Blaze of Glory

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Blaze of Glory
Dates run: August 13-29, 2004
Run By: Ben
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Sayonara, Sunfire.

Left without a family and a home, Shiro gives up.


Shiro Yoshida, Alex Summers, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Scott Summers, Nathan Dayspring, Manuel de la Rocha, Haroun al-Rashid

NPCs: Keniuchio Harada, Mariko Yashida, Leyu Yoshida, Baymax, Gogo Tomago


August 13-29, 2004

Plot Summary

Shiro's cousins invited him home to Tokyo to celebrate the Japanese festival Obon, and he invited Alex to come along with him. The two bonded after Shiro's return from Asgard and all seemed to be going well until Harada demanded that Shiro leave the school and return to Japan to join him in the Yakuza. When Shiro refused, Harada disowned him and threatened him with death should he ever set foot on Japanese soil again.

Forced to pack and leave quickly, Shiro and Alex rushed to the airport with Shiro's younger sister Leyu, whom they decided to take for her own safety. Though Harada tried to stop them by sending his bodyguard Baymax, he soon discovered that he was no match for Shiro's recent Asgard-induced power boost. When they returned to America, Shiro spent a few days in relative isolation, mourning his loss.

On the 27th, Shiro came to the conclusion that his lot in life was due to just one thing: his mutation. Had he not been born a mutant, he reasoned, his uncle and father never would have died, and Harada never would have tried to manipulate him. So he decided that his only course of action now was to stop being a mutant. Manuel picked up on his distress as he flew out the mansion, and warned Nathan. A small group of X-Men consisting of Cable, Cyclops, and Northstar rushed out to stop Shiro, but they were too late; by the time they reached him, he'd already tapped into his powers as deeply as possible in hopes of burning them out. Northstar saved Shiro from certain death by falling, but was critically injured by radiation in the process. The Blackbird was also damaged, and Cyclops and Jetstream had a tough time bringing it back in safely.

Shiro was at least partly successful in his mission, but the strain of expending all of his energy had turned his skin pitch black. But he was ashamed of what he'd done, viewing it as little more than a super-powered temper tantrum, and decided from then on that no one had the right to dictate who he was or how he lived but him.

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Trivia and Meta

After recovering from a brief illness that resembled radiation poisoning, Shiro regained his powers again on October 29, 2004. He was also reinstated as a Yoshida following the events of Full Metal Mutants.


Like many of Shiro's plots, Blaze of Glory focuses on his search for an identity and his struggle to determine his place in the world.


Plotrunner: Ben

Baymax and Gogo Tomago come from the three-issue limited series Sunfire & Big Hero 6. Honey Lemon and Hiro Takachiho were also considered for the plot, but didn't fit in.