The 10th Kingdom

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The 10th Kingdom
Dates run: March 19-21, 2007
Run By: Ben
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"Marie, mate, I know you had a thing for older men with dodgy ethics at one point, but this is some serious fucking backsliding."

An unheard-of alliance of Yakuza and Triads in San Francisco brings about another as Shiro and Marie go with Remy, Betsy and Amanda to investigate.


Shiro Yoshida, Marie D'Ancato, Remy LeBeau, Betsy Braddock, Amanda Sefton



March 19-21, 2007

Plot Summary

Following a phone call from the son of Keniuchio Harada's bodyguard, describing the unheard-of situation of Yakuza members going over to work for a Chinese Triad in San Francisco, Shiro, annoyed and confused, vented to Marie over one of their dinners, a habit established following Shiro's travails with Kick. Marie felt there was enough cause for concern to take the matter to Remy over at the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs - if it turned out to be nothing, there was no harm done.

Remy, however, was disturbed enough to consult with Betsy, who had knowledge to the Japanese underworld from Kwannon, who agreed that Yakuza and Triads working together was an indication of something more sinister afoot. It was decided that they would go to San Francisco to investigate. Shiro and Marie insisted on going along, the former pointing out his own links would aid the search for information and the latter refusing to be left behind. A most reluctant Amanda was dragged along to act as Remy's assistant, despite her protests.

In San Francisco, their investigations turned up an almost religious terror of the local Triad, run by a personage known as the Mandarin. Talk of desecration of the flesh of those who had joined the Mandarin's ranks raised suspicions in Amanda of mind-control magic, which left marks on the victims, and Remy dispatched her to examine the bodies of two gang members in the morgue whilst Betsy and Remy continued their own investigations. Marie and Shiro took a break in one of the restaurants in Chinatown - Shiro, finding his food unpleasant, switched meals with Marie. It proved to be the Southerner's undoing, however, as the food turned out to be drugged, and she was hustled away unconscious whilst Shiro was summarily tossed out of the restaurant with no hope of rescuing her himself.

Shiro raised the alarm, and through a combination of Amanda's location spell and Betsy's telepathy, they pinpointed Marie's location to an old theatre in the heart of Chinatown. Bursting in through the front door, the four mutants found themselves set upon by the Mandarin's lackeys, and a short but vicious battle ensued. The defeat of the first wave was met with the Mandarin unleashing his new 'bride', the Lady Mandarin - none other than a mind-controlled Marie, under the spell of the ten rings worn by the Mandarin. Shiro and Remy barely managed to distract her long enough for Betsy to use her psychic knife to take the battle into Marie's mindscape. As both women collapsed, unconscious, Amanda used her shielding spell to protect them whilst Remy and Shiro routed the Mandarin's remaining people. The Mandarin himself, the fingers of one hand broken by Remy, escaped.

In Marie's mind, Betsy fought the Lady Mandarin, going through a series of transformations of the people important in Marie's life and being 'killed' in each form. It was the shock of 'killing' first Garrison and then Logan, the two most important people to her that brought Marie back to her senses. The remnants of the spell - the marks burned into her chest by the Mandarin's rings - were removed by Amanda, before they fled the now-burning theatre. As a result of making skin contact with Betsy, Marie remained telepathic for several days afterwards, necessitating help with her shielding from the mansion's telepaths.

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Trivia and Meta


As a result of picking up Betsy's telepathy, Marie discovered Garrison's feelings for her went beyond 'friends'.

Betsy spent two days in a coma - it was one of her shorter ones.

San Francisco's energy manifested as a rainbow-tinted glow when Amanda channeled it.


Plotrunner: Ben

This plot was generated by Dex as a challenge by Jazz during a get-together involving all five players. To be exact - "A plot involving a character belonging to all five people sitting here. Go."

It took maybe two minutes' thought for Dex to come up with the general idea.