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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

America Chavez
Portrayed by Becky G
Codename: N/A
Birthdate: Sept. 11, 2001
Journal: xp_america
Player: Available for Applications

"Never say that to a woman you're actually interested in, Blanquito."

Former dimension hopper and adventurer extraordinaire, America's found herself in a bit of a sticky situation since her ability to jump between universes went on the fritz.


Character Journal: xp_america

Real Name: America Chavez

Codename: N/A

Aliases: N/A

First Appearance: July 4, 2021

Date of Birth: September 11, 2001

Place of Birth: Alternate dimension - The Utopian parallel

Citizenship: Complicated

Relatives: Mothers (deceased)

Education: High school

Relationship Status: Single (but looking)

Occupation: None

Team Affiliation:



America grew up in a literal paradise dimension.The Utopian parallel is occupied entirely by women. Conflicts and suffering were things of myth. Her parents flew her around the world, seeing sights, cultures, and wonders as they educated her. She loved the day she learned how to fly herself, but still treasured being carried when she grew too tired. Her favorite days were standing on top of rock formations in the deserts near her home. The heat rose off of the sandstone in comforting waves as the sun dipped below the horizon, surrounded by love and beauty. M-Day destabilized much of the multiverse in a ripple effect, causing problems all over. It manifested in the Utopian Parallel as rifts in time and space, threatening to tear the dimension apart. Amalia and Elena Chavez used their own powers (which America did not fully understand) to close the rifts. Her mothers’ molecules were spread across the multiverse when they did so on Ji-Hai 9th, 4714.

Seeing her mothers’ act of heroism and shocked by grief, America opened her first portal into the multiverse. After figuring out what she’d done, she pursued a purpose for the first time in her life. For several years, rage and sorrow drove her to be a dimension-hopping hero.

Then one terrible day, she dusted her hands off after beating up a gang in Madripoor. When her foot hit the ground to move on, nothing happened. No matter how she stomped her feet in a tantrum that would do a toddler proud, America was stuck. (This would be Siege Perilous.)

In the intervening months, she’s turned Peter Pan, gathering a gang of street kids to keep safe. She knew she’d be leaving as soon as the opportunity arrose, so she focused on getting them to take care of and teach each other survival skills.

Coming to America

Her child collecting days came to an end in 2021, when an anti-mutant gang began taking her children, and the X-Men intervened to stop her from single-handedly starting a street war. Her remaining kids were saved and shuffled off into the Underground and other safe places, and Kyle Gibney offered her a place at the mansion when he found out the extent of her problems. She accepted, thinking maybe someone would be able to help her.

She settled pretty easily into mansion life, making new friends and beginning to look for a way home. Her explorations brought her to one of the local witches - Topaz, and well... she was never good at hiding how she felt.

Her first Halloween at the mansion was, of course, a near disaster, when a magical book dragged her into a reality where she was a werewolf hunter. Everyone escaped without any harm coming to them, thankfully. She volunteered to help clean out Avalon before it collapsed, and was there when Avalon finally gave out and Topaz was trapped. She found her way back. America was happy.

Unfortunately, her time at the mansion was limited. She joined the newly formed eXcalibur, and continued to work with them on their missions between her studies, but eventually realized she wasn't going to make it any further if she stayed. She set out to "hobo" - as she described it to Topaz - in January 2024, still looking for her way home.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'

Weight: Who's asking?

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: nose piercing, tattoo-like star marks on her wrists (faded almost to invisibility since she lost her ability to transport)


America USED to punch holes in the multiverse. Then SOMEONE played around with the laws of metaphysics and she can’t any more. She doesn’t appear to be able to fly anywhere but Utopia.

Enhanced strength. No more punching through the multiverse, but she can knock down a brick wall without smudging her eyeliner. Her strength is enhanced by extreme durability. Don’t ask her what she had to do for that nose piercing.





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X-Men Mission: Coming to America

Monster Mash

The Color of Horror


Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand


Player: Available for applications

Player Icon Base: Becky G

Meta Trivia

America was a concept Shai spent a lot of time bouncing around, finally deciding to go for it when she dropped her last character. Her loving spouse went out of their way to make America's intro plot play on her name as much as possible (including using Neil Diamond's song Coming to America for cutlines, calling the plot X-Men Mission: Coming to America, and setting it on July 4th).

In January 2024 Shai released America back into the wild due to RL demands.