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Jan 1 - Sam texts Clint a kiss emoji at midnight. A Very Guthrie Christmas: Jay, Paige, and Sam leave Kentucky for New York, stopping briefly when they leave Appalachia to fly. Paige makes a post on the journals teasing Sam, not realizing it's public. Shatterstar texts Darcy and Terry to ask about trying worm flour. Sam enforces a boundary by saying no to Sharon. Sharon texts Match, Liam, Shatterstar, and Rictor about this as well as the smell of feathers in Sam's suite. Gabe requests a quiet delivery of fluids via the journals. Bobbi and Warren's nap is interrupted by Sharon.

Jan 2 - With the Guthries’ arrival, Alani makes a point to meet Jay. Kevin catches up with Gabe. Jean and Garrison finally have the conversation they've been avoiding for weeks now. Ashley texts Sam asking if the offer to stay at The Mansion is still open. Sam texts Alani to tell her he gave Ashley her number as a contact. Hope S. introduces herself on the journals. Sooraya emails Kyle about getting Hope S. into an education program. Kyle makes an All Teams post to xp_teams about looking for a man fitting Hope S.'s description of her father. Arthur texts Warren asking for the name of of a dinosaur movie. Sharon makes a snide journal post vaguely about Hope S. Darcy texts Sharon to advise her to be civil. Sam texts Paige asking if she'd like to get drinks with he and Alani before texting both Alani and Paige to figure out a time to get drinks. Arthur, who has been suffering from psychometric sensitivity, runs into Marie-Ange in the solarium and the two share a strange power interaction.

Jan 3 - Hope S. gets a delivery of clothes, thanks to Clarice. An upset Sharon spends time in Kevin's study in small-cat form while he reads. Shatterstar texts Madin about having been in juvie. Collective Soul: When Shatterstar goes to give Arthur the gift he promised, he finds Arthur's powers are still out of his control; Arthur looks to Haller for advice on how to handle his psychometry going forward. Jono runs into Paige in the library- literally- and possibly makes a friend. Sharon entreats Namor to help her in her campaign against Hope S. Jay meets Madin and helps with siding repairs. Shatterstar texts Rictor asking if he'd like to have a beer with he and Madin. Shatterstar sends a belated email to Doug asking about how to defeat ninjas. XFI and friends get together to give Alex a send-off, where stories are told and there's toasting and roasting (the latter mainly of Warren). Later Alani and Warren get high together and platonically watch porn as research for Alani’s sex ed class at District X and talk about their personal experiences and preferences.

Jan 4 - Alani texts Namor about the two of their imminent trip to Hawai’i. Haller catches Hope S. falling off a ladder and they talk about powers. Liam, a cat, tackles Jay, a bird. Jono meets Sharon and she is both quite helpful and quite pushy. Jono texts Match about the encounter. Matt makes a journal post asking if there's anything better than finally finishing your laundry. Ashley makes a journal post of her to-do list and then, realizing it's a public forum, introduces herself; Sam meets Hope S. and is initially grumpy at her and makes her cry.

Jan 5 - Hope A meets Haller briefly while escaping the noise from the kitchen repair. Amanda posts to xp-staff asking for powers testing for Jono and a few other things. Amanda texts Artie to request a lend of a speech converter and Jono to apologise for abandoning him to the whims of the mansion and give him the lay of the land. Amanda also takes a moment to warn Angelo that there’s a new Jono. Melody texts Sam about her un-date, and asks him about his day. Then Melody and Jay discuss Sam’s boyfriend. Alex says goodbye to the mansion for now. Jay tries to bait Sam into fighting him, but Clint stops him. Sam introduces Paige to Alani and they make their way to Kirby's for drinks. Behold a Pale Horse: Amanda texts Doug to ask him to keep an eye on the media. Q leaves for the West Coast to help a victim of Radha. Stephen shows up at Amanda’s door with the promised chip butty.

Jan 6 - Behold a Pale Horse: Kevin sends a missive to both X-Men and [X-Force]] that the Fête des Mutantes in France may be a target of the last Horseman, Death; Kevin later asks X-Force what their current resources are for the event and suggests having X-Men on standby for emergencies. Paige and Sharon meet for the first time. Stephen Strange asks Clea to meet up for lunch. Paige runs into Sooraya in the library. Alani, Clint, and Namor navigate JFK so they can get to their destination of research in Hawai’i.

Jan 7 - Behold a Pale Horse: Scott makes an all call to X-Men available to head to France; the X-Men arrive at the Fête des Mutantes in France only to discover that their fears were correct and it is a target; Blink and Echo engage the attacker to find out it’s Wade Wilson, now Deadpool; Rogue and Spectrum take over for Blink and Echo, engaging Deadpool to keep him away from the fleeing festival participants; the Marauders then arrive just as things with Deadpool are meeting a head; Phoenix and Cyclops meet the Marauders head on as a three sided fight erupts; Bevatron and Dazzler take the next wave of Marauders, hampered by Deadpool’s continued interventions; Dust moves to support the injured Echo, but ends up on the receiving end of attacks by Greycrow, Vertigo and Deadpool; Dazzler, Spectrum and Blink face a barrage from the Marauders and Deadpool and respond in kind; Malice and Deadpool continue to fight, and he reveals that he is not the Death they are looking for; Phoenix and Rogue move to neutralize Malice; Dust and Cyclops finish off the last of the Marauders and start to come to some unsettling conclusions; the X-Men retire from the massacre, only to realize that this was not the main fight after all; Dominion texts X-Force asking if they have assets in District X and makes a general alert to all members of the mansion to head to District-X to help evacuate civilians and contain the threat; in a besieged District X, Tarot takes command on the ground, coordinating with Dominion while Illyana ferries all hands available from the mansion; Angelo and Inez find themselves escorting a mutant youth group to safety; Rictor and Shatterstar team up together, covering the escape route for the youth group; Matt posts from the basement of the Chapel on wormhole duty, requesting non-combatants come there for shelter; Sam texts Paige and Jay to ask them to stay at the mansion; Conduit sends Tarot a text about possibly spotting Death; Clint texts Sam to ask him to be careful; Tarot sends an all text about Death, asking for info; Conduit sets up as a rooftop sniper; Death enters the battle for the first time, facing Velocidad and Molly; after Velocidad and Molly distract Death, he runs across Arthur as well as the mansion’s newest resident, Hope S.; in search of a safe space, Liam gets drawn into action and becomes Conduit’s spotter; Terry, Sam and Meggan look to help the wounded and trapped in District X; Sue and Madin provide a crowd of Akkaba loyalists with an astonishingly bad day; Conduit and the rest of the eyes in the sky continue to direct resources around the scene; Death faces the Scarlet Witch, Topaz and seemingly the city itself. Thanks to her powers, Trance and Facade are able to do something no one ever had: ambush Death; Cypher and Changeling support the spotting efforts, with Changeling employing his decades of experience as a sniper against their foes. Liam alerts Conduit to a certain feline getting into trouble; despite the momentary respite, Sharon finds herself in a dire situation, where only luck can save her; Warren and Bobbi help evacuate residents of District X to varying degrees of frustration and gratefulness; Death’s race with Nightcrawler turns out to be a ruse to lure him to Jubilee and Daytripper; Wildchild, Nightcrawler and Mayhem are able to bring Death to a halt, but not to put him down, as he initiates his final attack;. Warren texts Tarot about Death standing in the centre of the park unleashing some kind of energy; an all-call alert is sent by Tarot to evacuate everyone; as Death deploys his avatar powers, ready to claim not just District X but the heart of New York, Dominion has time for one last desperate gamble involving his chaos aura; in the aftermath of the battle for District X, it’s clean up, triage and retreat; a whole heckload of people start checking in on each other via text; Fourteen lets everyone know that nobody they know died. (It’s an after Christmas miracle); Jean checks in on an injured Garrison; Doug meets Hope S. at the DXCC triage staging area and confiscates Arthur's phone (but is very nice about it).

Jan 8 - Sam makes a journal post about him and Jay making food for people post-disaster. Sooraya texts Alani to check in on her. Liam texts Ashley asking about sushi. Shatterstar makes a journal entry about being banned from the medlab. Hope A. texts Shatterstar to follow up on him as requested by Haller. Hope S. texts Kyle asking to copy his powers. Haller relaxes in the Box, Topaz crashes in for a Long Sleep. Behold a Pale Horse: Eighteen hours after his encounter with Death, Arthur awakes in observation under the watchful eye of Haller; Jay texts Sam to see if he’s alright and needs him to come get him; Sooraya texts [Rogue|Marie] to ask for help and tells her Alani is in Hawai’i; The morning after the attack on District X, Shatterstar and Liam check in on each other; After Kyle leaves the medlab, Terry takes care of a few things, then goes to join him in his suite, where she's met by what she should've expected, not what she hoped for; In the aftermath Liam goes to think and work on a project in the woodshop, where Sharon seeks him out; Haller e-mails Hope A. to ask for a favour to check in on Shatterstar.

Jan 9 - Clarice makes a journal entry announcing her taking a much-needed vacation. Match texts Liam to check in with him. Warren makes a journal entry about Warren Cares and its reconstruction of DX, asking if people want to help out. Angelo helps Paige test out her powers. Nica makes a journal entry about how they should be proud of their efforts, and about her recovery. Darcy texts Maya to check in on her. Illyana makes a journal entry about her interesting purchase from her salary working with Warren. Warren meets Jay, assesses his wings, and offers him a job - or rather decides he's given Jay a job. In a stunning betrayal, Match and Milton the Lizard offer comfort to the enemy. Darcy texts Madin to ask if they can talk soon. Shatterstar checks in on Terry. Behold a Pale Horse: After a Horseman's defeat, an X-Man regains consciousness; After the formal debrief, it's Kyle's turn to interrogate his old friend, Marius.

Jan 10 - Beatrice texts Haller about Arthur’s condition. Terry also texts Haller about Arthur’s condition. Quentin texts Haller about Arthur’s condition. Warren makes a second impression on Sam, which is marginally better than the first impression. Darcy is concerned about Madin after the conflict in the DX and decides to check in on them, and it goes. April makes a journal entry thanking Warren for helping her change forms. Jay bothers Paige. Sharon e-mails Darcy to ask if she had Liam help her shoot people. Shatterstar texts Match, Liam, Rictor, and Sharon to ask about Milton the Lizard. Behold a Pale Horse: Arthur, still depowered, remains under observation in the Medlab following his injuries during Death's advance on District-X; Quentin has questions, but Arthur is not entirely himself; Beatrice reads to Arthur to help ease him, but Arthur isn’t following her own plot; Terry tries to get Arthur to eat and he’s confused, but worse, he’s not hungry; Marius' second visitor is somewhat less precious about his feelings than Kyle - understandably, as she had previously used them as the basis for a magical IED; Quentin makes an XFI team entry telling them Arthur is currently on administrative leave; After determining that Marius is no longer a threat, Doug gets to the task of scrubbing footage that might show his face - Marie-Ange comes to visit him with lunch and check in on their post-Black Horse discussion about his nanites and Clan Akkaba. Namor, Clint and Alani enjoy a break between research on Hawai'i.

Jan 11 - Match meets a mansion member potentially more out of sight than himself — Kurt. Alani texts Felicia inquiring if she has Sharon’s human measurements. Darcy texts Liam to check in on him. Darcy texts Doug, Inez, and Matt about going to be in Europe for a few weeks. Quentin helps Jono unlock a new feature of his mutation and tries to persuade him to let Quentin mentor him, but the interaction leaves them both uneasy. Sooraya finds Sam looking… less than his best and offers some comfort. Clea approaches Stephen in the Kamar-Taj library and makes a suggestion that is both complicated and incredibly easy to agree to. Clint texts Sam a beautiful sunset picture from Hawai’i. Marie-Ange asks Topaz for some help with the clean up following the District X attacks and makes sure she’s okay. Marie-Ange requests a favor from Quentin, who is all to happy to assist, but is distressed by a sudden powers malfunction.

Jan 12 - Scott makes a journal entry to tell everyone how proud he is of them all. Amanda makes a journal entry apologizing for her absence and checking in on everyone. Whilst ensconced in his new quarters, Marius gets a visit from Terry, a pleasant visit accompanied by an unpleasant piece of news. Clint texts Marie-Ange and Doug asking about what happened with Arthur. While visiting XFI to cross-check some information, Sam gets a call from his younger sister Mel. Sam makes a journal entry to say he broke his phone and to e-mail him if he’s needed. Sam e-mails Clint to tell him his phone is broken. Arthur makes a journal entry to check in and have everybody ask him anything and the answers are uncharacteristically snarky. Shatterstar texts Arthur to ask if he really wants him around. Sam e-mails Doug about getting a replacement phone. Gabe makes a journal entry lamenting going out to the city today. Topaz texts Doug to check in on him. A long time ago, during the floods, Artie browbeat Match into agreeing he needed ID, and now he's finally got time to follow up and deliver it. Maya texts Haller about giving Arthur a phone. Liam makes a journal entry about discovering the joys of Amazon. Arthur finds a gift and a note from Illyana in his room. Gabe texts Maya to apologize. Terry e-mails Scott asking about joining the X-Men. Clarice texts Hope S. to check in on her. A jet-lagged Darcy makes a journal entry discussing her busy itinerary lately and that Maya is settled in and doing well. Molly makes a journal entry about it being hard to eat with one arm. Behold a Pale Horse: Scott posts a debriefing entry for the X-Men; Darcy comes to pick up Maya from the hospital in France and they find something odd in one of her boots; Maya texts a picture to Doug about a note Wade left her that he wanted him to have; Marius makes a post to all teams explaining why Arthur will need more assistance recovering; Doug makes a post to X-Force about the message Wade left him. Paige convinces her brothers to come out and have a snowball fight.

Jan 13 - Behold a Pale Horse: After Marius’s warning about the side effects of his feeding, the medlab team works to give Arthur an extra dose of healing to offset his reduced recovery; Warren has his blood drawn for donation by Dr. Jean Grey while Haller tries to keep tensions low; Warren visits Arthur after the transfusion is successful, and Arthur shares his worries about healing; Sam comes to visit Arthur sometime after the transfusion, and Arthur confesses some of what’s been haunting him. Alani texts Sooraya to let her know that she’s back and asks about Hope. Jay makes a journal entry to introduce himself. Jay interrogates Sam about why he hasn't been to church. Melody texts Sam, Paige, and Jay about being able to fly now. Stephen makes a journal entry asking who needs a roommate. Sam texts Paige, Jay, and Melody to say he has a new phone and to tell Melody she should come visit. Clea makes a journal entry announcing her and Stephen’s return. Stephen texts Molly about the food he’s brought back for her. Terry texts Jean to say she’s joining the X-Men. Back on her feet, Amanda takes the wolf to see Garrison. Namor visits a recovering and refueling Jubilee after he returns from Hawai’i. Darcy gets a call from Doug concerning the note that was left for him and Wade.

Jan 14 - Artie, delayed by injury, finally drops by Jono to offer some communication support. Clea texts Molly asking if she needs a flatmate. Darcy shares a picture from France to her journal. Terry makes a journal entry about weird happenings in the vicinity of Kyle and Arthur’s suite. An advisory to avoid Suite 17 is sent to all mansion residents. Alani leaves a number of gifts for Felicia, Hope S, Inez, Meggan, Sharon, and Sooraya. Artie texts Amanda to ask about Jono and ASL. An all clear is posted by Jean regarding the Suite 17 area on the 3rd floor. Clea sneaks back into the X-Force office with Cata as a spotter only to be found by Kevin. Behold A Pale Horse: The Marius Laverne apology tour starts with Gabe, where there really is no good way to say 'sorry for the throttling;' Next stop on the tour: Jubilee (with ample carbohydrates as offerings); As it turns out, Molly meets the whole Horseman thing with admirable equanimity; An uncomfortable conversation with Kurt proves easier than it might have been; Arthur, stable due to Warren’s blood donation, is moved up from the Medlab to his own suite to recover, and Haller and Terry have temporarily relocated to aid in his recovery; Arthur, Haller, and Felix receive a visit from Hope A., who has brought a gift and Arthur’s returning powers react badly. Kevin welcomes Clea back to X-Force with work and a discussion about training Cata. Kyle checks on Liam following the events of the attack in District X. Terry talks to Kyle about joining the X-Men.

Jan 15 - Behold A Pale Horse: Marius continues his apology tour with Amanda, who agrees to take the shot if need be in the future; next in the apology tour is April who is unfazed by both the apology and Marius’s mutation; the tour concludes with an awkward visit to Garrison and a conversation about things beyond their control. Sam is prevented from going into work by Clint. Meggan texts Alani to thank her for the bracelet. Paige makes a journal post about being excited for her classes. Liam’s journal meme game of “I’m X, so of course I’m Y” gets lots of engagement. Marie-Ange emails Hope A asking for her help monitoring politicians after the Death Incident. Rictor talks to Liam, and ends up becoming a catnip dealer. Inez runs into Jay playing his guitar in the woods and they have a nice chat.

Jan 16 - Behold A Pale Horse: When Marius tries to apologize to Arthur, Arthur’s concussion causes a lack of understanding; April brings Felix to visit Arthur and discusses his out of character activity on the journals; Arthur loses track of time; Arthur meets Hope S officially and entrusts her with Felix’s care. Hope S texts Haller to ask about dog care. Jay meets Illyana and has an interview both for and about Worthington Industries.

Jan 17 - Rictor goes plant shopping and comes home with a job. Darcy emails Amanda and Kevin about fixing her injured hand with magic. Jay meets with Angelo about his W.I. contract, but breaks down at the mention of Julia. Darcy checks up on Maya while they're on Muir, where not much gets discussed, but the sentiment is there.

Jan 18 - Jay emails Illyana and Warren to confirm that he’s decided to work for Worthington Industries. He then texts Sam and Paige to tell them he got a job. Jono finds Paige in the library and offers a listening ear. Topaz makes a journal entry informing everyone that America is leaving the mansion. Jessie texts Doug to see if Arthur and Hope S (and Terry and Sooraya) are okay and receives a housing suggestion. Matt posts a link about AI ethics and the Vatican. Shatterstar ends his shooting lessons with Kevin.

Jan 19 - Gabe separately texts Kevin and Quentin to tell them he will be gone for a few days. Arthur texts Shatterstar to assure him he enjoyed spending time with him. Shatterstar visits a recovering Arthur and they discuss Arthur’s [[Behold A Pale Horse|actions during Death’s attack]. Jessie texts Terry to see if Doug’s offer for her to stay at the mansion was genuine.

Jan 20 - Ashley gets a powers assessment from Marie in the Danger Room.

Jan 21 - Cyndi decides to check in with Shatterstar on behalf of Haller and ends up helping him with a media preservation project. Alani texts Marie asking if she would like some dishes. Sharon goes to Kevin with her efforts in his lessons. Behold A Pale Horse: Marie-Ange visits Arthur and he tells her the secrets he’s been struggling with.

Jan 22 - Behold a Pale Horse: Amanda debriefs Arthur on what he saw when touching Death’s armor; Marie-Ange posts a follow up report on the District X attack. Illyana discovers Kevin’s skimming of Warren’s accounts and things get tense when she tries to steer him in other directions. Paige asks Sam about how to tell if you’re into someone. Warren offends a number of the newer and younger residents with his opinions on the amount of flannel being worn, singling Jono out in particular; Jono asks Paige to assist him in a revenge prank on Warren; Warren blames Felicia after Sharon mysteriously gets old pics of Warren at Coachella to share on the clothing thread; Paige takes photos of Jono in one of his stage outfits and they make hundreds of small copies. Darcy posts about how it’s difficult to do things with only one functional hand. Unsure what to do, Gabe turns to Stacy X for a talk as he tries to come to terms with things that were done to him.

Jan 23 - Stemming from her debriefing of Arthur, Amanda emails Clea, Stephen and Topaz with various tasks. Hope S. runs into Marius into the halls and the ensuing freakout takes both Kyle and Marie to defuse. Felicia makes an Instagram post. Doug emails Amanda about Marie-Ange not sleeping and doing too much. Jono meets Namor and they talk about folklore. After the incident with Hope S., Marius posts to the journals to re-introduce himself; Match asks Sharon to translate Marius’ post into plain English. Alison posts about an odd dream she had about birth-control side-effects that read like the symptoms of lycanthropy. Warren and Illyana have a much deserved spa day.

Jan 24 - Jubilee texts Kyle to ask about going on a spa day and inviting “Kyle’s Australian” along. Shatterstar and Madin throw knives together and get on surprisingly well. Following Namor’s advice, Sharon pretends to have eaten Match’s pet lizard in order to “punish” him for being nice to Hope S (aka, the enemy) and a heart-wrenching scene ensues. Namor approaches Kevin for advice on his war against those destroying the Earth and gets some interesting - and useful - answers. Paige encounters Clint as a guest professor of a class she’s auditing. Shatterstar asks Hope A about a moral quandary that's been bothering him since the attack on District X.

Jan 25 - Clarice is enjoying her time away. Doug brings Marie-Ange tacos and they talk about what to do about Wade Wilson.

Jan 26 - When Match tells Liam about what happened with Milton, Liam undertakes to give Sharon an object lesson in actions having consequences by tossing her in the pool. Amanda and Topaz try to address the problem of Too Many Books and decide to establish a magical text library in one of the classrooms. Sam texts Jay and Paige from the airport where he is picking up Mel.

Jan 27 - Mel has an early morning encounter with Sharon. Topaz emails Clea, Stephen and Julio about moving books to the magical text library. Terry texts Kyle about being lonely in their big bed and asks for a booty call; Kyle texts Marius to ask him to leave the suite for a couple of hours. Madin celebrates their birthday with a quarter-life crisis and Sharon and Illyana try to help them make plans for the future. Sam and Clint take Mel out to lunch.

Jan 28 - Sharon wakes the returned Darcy way too early and they talk about the choices made during the battle for DX. Ashley asks where she can get hold of Girl Scout cookies. Jessie introduces herself on the journals. Sam delivers dinner to Alani and Sooraya to thank them for their support. Sam posts to the journals about discovering better grocery stores than the ones back home. Ashley has found her Girl Scout cookies and met her new roommate and is happy. Hope A. takes Jay and Mel shopping on the Worthington dime.

Jan 29 - Paige texts Sooraya to ask if the books they picked were helpful. Darcy texts Liam to let him know she’s back and has something for him. Hope S. emails Warren to request to copy his mutation to donate more blood to Arthur. Darcy delivers her gifts for Sharon. Gabe announces he’s back and requests only good surprises for the next 48 hours. X-Force gets an email from Gabe asking who he should talk to about Wade’s appearance in France. Hope S. posts publicly about the silliness of "wings" being a power. Liam and Jono talk music, Shakespeare, and Sharon.

Jan 30 - Jessie meets her new roommate Ashley and they bond immediately. Stephen emails Arthur and Marius concerning the protective charm Amanda tasked him with for them. Refusing to get purrito'd again, Sharon goes on the offensive with Liam and Sam breaks up the ensuing cat fight. Following the incident, Sam emails Alani, Kyle, and Sooraya to let them know. Shatterstar finds Liam in their room and takes him down to the medlab, where he's looked over by Stephen. Shatterstar texts Terry asking for advice about friends. Clea emails X-Force to let them know she's updated the file on the Ancient One. Shatterstar meets the king haunting the boathouse and they spar. Terry texts Kyle worried after Shatterstar's texts. Match finds Shatterstar and asks if things are off.

Jan 31 - Finally released from the medlab, Arthur and Haller have a talk about Arthur's previous actions. Stephen posts an update for the medlab. Clarice shares a picture, not missing winter in New York in the slightest. Sam meets Shatterstar and they spar. Following this, Sam emails Kyle and Alani to ask to be involved with the GenX training. Sam texts Clint to tell him about his spar. Amanda uses Kevin as a source to help heal Darcy's hands.


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