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This page is a placeholder for something that has yet to appear in Phase 2 of the game. If you edit the page, remove this notice. Thank you!

The Shiar
Portrayed by N/A
Known Aliases: D. Kenneth Neramani, Calysee Neramani-Khan, Lilandra Neramani
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Jen, Dex and Doqz
Introduction: Bhagavad Gita

The Shiar are a high caste Northern Indian political family who have been involved in India's political scene for generations. They have most recently reached high prominance with the election of the head of the family, D. Kenneth Neramani to the office of Prime Minister of India.


Prominent Members M. Cornelius Neramani - deceased, D. Kenneth Neramani - deceased, Calysee Neramani-Khan, Lilandra Neramani

First appearance: July 2008


Phase 1

The Shiar are a Kshatriya and Rajput clan of Agnivanshi linage in Northern India. The clan has been active as war leaders and small kings in Northern India for thousands of years, and served as the calvary arm of many major Indian kings over the centuries. They had key financial and military dealings with the British, and their proximity and knowledge to key areas of what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan made them valued allies. As a result, the clan became extremely wealthy, and their connections easily survived the fall of the British Raj and the assembly of the new Indian state.

Since the 1950s, the clan has focused strongly on political and military influence, promoting key officers to major commands in the Indian military, and forming a strongly conservative hard line political force from the north. However, they had always lacked the connections to build a coalition with Southern Indian parties to win major elections.

Since 1892, the important sons (and later daughters) of the clan would be educated in England, and the practice of giving Christian middle names to the boys, and referring publicly to them by initializing their first Indian name was started.

Phase 2

Family Members

M. Cornelius Neramani
The father of the current head of the clan, Cornelius died in 2005. Political astute, it was he who pushed his clan out of regional politics and into the national stage. He also was a keen observer of Western power, and understood the balance of power in India could be influenced by the balance of power elsewhere. On his death, his son assumed control of the vast resources of the Shiar, using the crystalised brain of his father to augment his own abilities. Deceased.
D. Kenneth Neramani
The head of the powerful North Indian Shiar caste family. He is a low level empath, who is almost constantly projecting. His powers are all but worthless against a single person, but heavily effective with crowds, helping his political career. D. Kenneth was Eton educated, and spent fifteen years working in his father's businesses until his death, and then took over the family political connections to launch his political career. A high ranking member in India's parliament, he's most noted for his militaristic stance on terrorism, and hard line stances with both Sri Lanka and Pakistan. When it became obvious he was attempting to annex Pakistan, steps were taken to counter him.

Deceased - killed by Remy LeBeau at the conclusion of Lakshmibai Raj.

Calysee Neramani-Khan
The widow of the late Pakistani General Yuyef Khan, Calysee is the second eldest child. Her fingernails are as hard and sharp as steel, and she can manufacture natural toxins of various strengths that secrete from sacs under the nails to coat them. She can also tear out a nail and regrow a new one rapidly, and increase the length of her nails by as much as an inch instantly when needed. Calysee was something of the problem child/cosmopolitan face of the Shiar, being educated in the United States and Italy, heavily photographed as part of the 'scene' when she was younger. Ten years ago, she turned her back on that life, marrying Khan and becoming a presence in aid organizations and charities for the region. Despite her husband's death, Calysee is very well respected in Pakistan, and the Indian government will occasionally use her as a go-between from them to the Pakistani military. Following the events in Pakistan, in which she was implicated albeit without proof, Calysee announced her retirement from public life and has remained in seclusion since. This is in fact due to her being locked inside her own mind amid memories of the destruction she wrought by the telepath Emma Frost. She was later kidnapped by extremists in an attempt to start a war in the Middle East and an esoteric ritual meant to transform her into the Babylon Woman reversed Emma's punishment and was taken into service by the mysterious Ozymandias. She has since appeared doing his bidding in Jerusalem, with new psionic abilities as well as her old ones.

PB: Rekha.

Lilandra Neramani
Lilandra is the youngest child, Cambridge educated. Lilandra is a projecting telepath. She can project her ideas, thoughts and concepts into the minds of one or several people, although she cannot read minds. Lilandra was a highly regarded Professor in History and International Relations at Oxford until two years ago, when she returned to India to pursue a political career. Her name and history has made her respected voice in the Parliament on foreign affairs, although she wields little actual political power. Following her brother's death, she became the leader of the country, a position consolidated by fair elections held a short time later.

PB: Indira Varma


Phase 1

Bhagavad Gita

Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil

Congress of Behram

Old Man of the Mountain

Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon (Calysee as Deathbird)

Lakshmibai Raj

Sing Me A Prayer (Calysee as Deathbird)

Fires From The Ashes

The Trial of Jean Grey

Phase 2


Socked by: Jen, Dex and Doqz

PBs: Indira Varma (Lilandra), Rekha (Calysee)