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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Tandy Bowen
MOA Dagger.png
Portrayed by Ashley Benson
Codename: Dagger
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: February 29 1996
Journal: xp_dagger
Player: Available for Applications

Tandy's life is anything but ordinary.


Character Journal: xp_dagger

Real Name: Tandy Reese Bowen

Codename: Dagger

Aliases: Tan, Bow (Nickname from Julian), Starlet (Nickname from Adrienne)

First Appearance: June 10, 2012

Date of Birth: February 29 1996 - However due to being in Asgard for 4 years, she is older than official records

Place of Birth: Shaker Heights, Ohio

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Bowen/Carlisle Family: Melissa Carlisle (Mother ; nee Bowen/Deceased), Phillip Carlisle (stepfather/Deceased), Michael Bowen (uncle/guardian), Nathan Tyler (Father - Prison), Adrienne Frost (Guardian)

Education: Graduated High School C/O 2014, NYU C/O 2019 (Majoring in Linguistics)

Relationship Status: Single // Ex-boyfriend: Julian Keller

Occupation: Entrepreneur (fashion, hospitality), Owner and CEO of the District X Food Bank, Part time translator at NYU

Team Affiliation: X-Men - Currently on medical leave



Nathan Tyler abandoned his new wife, Melissa, who was 6 months pregnant with their unborn daughter. He left for India, claiming he had now seen then the light. Melissa changed her last name back to Bowen and three months later, Tandy was born in 1996. Her mother was a former model and mentioned once that having a kid ruined her figure for her modeling career as well as Tandy being a needy child. Melissa never wanted to be a mother and with the wealth her former husband left her, she pawned her daughter off to different nannies for most of Tandy’s young life. Within a year of Tandy’s birth her mother married another wealthy businessman named Phillip Carlile. Phillip automatically took a liking to Tandy, even if he was surprised that his new wife had a child and never told him about it. He always wanted a daughter and now he had a chance to be a father.

Her stepfather attempted to be a good dad though Tandy wanted to love of her mother, at least one parent was on her side. Still Phillip tried to be a good father for her, despite that in later years, as a teenager she needed her ’space’, it is embarrassing to have your dad drop you off at school or give you hugs in front of friends at that age. However, he always made time for Tandy in his busy schedule so they could go out to a ballgame or play some video games.

Tandy found solace at school, whereas she was more of the school rebel and would often skip classes- despite that she is extremely smart. Tandy is very much a drifter at school, she had friends in each of the cliques. Some of those who claim to be her friends are only there because they know who her mom is or because they can get something from her. Tandy’s house was often the source for many of the schools party as her parents were always away and the fact that it was huge. But at home, Tandy was just a fly on the wall. Her parents often went on vacations or out of state for business and left Tandy at home, although her stepdad made sure she had a list of numbers and always made sure the neighbor would check in on her. The neighbor would usually frown upon the parties, if there was drinking involved and inform her parents about them upon their return and tries to break up the parties if they are too rowdy by calling their son, who works for the local sheriff's office.

Tandy had thought about running away - mainly because she wanted the attention out of it-, but hadn’t actually done it until recently. Using the credit cards that were under her name, Tandy bought a bus ticket from Ohio to New York City - her parents were off in Europe for business. There she went to her Uncle’s church where he said she would be welcome whenever she wanted to visit. Not telling her uncle what she had done, he welcomed her into his home. She was living with her uncle for two weeks before Michael received a phone call from Phillip stating that Tandy was missing. Michael assured him that he had no idea that Tandy had run off and that she was safe and he would be sending her home.

When Tandy found out that her Uncle was going to send her back, she decided to have one day to hang with Alice before she was sent back. Coming back from a late night movie both Alice and Tandy were cornered by an a group of men. Their intentions were not good, and Tandy watched as Alice was knocked unconscious trying to fight back. Tandy panicked and her powers manifested out of self-defense. She awoke in the hospital five days later, finding out the all the men who had attacked them and Alice were in comas. She was questioned and she mentioned about a bright light and then nothing.

After she was released Tandy was brought home to Ohio while her stepfather and uncle try to sort it out. Her Uncle ended up knowing another mutant that might be able to help Tandy in this giving situation. A week later that very same person also happened to be a member of Xavier’s staff arrived to offer a place for Tandy at the school.

Phase 1

Living At The X-Mansion

Tandy arrived at the mansion two weeks after the events of Genosha. She roomed by herself until a week later when Hope Abbott arrived, the girls shared a suite but had their separate rooms. Several weeks later Tandy got rather close to Sue Storm, another new girl at the mansion and soon had a roommate of her own in the form of Renee. Her summer was uneventful though the awaking of her friend, Alice prompted Tandy to visit the girl in the hospital. Luckily for Tandy, Alice didn't remember much.

Tandy also formed friendship with Matt Murdock, a senior and current boyfriend of her best friend Sue. She also started to grow close to Adrienne Frost, the woman who knew her mother years before and the one that brought her to the mansion. It seemed that Adrienne would be the first adult that Tandy allowed close to her. The teenager continued on her tradition of classical horror movie night on Sundays, even getting the new boy Clint Barton to join her.

Light in the Darkness

Tandy world was turned upside down in late November 2012 when her uncle came to the mansion to tell her the news that her parents were murdered. She found comfort by Adrienne who allowed the girl to sleep on her couch after Tandy exhausted herself from the overwhelming emotions as well as some tea. Later on that day, Tandy awoke and found Matt, whom she shared her a bonding moment about the pain of losing a parent. Clint came by the next morning to check on her as she didn't appear for school and the two watched a movie before a surprise visit from Tandy birth father Nathan Tyler to take Tandy out to breakfast after seemingly finding out the murders himself.

However, Nathan wasn't to be trusted as he drugged Tandy's dessert and took her out of state sending the FBI, the Mansion and SHIELD into a freenze. Turned out that Nathan worked for SHIELD in the field looking into the recent murders related to the Church of Redeeming Light. He had been giving false reports to his superiors for months before his boss told him to bring Tandy. His boss was D'Spayre a demon in an woman body who called herself Dana Adams. D'sypare used Tandy to fuel her own powers hoping that the teenager would give her a boost of energy required to unleash her master. However, D'spayre's plans were foiled when the X-Men showed up and fought against the demon. Tandy ended up putting her father into a coma, using her own powers against him. D'Spayre vanished into her demon portal.

The following week, Tandy learned that in her mother's will she left Nathan as her guardian, causing an the teenager to go on into a depression for short while. It was agreed by Father Michael and Adrienne to both become her legal guardians, a huge step for Adrienne. In the will, Tandy inherited her mother's fashion empire and her step-father winery, and was granted a portion of her wealth before the rest of it would be hers when she turned twenty-one.

End of the Year

Tandy attempted to try and move on but she was haunted by the nightmares of D'Spayre, leading to an incident where she almost harmed both Hope and Topaz. With a little magic, Topaz created a field that protected them, but at the cost of drawing on Tandy's heighten emotions. The aftermath left Tandy numb from fear and was able to get some sleep. A week later she confronted Topaz again and asked if she could do it again, Tandy saw it as a way out and Topaz saw it as an experiment.

Also during this time, Tandy's relationship with Clint grew as she kissed him during Billy's birthday party and admitted that she liked him. The two of them started to date the next day after a series of text messages and spent most of the Christmas Holiday hanging out. Tandy went off on a ski trip after Sue packed her things for the last weekend of the year and celebrated New Years with her friends.

Slenderman and the aftermath

During a volunteer event in January, Tandy and the New Mutants found themselves being stalked by Slenderman. After trying to get adults to believe, they were pulled into the home world of the Slenderman where Tandy faced her fears in the form of D'Spayre. She was saved by Molly, Clint and Billy from her own Slenderman until they were rescued by X-Force, whom were informed of the New Mutants situation after Maddie escaped.

Along side Hope, Tandy defeated a Slenderman and saved Doug from being a Slenderman chow. The after effects of Slenderman caused Tandy to see Topaz on a daily bases. They were found out a week later by Maddie, who told the adults of what Tandy and Topaz were doing. Tandy moved out of her suite with the other teenagers and into a room with Adrienne Frost to keep an eye on and started therapy sessions with David Haller. Tandy reached out to Topaz to let the girl know that she wants to be friend with here and didn't want to use her just for her powers.

It only gets better

After 90 long days, Father Michael and Adrienne Frost became official guardians of Tandy. Though she is seeing Haller to help with her nightmares, Tandy is also put on medication for her anxiety as well as pills to help her sleep. As Spring approached, Adrienne took Tandy, Maddie and Clint to see a Film Festive in Hollywood California as a 17th birthday gift. During her Junior Prom, Clint and Tandy officially became a dating couple. At the start of Summer, Tandy was invited to become the 'Coffee Girl' for a local amateur movie set.

At the start of July, Tandy got her drivers licenses. Her quiet summer was changed again when the events of She Sells Sea Shells, where she activated a magical trap that brought to life statues. She temporary lost her powers during the battle as she was the one that touched the gem. Seeing Sue getting poisoned by the statue, Tandy's powers override the effects of the magic and her secondary powers were activated - saving Sue's life in the process.

End of Summer and Until the end of the year

Her relationship with Clint did not long long once they made thing official and they broke it off mutual in August. Tan was a little depressed over it but quickly went back into her old ways. Senior year started for the teen rather quickly and the unsettling realization of college next year but Tandy on edge a bit. As August turned to September, Tandy's nightmares started to come back and in full force. By the end of October Tandy became a little more withdrawn from her friends and only seeing them when she was in class (or when they came and seeked her out). Adrienne became more worried about her and confronted her about if her nightmares and recently mood changes had to do something with the year approaching from the date of her parent's murder.

In November, Tandy started to be harassed by a fashion reporter about wanting questions about she felt about her mother and what she plans on doing with her mother's empire. Doug helped with it by making the man's life hell and Tandy gained a new trust in an adult.

2014, A Better Year Right?

The New Year went out smoothly with the new arrival of Namor Mazur, during which Tandy developed a close friendship with the Attlian Noble. Tandy focused on her studies for the last part of the year as she applied to numerous Films Schools. She eventually was accepted into the New York University Film at the end of Easter Break. Since joining Red-X, Tandy joined in on the efforts of a large earthquake and tsunami from destroying a city. She, along withScott Summers, helped evacuated the people there and up a mountain.

Upon graduating high school, Adrienne surprised Tandy with her graduation gift of a two tickets to Europe. Tandy quickly asked Sue to be the second and the girls started to form their trip. Tandy's friendship with Namor turned into a one-sided crush in which she realized when she bought Namor at a Charity Event. They ended up on one date before she left for Europe.

Darkness Within

The events of Darkness Within were triggered when her father, Nathan, awoke from his two and half year coma and was taken by demons. The girls had to cut their trip short only to be abducted by Spite, D'spayre younger sister. The girls, along with Namor, were taken to an island in northern Italy and used in a ritual to unleash their master, Dweller, from his prison. In doing so, Tandy became the avatar from the demon and set on the path to bring Hell to Earth. The demon almost succeeded if it wasn't for Amanda Sefton and her students: Nico Minoru, Billy Kaplan, Topaz, and Megan Gwynn for using their magic and channeling it through Topaz and into the small light left within Tandy. Tandy eventually broke free of Dweller's hold on her as he and D'spayre was sealed back into his prison. Spite was killed by Sword and the Magic users. Amanda was able to hide the crowd from SWORD to avoid questions and brought them back to the safety of the mansion.

Tandy has had to answer to SHIELD about the involvement and last she heard her father was being transferred to The Vault. She continues to have nightmares and now has memories of Dweller along side her own. Tandy ended up declining her acceptance into college in favor of sorting out her own life.

Scribblenauts and the Fall

Within three weeks since the events of Darkness Within, the field trip curse caught up with the New Mutants again. This time she, along side of Matt, was dragged into a painting. The events left Tandy laughing and in good spirits. Amanda offered to extend the magic classes to Tandy so the young teen could learn more about demons and magic and in exchange Tandy gave Amanda information on the memories she holds of Dweller. She started to become close to the magic teacher even agreeing for a telepath to enter her mind so that they could get a better understanding of Dweller.

Sometime in August, Tandy met a former New Mutant named Julian Keller. The two formed a friendly relationship that resulted in the two decided to play with the social media and entered a hoax relationship, with the social media dubbing them as "Bowler". The hoax resulted in some tension between Clint and Julian and though Tandy knew of Clints worries did not realize the full extent of it. Even if it was just a sham, Tandy's true feelings towards Julian started to show while talking to Angel about it. Sue got herself involved with the drama as she was photographed with Julian while they were hanging out, with the social media dubbing them Sulian. Thus Bowler vs Sulian was born.

At the end of October, Tandy approached Adrienne about purchasing a castle in France and possibly turning it into a hotel. Tandy went to France with Adrienne, Amanda and Garrison which she made the purchase, keeping it open for tours before deciding to turn it into a hotel for reals. When she arrived back, Tandy found a picture that was taken during a Halloween party of Julian and with another female which sparked a jealously within her. She avoided him for a few days before it boiled over and a huge fight happened at the beginning of November. She didn't speak to him again until Rogue and Jessica Jones hatched a plan to get them together. Rogue was visiting her parents over Thanksgiving and invited Tandy without telling her Julian was going until an hour before they left. The trip ended with Tandy and Julian talking and officially started to date.

2015 - An ending of the world

Fall gave away to winter and Tandy, Julian, Adrienne, Garrison, and Emma Frost spent the Christmas break in France. Things were peaceful until an incident on Muir Island that sent the world into chaos. With the news that Matt was dead, Tandy became worried that the situation might worse, especially with the disappearance of Doctor Grey. With the following death of Namor after he went to find Doctor Grey in the middle of the Atlantic, Tandy found out that Julian had volunteered to go to India to retrieve Doctor Grey. She said her good byes to him and watched him for the last time. She spent her remaining hours with Hope, Topaz and Sue before the mansion was put on alert for being attacked.

Tandy was put on Emma's team and set to guard the front of the mansion. It ended with them fighting their doubles and Sue coming in to help towards the end. When the building started to collapse Sue protected the group by putting up her shield but failed to put herself underneath it. When Tandy realized Sue was dead she went into survival mode, cutting off her emotions. With Paige leading, Tandy along with Molly and Tyrone tried to evacuate from the school but at the last moment decided to throw a reactor towards the Dark Phoenix. When the DP sent the explosion back, Tandy barely batted an eye when she found herself in Odin's Hall in Asgard with Molly and Tyrone.

Phase 2

Thralls of Asgard

Tandy (and the others) found themselves in Asgard in Odin's hall. After a discussion by the Norse gods of what was to be done with the Midgardian children, Tandy found herself under the wing of Baldr, one of the sons of Odin. Her training began with Baldr as her trainer. She learned the arts of sword fighting, the different languages of Asgard and its surrounding lands, along with Asgardian Magic. It was a good distraction of the unknown events that was happening on Midgard, Tandy put her focus into her training and learning. It was strange to get accustom to a new way of life but after four years, she grew used to the change and into her own self. Her nightmares about Dweller had stopped, but the emptiness of her lost friends and family was ever present.

When giving a task to hunt down Frost Giants that was causing destruction in a Dwarven settlement, Tandy -along with Molly and Ty- went without question. They were ready to engaged the Frost Giants but only to find that it was Loki behind it. Upset that the now-adults were not given to his daughter, Hel, when they first arrived he sent them back to Midgard hoping that it would sever the bond that was keeping them alive. However, it backfired as three Frost Giants were also caught and sent back with the trio, it was their mission that kept them safe. Finding themselves back but in Las Vegas, the trio continued their mission and brought down one of the remaining three. Unknown to them that the X-Men: Scott, Angelica, Rogue, and Clarice were spending time in Las Vegas after a difficult mission and ended up taking out the second Frost Giant. They meet up and together they fought the last one together.

Thinking that the Trio was to return to Asgard but shocked to reveal that they were released from their services and to remain on Midgard. Tandy found herself displaced once more as she had been gone for four years but on Midgard she had only been missing for three months.

Home Again

Upon returning back to the mansion, her first mission was to hunt down Adrienne. She was greeted with a cold-hearted response, as she later learned that there were others that looked like their friends, but really weren't. When she proved to Adrienne that she was indeed her Tandy it was a happy reunion. After a shower and a change of clothes, Tandy next target was looking for Julian and soon the two picked up where they left off, which eventually led to the both of them sleeping together for the first time. She eventually tracked down others, Amanda, Doug, Hope and Topaz and met a few other familiar faces - the one that caused her the most angst was the face of a now older Susan Storm. She hired Doug to update her records to have her be the age she currently is, twenty-two. The two of them bonded over languages and he became her mentor.

In April Tandy and Adrienne merged their two companies and Tandy was made Chief Social Media Officer and in her spare time taking lessons on languages from Doug. She also met the much older Namor, who was frozen in time. It was this meeting when she learned that due to her memories of Dweller she knew the language of Atlantis. Tandy started to make plans to attend New York Univeristy in the Fall after changing her major from Theater to Linguistics. She spent the majority of her time working, having lessons from Doug about languages, and restoring her relationship with Julian. She spent a good chunk of her September traveling for Fashion Week while also taking classes (majority of them were online). She ended her working month with a small vacation at her castle in France before returning back to the States.

Ending 2015 and Welcoming 2016

Tandy focused on her school and job while continuing to maintain a relationship with Julian. She became increasingly worried when he lost his hands during a mission in April. He became more withdrawn and though Tandy tried her best to be supportive it is starting to take a strain on their relationship. With Summer approaching Tandy started to question if she really wanted to stay at the Fashion Company and shift her focus to something she actually enjoys.

April 2016 brought with it troubles when Julian lost his hands during a mission, and she turned most of her focus to taking care of him. She ended up in a fight on the journals with Maya Lincoln-Lopez when the girl wrote an incredulous post about the superheroes living in the mansion. She also officially stepped down from Meridian to focus her energies in other places. However she continue to offer tickets to Fashion Shows while focusing on her school work. Tandy also started to put together a book of Asgardian Language. It was greeted with some hesitation and what sense of purpose. But to Tandy it was part of a past life that changed her into who she is today.

Life Continues But It can Be Shitty

The rest of the 2016 was uneventful as it brought in the New Year. In 2017 Her focus in language started to over take her room as it started to look like a library than an actual living area. She also made the mistake of setting Topaz up with a classmate, even if it was to get Topaz out in and about. She eventually forgave Tandy a few days later. Tandy was also among the first to ask where the missing Magic Class in Honey, I Shrunk the Magic Class and noticed their things still scattered about. She finished another school year but went straight into Summer Courses that Summer. Tandy was staying in Julian's penthouse in the city during the events of the Spider crisis. During the end of her summer she thought about opening up a Food Bank in District X and set to work on making that dream a reality.

Her peaceful summer came to a crashing halt when Adrienne's powers started to consume her after an incident at Father Michael's soup kitchen involving another mutant. The results were to put Adrienne in a coma to save her from herself. Tandy was able to say her good byes but it put her in a depression following the incident. Tandy was given control over Adrienne's finances, properties and a large number of stock in Adrienne's company Meridian Enterprises, making Tandy the large shareholder in the entire company. A new CEO is still being discussed by the board. The properties she has control over now is a house in Salem Centre and a beachfront property in Old Saybrook, Connecticut that used to belong to Katharine Hepburn.

Year of the X-Men

Tandy asked to be part of the X-Men in March of 2018, which Julian didn't agree on. They had a fight but made up shortly after. Tandy's first mission was Brotherhood attacks on a blood bank. After recovering from her first mission, Tandy fell ill when she couldn't release her own light due to magic used by Topaz's crazy family in Sins_of_the_Father. She was in the med lab for a couple of weeks with heavy fever and the constant feeling of her daggers stabbing her. When the curse was lifted, Tandy's unleashed involuntarily and luckily no one was hurt. With the awakening of Adrienne after a two year coma, was a great change of pace for the trainee and she took a few days to visit her guardian on Muir Island. When she returned to New York, life continued.

In December she went on her second X-Men Mission to recover a device. She got to see many new things she thought was only found in movies, including King Kong himself. She still counts her blessings that she didn't actually have to fight him. Upon returning, Tandy had a peaceful rest of the year.

Fear in the Dark

Tandy graduated college and was offered to work part time for an old Professor in the Linguistics department. With a little free time on her hands, she accepted.But it seemed that her moment of peacefullness was not to last.

On May 4th 2019 Tandy was found by Julian in her office while putting in the final orders for her Food Bank on the floor. Though she said she was alright and insisted that she didn't need to be looked at. Only that she needed some rest. Later that night, she awoke to whispers of a certain Demon calling out her name. Under a trance, she went to the Empire State Building where members of a society were waiting for her. Using an old powerful spell, they unleashed Dweller into his Avatar. Cullen Zaher and his cohort, Dr. Cindy O'Neal unleashed Dweller and his daughter in hopes they would help them unleash their real target, Cul Borson. Dweller agreed and gave them his daughter, D'spayre to use. Dweller returned to the Julian's penthouse before Tandy was missed.

A few days later, they arrived at Haja, Norway. The secret location of where Cul Borson was imprisoned centuries prior. Dr. Cindy O'Neal became the first Worthy, Skadi (Cul's daughter and goddess of winter) while Cullen served as an avatar for Cul as he was still physically imprisoned. The plan was to find the other six hammers and their worthies so that Cul may have his revenge on a brother that dethroned him.

For weeks Dweller pranced around as Tandy, warning Cul and the rest not to overestimate Tandy's friends, until a disciple of the Ancient one alerted of Amanda of the prison. Upon breaking the spell, Dweller's presence was unknown around the same time the third worthy was found in Sue Storm. Together they escaped the manor and took back Dweller's Staff, which was later destroyed.

As each Worthy was awaken, Cul became stronger as did Dweller. It wasn't until July when the last Worthy would be awaken when Scott took Dweller out with a blast. Taking Tandy back to the mansion, Amanda and Jean dived into Tandy's mind to find her holding Dweller asleep but couldn't awake herself, or he too would awake. The next morning, the arrival of Thor and a gift from his brother changed that. Molly taking the hammer, a bit of light that the hammer held floated into Tandy which gave her enough boost to hold Dweller back and awaken.

She conversed with Thor and the others, including the Avengers who also became involved, about Cul's plan. During the final battle, Cul tried hard to re-awaken Dweller and almost succeeded until Tandy used her light to break through Cul's defense, giving Dough the chance to cut the head off the serpent. However, Tandy nearly lost her life as she spent all of her light for the victory. It was Baldr's light that kept her alive.

With no signs of waking, once again Amanda and Jean entered Tandy's mind along with Hope, Molly, Topaz, and Julian. They found Tandy nearly giving up for the enviable. Having her friends there gave Tandy hope and Dweller attacked. Molly called forth the Hammer into the astral plane and Topaz was able to finish the spell to seal Dweller. Dweller prison is a metal statue in the subconscious of Tandy's mind.

Tandy awoke a few days later feeling more herself than she had been for the past few months.


Though Tandy did not show it, she struggled with the inner conflict of what had been done to her and what she was a part of while Dweller was in possession. She was benched from the X-Men, not as punishment, but to evaluate Tandy's mental status. Instead of taking a break, Tandy quickly dived into her work both with the food bank and as a part-time translator assistant for her former professor. Every week she would see one of the therapists at the mansion and worked with Jean Grey to start healing her mind. A break through finally happened when Tandy admitted some sensitive details of what Cul had done to her. It was a milestone, but not even Julian knew what Tandy had endured while under the thumb of a god. She even made progress with just going out with friends and some self-care, something she had been denying herself.

Things changed in September 2021, with Julian ending their relationship and leaving the mansion. Tandy withdrew into herself once again. Then a mission gone wrong resulted in Tandy having to break her own nose to counter Malice's pheromone powers; a few months after recovering from this, Tandy left for Europe. Ostensibly she was going to check on her castle-turned-hotel, but it is also a chance for her to catch up and process the traumas she has experienced.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 125lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: Tandy has both of her ears pierced. Also when she uses her powers a glowing crescent moon will appear around her right eye. Tandy wears glasses for reading and when at the computer. She also has a strange symbol on her shoulder from the events of Darkness Within, it signifies that she is an Avatar for an Ancient demon named Dweller-in-the-Dark. Tandy has a few scars on her body, including a large on one her side from a Goblin sword while in Asgard.


Due to being the physical prison of Dweller-in-the-Dark, Tandy no longer has access to her secondary powers. Her light now has black spots whenever she uses them. Her crescent moon now glows black and her light daggers pack more of a punch. She'll need to learn how to control or else the person on the receiving end may get more than they bargained for.

Tandy generates a form of 'living light' which is actually her own life force, the energy generated within her body. Tandy’s energy is continually generating and stored within her, building up to dangerous levels if not released. If she goes for more than a week or so without using her powers she will become sick and delirious and her light discharge involuntarily, which could be dangerous to those who are standing within the radius when it does. Tandy is constantly trying to find a balance between releasing her living light and storing it. If she starts overusing her powers, she’ll grow weak and feel like she is just drained, tired like. Severe overuse of her powers is fatal, which means that if she constantly uses her powers her life force can be used up.

Tandy can glow in the dark she can grow as brightly as a night light and as faint as a firefly.

Tandy can form 6-inch 'light daggers' which she can throw from her fingertips. Her daggers may automatically form under certain conditions, such as another person in danger. Tandy has a limited ability to control their flight and reinforce them by compelling them to seek targets. They can track a person, but only if they are within a 50 yard radius. [if they are outside that 50 yard radius the daggers start to fade] Unlike real daggers that pierce the skin, Tandy’s light daggers pierces the person's own life force, causing them to bleed out energy.

The daggers leave behind a dark burn mark that will fade as it heals. Her daggers cause those who have been struck by them shock, stunned, falling in a coma, or killed - depending on how strong the dagger is or how many pierce the person. Being hit by her daggers causes extreme pain as if they were stabbed by a real dagger. Nonliving objects are unaffected by her daggers - objects are material things, like walls and doors. Plant life and animals can be affected by her daggers. Plants will die right away and animals will suffer the same effects as humans.

-No longer has access to - Tandy's secondary powers were activated during the events of She Sells Sea Shells. Where her light took on a less destructive path and into helping restore the body to its natural healthy state. Her light helps purge harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, infection, etc from the body. It isn't a healing power in the sense that it cures the body, merely restores it back to its natural default. It is ineffective as a cure for any genetic or physical ailment: cancer, heart disease, brain damage, etc. Because the idea of a natural state is different with each person, especially when mutants are involved, it can be more/less effective depending on the individual. Individuals who have an altered natural state are outside of her ability to help. The power is psionic in nature, so is able to take a certain level of targeting in terms of what it cures, but could have adverse results for subjects who rely on artificial drugs to regulate diseases or brain chemistry, or conditions which have psychosomatic elements to their overall condition, such as long term drug addicts.


Tandy has an Asgardian Sword and Shield but does not need them now that she is back on Midgard. Instead they have a place of honor in her suite.


  • Is a video game addict.
  • Is a Movie Buff, enjoys Classic Horror Movies.
  • Tandy was a part-time model.
  • Tandy learned how to throw daggers thanks to Wade Wilson
  • She has a habit of drawing trouble to her.
  • Tandy is fluent in a few Asgardian Languages, including Asgardian, Goblin, Dwarven, Some Frost Giant, and Dark Elf.
  • Knows the Atlantean Language, thanks to Dweller's memories that linger.
  • Her personal mindscape is that of a old one show movie theater.
  • Her astral projection form is that of pure white light that takes on her body shape.

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Player Icon Base: Ashley Benson

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Tandy first appeared in June 2012 and as Rei's second character. Taylor Momsen was Tandy's PB until May 2014 and was replaced with Ashley Benson. Her pb was change once again to Amber Heard in July 2016 for someone that was a bit older looking and not so innocent. In 2020 her pb was changed BACK to Ashley Benson due to personal reasons.

In February 2023 Rei released Tandy back into the appable character pool.