. Separated from his twin sister, he was adopted by the Martins, distant relatives of his mother's. Sadly, they could not adopt both children, and so Jeanne-Marie was sent elsewhere. However, they met an untimely end in a boating accident when Jean-Paul was five years old. He was quickly placed in foster care, but due to the emotional trauma he’d suffered, he was not at all affectionate toward or open to forming close relationships with his foster parents. In fact, he began acting out, which made it virtually impossible to find him a permanent home. Jean-Paul bounced from foster family to foster family, none of them equipped to deal with the trouble he inevitably caused.

His behavior grew worse as Jean-Paul aged, progressing from a chilly disdain for those who fostered him to outright disrespect and eventual rebellion. At the age of eleven, after a particularly violent confrontation with his foster father, Jean-Paul ran away. He spent nearly a year on the streets of Montreal, seeking shelter where he could and doing everything possible to avoid being found by the authorities. He ran into gangs roaming Montreal and, in exchange for a free place to crash as well as some under the table cash, Jean-Paul ran errands for them. He helped whichever person offered him whatever he needed at the time to survive when he wasn't pickpocketing strangers or stealing from stores.

To make matters worse, Jean-Paul’s mutation began to subtly manifest during this period of his life, making him somewhat quicker on his feet than most. That might have been an advantage, especially where his pickpocketing and thievery were concerned, however the mutation brought with it an increase in his metabolism. This caused the boy to begin to slowly starve on a diet that wouldn't have been adequate for a baseline human his age.

Moving Forward

The situation came to an end when Jean-Paul, age twelve, attempted to steal from a restaurant owned by Raymonde Belmonde, a man whose work wasn't necessarily all on the up and up but who was generally a good person. Belmonde was alarmed by the horrible condition the boy was in and offered him the meal he'd attempted to steal - for free. That offer took most of the fight out of Jean-Paul and, warily, he accepted the invitation Belmonde extended. He found himself speaking of his life more freely than he expected and, over the course of the promised meal, Belmonde decided that it would be for the best if the boy didn't return to the streets or his former life in the foster care system.

Belmonde called in a favor from a local politician, who pulled the necessary strings to establish him as Jean-Paul’s legal guardian. He took to the task of civilising the suspicious young man with gusto, introducing Jean-Paul to literature and art. While Jean-Paul never took very well to formal schooling, he did read every book in Belmonde’s possession, awakening a love of reading that has continued to this day. It was during this time that Belmonde also introduced Jean-Paul to the pastime that would quickly become the young man’s greatest passion – skiing. By fifteen, Jean-Paul was a top contender in multiple events. By sixteen, he was a shoe-in for the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Jean-Paul sought and gained his emancipation from the foster care system just after returning home from the Olympics, two gold medals in hand. Though he had grown to trust Belmonde, Jean-Paul recognised that his guardian was not a young man and was, therefore, unwilling to take the chance of being at anyone else’s mercy should something unfortunate happen to the older man.

He received his high school equivalency at seventeen, and attended university when not training for competitions. This involved a great deal of self-driven study and online interaction with understanding professors. While competing in the 2014 Olympics, Jean-Paul won four additional gold medals, bringing his total to six, and made an even bigger name for himself in the sports world. He also spoke out quite vocally about Russia’s discrimination against the LGBT community.

When It All Comes Down

Jean-Paul's career came to an end in August 2015 when he was blackmailed, the blackmailer threatening to tell the media about his X-Gene. The X-Gene Jean-Paul didn't know he had. He confronted his coach about it, who admitted he hid the truth from Jean-Paul after blood tests had discovered Jean-Paul did indeed test positive for an x-gene. His mutation was fully triggered when a car accident launched him through the windshield, and instead of hitting the ground he flew several feet away. Belmonde got him away and to safety and contacted Angelo Espinosa to get Jean-Paul somewhere to safety. Angelo, in turn, brought him to the mansion.

Jean-Paul was thoroughly unimpressed with most of the mansion, not making friends easily. He did enjoy a fun night with Gabriel Cohuelo, however, so that wasn't too bad. In November he found himself accidentally dragged into a telepathic mess when a young Canadian telepath latched onto Quentin Quire, and Quentin in turn latched on to the people closest to him. They spent a chaotic few days in the Canadian's body before they finally got her to safety and Charles helped everyone get back into their own bodies. Jean-Paul ended the year with a ski trip that he opened up to the mansion at large. He found himself wholly unamused with mansion librarian, until an incident with an exploding water bottle made them unwilling allies.

A powers interaction with Everett Thomas in November 2016 turned Jean-Paul's life upside down when he found out his mutation included super speed, leading him to a crisis about whether or not he earned his Olympic medals. He drowned his sorrows in sex with Quentin, then comforted himself with Topaz's cat as he tried to figure out what to do with this information.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Other Features: Jean-Paul has subtly pointed ears and a tattoo on his left bicep, a half-sleeve of the inverted Sun tarot card, as drawn by Luis Royo.


Jean-Paul is a flight-capable speedster. It is a power which partially manifested in his mid-teens. However, it wasn’t until he was twenty-one that the full extent of his superspeed and the accompanying flight developed. He is exceptionally agile, able to reach incredible speeds on land (500 MPH, which he can maintain for approximately six hours before needing to rest) and in the air (roughly Mach 2, which he can maintain for around four hours before needing to rest). However, pushing these limits would put a great strain on his system. Ignoring the limits of his abilities would result in Jean-Paul arriving at his destination sweat-lathered, body starving for oxygen, heart rate through the roof, and all his reserves drained. In the event that such a journey was necessary he would require extensive rest and recuperation, usually whilst sleeping, to fully recover. He can use his superspeed to automatically compensate for any G-Force differences he might experience.*

His mutation increases his metabolism, causing it to work faster than the human norm. This condition is exacerbated by his athletic activities. Jean-Paul, therefore, burns through a great deal of fuel very quickly and has to keep a close eye on what he eats to ensure he’s getting both enough calories and the proper nutrition. A side-effect of his rapid metabolism is that Jean-Paul has a minor healing factor and recovers from injuries significantly faster than a normal human. An example of this would be that, if he broke his arm, it would take around two weeks for him to have full functionality of the limb, as opposed to the typical four weeks (or more) for a non-mutant.

Jean-Paul’s mutation also provides him with something akin to overall durability whilst traveling at high speeds, allowing him to withstand the ravages of wind, friction, and air turbulence. Though this aspect of his mutation provides him with a certain amount of protection from damage caused by high-velocity collisions (he won’t break his own neck if he runs into a wall at full tilt), Jean-Paul can knock himself out if he slams into objects at high speeds. This increased durability also gives him a certain amount of protection from blunt-force trauma when he’s not moving at superhuman speeds. However knives, claws, and bladed weapons can easily slice through his defences if he doesn’t avoid them.

His powers can increase the speed of all of Jean-Paul’s movements, which means he can move individual parts of his body at great speed independently of one another. Thus, he’s capable of delivering jackhammer-speed blows to opponents. This also allows him to avoid or outmaneuver most threats.

Jean-Paul can send out concussive blasts from his body. They are purely defensive, meaning if he can neither speed nor fly his way out of a situation, the panic-response/adrenalin rush he gets allows him to physically throw off some of the kinetic energy he maintains in his body. Initially, these blasts will be full-body and non-directed, but they have the potential to become more focused/useful during combat situations (assuming he can learn to trigger them while on the ground and not trapped).

He has the ability to generate a bright, white light equivalent, at maximum intensity, to 500 thousand foot-candles. Jean-Paul does this by varying the rate of acceleration of the molecules within his body out of phase with one another, creating a cascade of photonic discharges. Should he ever meet his twin sister, together they would theoretically be able to generate light equivalent to a full one million foot-candles. (Physical contact would be necessary for them to reach that intensity.)

He possesses the same vulnerability to the elements as most humans, save a resistance to the extremes of cold. This resistance comes from the kinetic energy he uses to propel himself, the molecular friction within Jean-Paul’s body, which causes him to run a bit warmer than most people.

While his powers have no bearing on his physical strength or endurance, due to his focus on physical fitness, Jean-Paul’s endurance and strength are at peak human levels for a man his size, age, and build.

PLEASE NOTE: Jean-Paul knows basically none of that upon arriving at the mansion.





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Player Icon Base: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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Cai played a P1 version of JPB from January of 2010 until after the Genosha Arc in 2012. She picked up a P2 version of him in July 2015. She played him until January 2020 when she became a Player Emeritus due to RL demands.