Something Slender This Way Comes

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Something Slender This Way Comes
Dates run: January 2, 2016 - February 12, 2016
Run By: Sam
Read the logs: Something Slender This Way Comes

Do you know how many horror movies start out this way? What could possibly go wrong?

The GenX kids find themselves in a new and dangerous world when several of their peers are kidnapped by black-eyed children.


Alison Blaire, Clea Lake, Stephen Strange, Rahne Sinclair, Miles Morales, Monica Rambeau, Amara Aquilla, Bobby Drake, Tabitha Smith, Maya Lincoln-Lopez

Matt Murdock, Topaz, Billy Kaplan, Megan Gwynn, Nightcrawler, Dominion, Legion, Rogue, Wolverine, Bevatron, Blink, Marvel Girl, Dust

Ganke Lee

Slendermen, Slenderchildren


January 2, 2016 - February 12, 2016

Plot Summary

People from Salem Center and New York City are disappearing.

A person here, a person there. Children, mostly. There’s no rhyme or reason - race, gender, age, nothing seems to be a factor. Friends and family of those who have disappeared have no idea where their loved ones are. There’s no clue as to how they might have vanished. As more kidnappings happen, they become big news The news is closely followed by the various teams, but as it appears there is no mutant/supernatural involvement, it doesn’t completely ping any radars.

One of the last people to go missing is Miles' friend Ganke, at which point Miles takes things into his own hands and begins investigating his best friend’s disappearance with the help of his fellow vigilante.

One day at school, Maya is kidnapped during lunch by what appears to be a small child. Later, Tabitha, Alison, and Rahne go missing, and Clea and Stephen sense something weird (the Slender Child dragging the girls into Askew World), and when they report to the rest of the Gen X students, the kids decide to deal with it on their own (fueled by the rampant mistrust/dislike of the adults at the mansion). Clea and Stephen manage to open a portal and go into Askew World, but Clea texts Topaz (whom she trusts) beforehand to let her know what’s going on.

They find the Slender Children's nest and the missing GenXers, along with several of the people who've been kidnapped. Maya begins acting weird, and when the Slender Children attack she turns on her fellow students and begins attacking, leading to Rahne (whose transformation was warped by the world) knocking her out so they can bring her home.

Topaz, meanwhile, has let people know what’s going on and she, Billy, and Pixie end up leading a small X-Men team into Askew World. They find a gathering of Slendermen outside the nest the GenXers are in, and fight them off until the GenX kids come out with their rescuees, and everyone finally goes home.

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Trivia and Meta


Maya's susceptibility to possession came to light in this plot leading to Wade Wilson tracking down her grandfather so Topaz and Amanda Sefton could talk to him and get help for her.


Plotrunner: Sam

This was a semi-sequel to the original Slenderman plot - Something Slender (and Awful)