X-Men Mission: Pyro

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X-Men: Pyro
Dates run: August 5 - 31, 2003
Run By: Ande
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Following months spent investigating, Cyclops contacted the mansion with the news that Magneto was intending to sacrifice Pyro in a suicide mission.


Cyclops, Pete Wisdom, Storm, Dazzler, Colossus, Angel, Rogue

Pyro, Magneto, Brotherhood of Mutants


August 5 - 31, 2003

Plot Summary

Cyclops contacted the school at the beginning of the month. Meeting with Pete in New Orleans, he revealed that he had a source within the Brotherhood of Mutants and this source had told him Magneto was planning a 'test' for Pyro, a test he wasn't expected to survive. Magneto sent Pyro and Stanley into a military weapons research base to provide an unknowing distraction whilst Magneto stole the blueprints and equipment he required.

The X-Men (Storm, Dazzler, Colossus, Angel and Rogue) arrived and managed to subdue Pyro, however, not without Magneto escaping and not without casualties. Rogue and Stanley fell beneath a collapsing wall and were apparently killed. The X-Men left, taking the unconscious Pyro with them, not realising that the collapse had taken out the floor as well, knocking Rogue and Stanley into a basement level. They fell in such a way that Stanley's skin was in prolonged contact with Rogue's and she killed him, permanently absorbing his powers - flight, super-strength and invulnerability - and personality.

Several days later Rogue was located wandering in a daze along a road near the complex and was retrieved by Cyclops. Whilst recovering, she revealed to Moira MacTaggart that she had been held by the military and experimented upon.

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Trivia and Meta


It took Rogue many weeks to get used to her new powers and she had many mishaps, including flying in her sleep and pulling doors off their hinges.


Plotrunner: Ande

Stanley was a substitute for Carol Danvers in the comic canon version of Rogue's power upgrade.

Because the plot occurred in multiple journal locations, it has been collected under memories.