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Only Current Players have editing rights to the Wiki.

Pages and categories that provide information about the XP, how to use it and how it was created.

Formatting and Updating

Wiki 101

The To Do List will tell you what needs updating.

Wiki 101 is a short piece written by Frito covering some of the basics and recurring questions.


New here? Confused? Check out the Wiki FAQ before you do anything else.

Haven't updated your page for a while and aren't sure how to start? Check out Rossi's Illustrated Guide to Updating Old Pages


  • Wiki coding is not like html coding. For help, check out the Cheatsheet.
  • Still stuck? Try the WikiMedia help page here.
  • The Templates page lists all of the templates used to edit the Wiki, and how and when to use them.
  • The Categories page lists all of the categories in use on the Wiki.
  • The Statistics page for those curious about the raw numbers.

(And lots of interesting links can be found via the Special Pages list!)


Blank versions of the pages needed, in order to maintain consistent formatting:








Plot Arcs


Deletion Request - go here if you need a page deleted and follow the instructions.

Requested Articles - for making suggestions for additions to the Wiki.

Rewards and Bribery

Monthly Star Graphics Updated your page? You deserve a star!

Development and History

Pages and Categories that were created as part of building the Wiki


Useful Links

Current events.


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