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By request of the previous player and with mod agreement, this character is not available for applications for a period of one year. If you have questions, check the XPP post on the 2021 retirement amnesty, or feel free to contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com.

This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Billy Kaplan (disambiguation).

Billy Kaplan
Portrayed by Darren Criss
Codename: Wiccan
Affiliations: TBD
Birthdate: December 21, 1993
Journal: xp_wiccan
Player: Matt (player)

"Billy. Or Asgardian. Though based on the rumors I'm hearing, that name may have to change soon."

A former vigilante, Billy Kaplan has come to the mansion to learn more about his magic.


Character Journal: xp_wiccan

Real Name: William "Billy" Kaplan

Codename: Wiccan

Aliases: Asgardian

First Appearance: February 6, 2015

Date of Birth: December 21, 1993

Place of Birth: Bulgaria

Citizenship: Bulgaria and USA

-- Jeff Kaplan, adoptive father, cardiologist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center
-- Rebecca Kaplan, adoptive mother, psychologist at Columbia University

Education: Currently enrolled at Columbia

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: College Student

Team Affiliation: TBD



Billy Kaplan has only a handful of fragmented memories of his earliest childhood in a small village orphanage in Bulgaria. He was only four when his adoptive parents Jeffrey and Rebecca Kaplan came into his life. The New York couple had fallen in love with the country during a Doctors Without Borders project. On their return to the States, the childless couple decided to adopt an orphan from one of their stops on their trip, and after the legalities were complete, young Viliam found himself on a transoceanic flight that would forever change his life.

Although his parents were always open about his adoption, Billy grew up as a typical New York child. His parents, being highly-educated themselves, took an active role in Billy’s education, making sure he had the best schooling and extracurricular activities. They traveled frequently during the summer, often on humanitarian trips similar to the one that led them to Billy, so he has seen far more of the world than your typical college-aged student, including many of the world’s injustices. Although he still doesn't have a clear idea what he wants to do after college, in that sense, he follows in his parents’ footsteps, and is currently pursuing a Human Rights degree at Columbia University, (complimentary tuition courtesy of his mother’s professorship).

Vigilante Life

Billy turned to defending the streets of New York in his spare time, and soon discovered he wasn't alone in his quest, meeting the Spider Men and Daredevil. He was soon tracked down and nearly apprehended by SWORD agent Clinton Barton, but Clint let him escape at the last minute, seeing nothing wrong with what Billy was doing. He and Clint stayed in touch and overtime formed something of a friendship. Eventually Clint dragged Billy to the mansion, where he met Amanda Sefton and agreed to be her teaching assistant for her magic lessons.

Mansion Life

Billy settled easily into mansion life, making friends and finding out quickly he wasn't immune to the strange happenings of the mansion. In August, Clint recruited him to help examine a mysterious object and ended up having to fight fish people when Namor accidentally activated the object. He got through a few months before he found himself being grabbed by Topaz to help save a bunch of wayward students in way over her head. It wasn't a bad life all around, however.


The year brought with it more interest, starting with a bad magical interaction that led to the entire magical contingency shrinking down to microscopic size. Thankfully, they were able to fix it. Not long after, he, along with the rest of the magic people, discovered a strange black and white pebble that turned out to be the calling card for the Winding Way. In October, he helped rescue Clea and Topaz, who had been kidnapped by a mysterious force to another dimension. 2018 was similarly quiet.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 155

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black


Billy’s mutation allows him to absorb chaotic energy around him, and by channeling that energy, he can make limited changes to reality. Like Chaos, it’s difficult to provide strict boundaries or definitions on his abilities, but two principles seem consistent.

1) The strength and duration of his powers is proportionate to the ambient chaos around him. The more chaotic the situation, the more energy that is available for conversion, and the larger the potential warping of reality.

2) The accuracy and complexity of the outcome are highly influenced by his concentration and clear mental imagery.

These two principles are intertwined. Since chaotic surroundings are not conducive to concentration, the larger the attempted magic, the more likelihood it has of going wrong, either stronger or weaker than intended, or failing entirely. The fickle nature of chaos also seems to play a role, and sometimes, even under ideal circumstances, the outcome may be entirely different from what he intended.

Billy has known about his powers for several years and through self-training, has gained rough control over a few applications, including conjuring lightning, summoning objects, levitation, and teleportation. While these are reasonably reliable, his typical approach is point, “shoot,” and hope for the best, with little attention to precision or finesse. Over time, he has developed a concentration technique of chanting “I-want-such-and-such-to-happen.” Although not strictly required for spells to work, it has become a much-needed tool that helps him focus his powers and achieve the most reliable results.




He is a vocal supporter of minority rights, and can often be found participating in volunteer work, awareness campaigns, and (mostly) peaceful demonstrations.

When he's not moonlighting as his super alter-ego, he often moonlights as a musician/singer/songwriter at local bars and clubs.

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Player: Matt (player)

E-mail: Mattemail.png

Meta Trivia

Billy Kaplan was retired during the Dark Phoenix Saga and reintroduced as an older, debatably "wiser" Phase 2 character.