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May 9



2004: The Hudsons make an offer to Logan that he refuses. Doug asks Charles if he can help with the bombing investigation, and Charles puts him in contact with Val Cooper. Moira gets a call from Muir, and celebrates with Nathan. Marie-Ange does a reading for Manuel, and then has an argument with Amanda. Angelo visits Nathan again, Jubilee regains her memories, Jamie and Kitty have a picnic, Bobby and Jane are cute at Disneyland, and Sarah and Angelo beat each other up.

2005: Jubilee extends Forge an in-person invitation to join SOG. Doug stumbles across Jean and Betsy verbally sparring. Alison makes Lorna take a break from planning the catering for the wedding. Forge tells Jay about his original accident and Jay tells Forge about Kevin Cabot.

2006: X-Men Mission: The Perfect Nanny: Scott and Ororo start training the trainees to address the kidnapping situation; later that day, Bobby, Jubilee and the trainees go to deal with Nanny and the Orphan Maker.

2007: Yvette's RSVP to the engagement party arrives. Clarice moves back to the school. Ahab (plot): Amanda's attempt to find the missing students with her location spell fails; another letter for Moira arrives; Ahab begins putting the students through his Hound process; Nathan finds the letters and recognises the handwriting as Rory's; the letters are passed onto Pete and another level of investigation begins; Jan discovers Kyle is missing and requests permission to become an X-Man trainee.

2008: Bedlam: Amanda sees a girl shooting up and remembers a conversation with Marie many years ago. Xavier's Prom: Jennie helps Nori find a dress; John is rather rude about the whole thing and Jay and Kevin fight some more on the ensuing thread; Kevin and Cessily go to the prom, but neither is up to dealing with crowds and they go for ice cream instead; Laurie kisses Manuel good night and their powers mix badly, with Manuel fleeing; an upset Laurie goes looking for Forge and is comforted by Crystal while Forge is surprised to find Manuel didn't take advantage of the situation. Jay and Mark talk about music.

2009: Nathan catches Jean-Paul leaving Jake's apartment and teases him about his new beau. Rappaccini's Daughter: Cammie has an odd encounter with a man claiming to be sent by her biological mother. Doreen and Monkey Joe meet Rachel and Nathan; no squirrels are flung. Emma 'kidnaps' Jake to Boston to have a talk about the incident with Adrienne.

2010: Jean-Paul e-mails John to find out how work is going. Amara e-mails John with an apology.

2011: X-Men Mission: Roller Derby Queen: Garrison calls Yvette, Jean, Monet, Angel, Tabitha, Jan, Paige, and Bobby to the Danger Room in X-Team, and tells them to bring their skates; the mission members have their first team practice together and go through some drills. Yvette makes a journal entry about how roller derby skating is similar to ice skating. Jan makes a journal entry announcing that there will be cake available for Matt's birthday tomorrow.

2012: After seeing Marie-Ange's posts on Haller's journal, Doug texts Wade asking her if he knows the effects chocolate has Marie-Ange. Wade texts Lorna informing her she forgot about their Tuesday taco plans. Wade wakes up to find Marie-Ange sleep-taroting - and finds many ominous cards mixed into the deck. When Wade asks her about it later, the conversation turns to a discussion about choices they've made, and X-Force. Angel posts to her journal looking for a new suite to move into, and Lorna offers up her extra room. Nico posts to her journal saying her magic experiment failed. Matt posts in his journal pointing out that he has been at the mansion for over a year now - oh, and his birthday is tomorrow. Lorna posts in her journal saying there's a new treat in the kitchen - Nutella-filled muffins. Lorna shows Angel the suite, and Angel, excited, asks when she can move in. Wade e-mails Scott saying Matt's birthday is tomorrow, and asks if they're finished with "that project" they've been working on.

2013: Laurie sends Haller and Doug late birthday gifts. Jubilee gives Doug a late gift. Remy and Jubilee go for a walk - on top of a church - and talk about Jubilee’s progress and the fact it’s time she grew up and took on her own contacts. Artie emails Remy and lets him know he still wants to join X-Force, even with what he knows about the Morlock Massacre.



2015: Gabriel and Artie talk about X-Force. Laurie posts about experiments with puppies. Deadpool checks in on Maverick in their own unique style; Wade posts about checking in with North and things being fine. Illyana goes to Cecilia for a check up.

2016: Cecilia emails Haller to wish him a belated happy birthday and to ask him to lunch. Hope visits Julian and gives him a much needed kick in the butt.

2017: Lorna and Hope plan to reorganize the XFI case filing system.

2018: Ev posts about Jennie leaving. Clarice posts about eating glass. Clint posts to his Team of Awesome asking if anyone needs anything, suggesting volunteering at Tandy’s uncle’s food kitchen, and asks about uniforms, getting very vocal protests from Topaz and Kyle. Topaz further texts Clint informing him she didn’t sign up to be a superhero. Kyle texts Topaz offering alcohol.

2019: Terry emails Maya and Hope to offer them jobs. Hope emails Emma about Betsy's ambitions. A number of odd things happen when Quentin and Jean train on the astral plane with Betsy.

2020: Jubilee hits the journals with a joke.