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Bowen/Carlisle Family
Portrayed by various
Known Aliases: Carlisle Family
Affiliations: Tandy Bowen
Socked By: Rei, AJ
Introduction: June 2012

The Carlisle Family are the family of Tandy Bowen. She kept her mother's maiden name when her mom remarried.


First appearance: June 2012

Philip Carlisle
Born:1973 Death: 2012
Married Melissa when Tandy was just a year old. He always wanted a daughter and tries his best to be a great father to Tandy. He is the son of a powerful businessman and also comes from old money. He is a very stable man, but often times lets love cloud his judgement. Phillip is also the reason why Tandy was never given up for adoption; he wanted the girl to have a home and still has hope that Melissa will turn around. He tries to be the father for Tandy and will always be there for her. He was murdered by Nathan Tyler late 2012.

PB: Ralph Fiennes, socked by Rei

Melissa Carlisle (nee Bowen)
Born:1975 Death: 2012
Melissa is the youngest of two children and is the only female. Since she was the only daughter, she was spoiled and got whatever she wanted. She even started modeling quite young, age five. This included beauty contest and soon was picked to be a high end fashion model by the time she was fifteen. She married Nathan Tyler when she was 20, he came from a wealthy family. She had everything she wanted, a wealth and a career that was skyrocketing, until it came crashing down when a year later she found out she was pregnant. Nathan was the one that wanted to keep the unborn child, and Melissa complied and wasn’t expecting her husband to leave her when she was 6 months pregnant. 3 months later she gave birth to Tandy. Motherhood wasn’t something that Melissa wanted and a year later she married another wealthy man. Her modeling career came to an early end and she blamed Tandy for it, but with her connections, Melissa launched her own fashion line. With years of experience, as a model, she has created an empire that seems unstoppable. She was murdered by Nathan Tyler late 2012.

PB: Peta Wilson, socked by Rei

Michael Bowen
MB icon.jpg
He is very much a Godly man and wants to always do what is right. He isn’t quick to judge or quick to anger. He is the type of man that always gives people second chances. He disapproves the way his sister lives her life and treats her only daughter. He is currently one of the two guardians of Tandy Bowen.

PB: George Clooney, socked by AJ

Nathan Tyler
NT icon.jpg
Tandy’s real father. He comes from old money and his family was into the politics in their little town as well as owning several of the larger business. He left his young family 16 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. It was revealed later that he works as a field agent for SHIELD and has been on their payroll for the last 17 years. Recently fell victim of a demon named D'Spayre who used to him to get to his daughter, who had his powers but on a greater scale. He is in SHIELD custody and in a coma at the moment, due to murdering his x-wife and her husband. He awoke from his coma in August 2014 and is currently in The Vault awaiting his trail. He did a plea bargain where he would get life without parole instead of the death penalty. This corporation lead SHIELD and SWORD to D'spayre and stopped the plans of turning NYC into a demon's playground.

PB: Christian Slater, socked by Jeff

Other family members: (for family members that appear rarely on screen in minor roles)


Tandy ran away from her parents and triggered the events that would awaken her own powers. Father Michael Bowen contacted another mutant after the events and asked her to help. Adrienne Frost also happened to be an old family friends.

Her parents were pretty much out of the picture until November when Tandy received the news that her Mother and Step-Father were murdered. It was later revealed that her biological father, Nathan Tyler, was the murderer but it was too late to protect Tandy as he took her out of country and gave her to a demon posing as a woman named Dana Adams. After the events of Light in the Darkness Nathan was placed in a coma by Tandy and is now in SHIELD custody.

MC Designs

MC Design is the name of Melissa Carlisle's fashion line. It was founded in 2000 and has become a hit label around the world. Melissa’s fashion line continues to produce inspiring and daring new trends each season. The founder, Melissa Carlisle, was voted #9 in 100 Top Fashionable Women in the US in 2001. Her main office is in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio (the only piece of sentimentality she allowed herself) but also has a branch in San Francisco, CA and New York, New York.


Awakening at the hospital with her dad and her uncle

Adrienne and Father Michael

Adrienne, Mom and Tandy

Light in the Darkness

Darkness Within


Socked by: Rei socks the Parents.

AJ socks Father Michael Bowen

Jeff socks Nathan Tyler