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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Alex Summers (disambiguation).

Alex Summers - Replaced in Phase 2
Portrayed by Ryan Gosling
Codename: Havok
Affiliations: X-Men, Xavier Institute - graduate student
Birthdate: January 28, 1986
Journal: Complete and Utter Destruction
Player: Retired

Once known as Alex Summers, Boy Hostage, the younger brother of Scott Summers is determined to show the world he's not the victim any more. He was among the lost during the Dark Phoenix Saga.


Character Journal: x_havokp1

Real Name: Alex Summers

Codename: Havok

Aliases: none

First Appearance: June 4, 2003

Date of Birth: January 28, 1986

Place of Birth: Anchorage, Alaska

Citizenship: US

Relatives: Summers Family: Phillip Summers (grandfather), Deborah Summers (grandmother), Christopher Summers (father), Kate Summers (mother, deceased); Scott Summers (elder brother).

Education: On break from pursuing geology degree at the University of Hawaii - Hilo.

Relationship Status: single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Alex was born in Anchorage, Alaska to Christopher and Kate Summers, the second of their two children. When Alex was six, his family underwent a cross-country move because of his father's Air Force career. During their flight, however, the plane ran into severe difficulties over the Nevada desert, and Alex's parents buckled both boys into a single parachute and pushed them to safety. Scott's powers manifested, allowing him to generate an optic blast to slow their fall, while the plane crash claimed the lives of both of Alex's parents.

While Scott recovered in the hospital, social services placed Alex with a foster family, being unable to locate the boys' grandparents in Alaska. Around the age of twelve, however, Alex's mutant powers manifested and destroyed part of his adopted parents' house. Neighborhood backlash caused Alex to strike out on his own and made his way to Hawaii. Alex spent a few years working odd jobs, surfing and working as a lifeguard on the Hawaiian beaches until at age 17, his powers flared out of control again - this time accidentally taking out a large area of coastline and accidentally causing a number of deaths. Shortly after this incident, Alex was brought to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Living At The X-Mansion

Once at the school, Alex quickly obtained a high school diploma and found a place among the staff working with the younger children. He also developed a number of strong relationships, notably with his roommate Shiro Yoshida and his soon-to-be girlfriend, Lorna Dane. While Alex was overjoyed to be reunited with his brother, he and Scott did not see eye to eye on Scott's position with the X-Men, with Alex often providing very vocal resistance to the idea that his brother was regularly putting his life in danger.

Alex, however, would find his life endangered when he ran away from the school following a powers accident which severely injured Lorna. He was captured by the Hellfire Club under the command of their Black Queen, Selene, who used him as a power battery, feeding off his mutant ability. After being rescued by the X-Men, Alex's opinion of the team cooled somewhat, although he still held a deep desire to see his brother out of harm's way, having lost him once already.

In the next year, Alex would find another obstacle in his relationship with his brother, namely Jean Grey's return from being thought dead. Once more, Alex was outspoken about his belief that Jean's return was doing more harm than good to Scott, and though the animosity would slowly cool, the initial hostility served to drive something of a wedge between the Summers brothers.

This may have been part of the impetus for Alex's decision to return to Hawaii, to pursue a degree in geology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Now engaged to Lorna, the two took their leave from the mansion to pursue their life and studies in Hawaii.

No More Boy Hostage

Life in Hawaii with Lorna was not to be completely idyllic, however. As time went on, Lorna dealt with her own issues, some stemming from her time possessed by Malice, and found herself questioning her relationship with Alex. When she decided to return his ring and go back to New York and the school, Alex became even more withdrawn and isolated. With the help of his roommate, Jared, he managed to keep an even keel over the next few months, concentrating on his studies.

Through his studies, however, he met Vida Rocca, the daughter of one of his professors, and the two began a relationship. With their common interests and similar outlooks, the pair lived happily as they continued their studies, until a chance visit from Lorna drove a wedge between the two when Vida secretly spotted the former lovers sharing a brief kiss. Overcome by jealousy, Vida went to her mother for consolation, and eventually became the avatar of the Hawaiian goddess, Pele and would be the second woman to siphon Alex's power to serve her own ends, attempting to drive all non-ethnic Hawaiians from the islands. Eventually defeated by Alex and Shiro, Vida returned to normal. In a gesture of maturity, Alex met with her and forgave her before returning to the mansion in New York.

Since his return, Alex has decided to train with Scott, to prevent himself from becoming a victim again. His relationship with Shiro has also changed, with the two growing very close through their shared experience.


Alex and Shiro's relationship continued to develop, blossoming into something more. They were discovered when Kyle smelled Alex on Shiro, freaking the other boy out until Alex was able to calm him down. Later, Alex learned that Lorna knows about him and Shiro from her shared dream. In spite of this the boys were able to keep their relationship under the radar, that is until a text message went stray and ended up in Clarice's phone, the result of which was a lot of screaming and Shiro getting a black eye.

In April, at Lorna's prompting, Alex headed out to the city to attend a geological lecture in the city. Upon leaving, the two ran into a bunch of dinosaurs running loose on Manhattan. They were able to safely escape when Alex blasted the prehistoric beasts into bits.

Shortly before Prom, Lorna was transgendered into a man. This proved to put a strain on Alex and Shiro's relationship when Shiro caught Alex and man!Lorna kissing. The rift lasted a few weeks, and in June the two went on another date. But Alex was not the only one getting lucky, as it became known that his dog Crush had impregnated Lorna's dog. All was not right in paradise, however, when Alex learned that Shiro's illness was withdrawl from Alex's powers. The two had a very nasty scene, broke up, and Alex left the school to live with Lorna for awhile.


In March, Alex was reunited with his long-lost father, Christopher, who turned out not to be dead as originally assumed, but a pirate captain. Scott did not share in his brother's joy, and during the visit he and Christopher fought, leaving Alex to try and break it up. To help avoid any more issues, Alex took Lorna to dinner with Christopher. Later, before Lorna was set to head back to California, she and Alex acted out on their long harbored feelings for each other.

That summer, he became an X-Men trainee, which led to some added tension between him and Shiro. A month later, his grandfather suffered a heart attack, Alex joined Jean and Scott on the trip to Alaska.

During the attack on Manhattan, Alex was mobilized into attacking the Citadel. When it was discovered that Alison Blaire had been turned into one of the horsemen, he left to go to California to tell Lorna the news in person. Then after his help protecting T'Challa, he was upgraded in status to full X-Man.

Further Information

In July 2009, Alex returned to Hawaii, to continue his geological studies with a working summer course, living with his long-time friend Jared.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'1"


Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Features:


Alex absorbs ambient radiation, from both solar energy and other forms of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, and stores it within his body like a living battery. He can release this energy in a destructive plasma blast, capable of causing massive damage (through intense heat) to anything it encounters. Since Alex cannot control the absorption of energy at this time, he often needs to vent excess energy on a regular basis or risk his powers overloading in a destructive explosion.


Containment suit, designed by Forge which allows Alex to bleed off his powers without exploding.

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Played by Amy from June 2003 until July 2009.

Due to inconsistencies, the ages of Scott and Alex at the time of the accident has been established as 15 and 6 as game canon.

Following the Dark Phoenix Saga Alex was rebooted for Phase 2.