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Character(s): Marie-Ange Colbert, Kyle Gibney
Email: FritoEmail.jpg
Pronouns: she/her
Date joined: May 2003


Karen "Frito" Lawrence is currently an active player of X-Project. She began playing Marie-Ange Colbert in May of 2003, and Kyle Gibney in October of 2004. She currently acts as one of the admins for the Xproject wiki, and has been a mod of the game twice previously, retiring from her most recent tenure as a mod in April 2017. She also hosts and maintains the webpage and is generally responsible for dealing with the technical end of any of the webpage-y things for the game.

She can be reached on gchat via the email address, or email at FritoEmail.jpg Her preferred means of contact is email, and her personal journal, full of memes, posts about cupcakes, assorted miscellany, and infrequent actual content can be found at Frito. The picture shown here is not actually representative of Frito. Mostly. She has a twitter. You can probably guess that it's also Frito_Kal

A former resident of Baltimore and the Washington DC Area, she now lives in Escondido, CA (a bit north of San Diego) - she hates snow and shoes, and loves seafood, tea and math. She lives with Twiller and their son "Typechip", born in February 2014, and has a truly astounding number of stuffed animals for someone who is in her forties.

She also claims to be 1/4 allosaurus.

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Daily Events

January 13

2004: Amanda turns Jake into a frog by accident.

2005: Alison designs a Danger Room program for Nathan. Nathan offers to help Dani with meditation. The students hold a Dance Dance Revolution competition. Clarice talks to Madelyn about a summer teenage EMT program. Nathan discovers Remy has been avoiding the mansion since finding out Miles was in the Morlock tunnels during the Morlock Massacre. Manuel and Alison plan his Independent Study project.

2006: Kyle smells alcohol on the student floor and tries to blackmail whoever the underage drinker is into buying him new speakers.

2007: X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Scott questions Logan about his wounding of a Greek soldier and learns something about the other man's perspective. Ororo takes Kurt out for dinner for both their birthdays. Minitooth: Scott and Ororo compile all the information the X-Men have on Sabretooth.

2008: Marie and Garrison return to the mansion. Jay runs into Tommy and they have a very uncomfortable conversation, but no blows are exchanged. Clarice's cast is removed and she wants to celebrate with a pub, much to Kyle's dismay at being underage. Dani announces she has enrolled at Pace University and survived her first week of classes.

2009: Valentia's Lullaby: Emma asks Manuel to do some Hellfire Club business in Spain. Papa Don't Preach: Callie's father raises the alarm when the girls don't come home and Scott takes a team to investigate; the team discovers the girls' cellphones in the bombed-out building but no sign of them; Callie awakes in a confused state and overhears a conversation from their 'captors'. Manuel asks Dani to come stay with him if needed; Dani agrees and emails Scott, Jan and Forge to let them know, resigning her positions of RA and school secretary at the same time. Doug emails Emma and Marie-Ange regarding Emma's Hellfire plans for him. Walking Ghosts: Jean-Paul checks on Nathan and finds him still being vague about what happened. Vanessa and Adrienne talk for the first time since Christmas morning and discuss Garrison's departure.


2011: Jubilee gets back from Las Vegas. Jan takes Monet to task for her comments in Yvette's journal about the Church of Humanity.

2012: Lorna confirms on her journal that the ice cream social is going ahead from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the kitchen. Amanda makes a journal entry asking what they hell they did with her hair. Maddie tries to sneak some ice cream without getting caught, but Lorna sees her and they chat a bit before Maddie goes back to her dorm.


2014: Amanda makes a journal entry reflecting on the time she turned Jake into a frog. Hope e-mails Matt seeking help with an assignment.

2015: Rogue’s art class with Namor and Jessica turns into a fun mess. A Touch Of Brimstone: On Muir, Marius and John discover the island complex has been infiltrated by the Brotherhood of Mutants and raise the alarm; Cyclops alerts the team and sets the mansion on lockdown; Cyclops sets out the gameplan; Clint texts Gabriel, who is working, about the lockdown; Wade texts Clarice asking for details on the lockdown, and then texts X-Force to let them know what is going on; Laurie texts Doug to let him know she’s on a mission and then texts Wade to ask him to watch over Doug if something should happen to her; Nightcrawler takes a team into the sub-basements and they fight off the Brotherhood attempting to break into the safety bunker; Matt texts Wade from Muir; Cyclops’ team arrives at the front gates and take on the bulk of the Brotherhood there; Phoenix leads a smaller team to flank the Brotherhood at the front of the building; Polaris leads a team to the security and comms centre, only to discover multiple teleports incoming; following the Brotherhood, John discovers the Dark Riders are also on site, with a bomb; Polaris’ team is trapped in the comms centre by members of the former Preservers and Magnetic North, requiring an unusual exit through the ceiling; in the sub-basements, Nightcrawler’s team is ambushed by Tusk, Psynapse and Gauntlet of the Dark Riders, with Meltdown being killed, Wallflower losing an arm, Dust, Bevatron and Nightcrawler all injured before John comes in and gets them out via Blink, taking a shot himself; at the entrance to the facility, Cyclops and Phoenix’s teams are also ambushed, with Catseye and Penance being killed and Cyclops, Dominion, Wolverine, Firestar injured; Phoenix calls for the retreat as she goes after Magneto; on the roof, Cannonball and Daredevil are killed, while Roulette and Emplate avenge them by killing Foxbat and Barrage but are also severely injured, and Polaris holds off Magneto; Rogue and Phoenix arrive and Polaris takes Roulette and Emplate to the Blackbird; the Dark Rider’s bomb goes off and in the air above the ruins Jean manifests the Phoenix and kills Magneto and any remaining Brotherhood and Dark Riders; realising what she has done, Jean flees and disappears, leaving Rogue to meet with the Blackbird and tell them what happened.

2016: Amanda makes a journal entry to announce she’s back, that magic classes will recommence shortly, and asking Kurt and Meggan for a family dinner on Friday. Amanda also posts to X-Force about leaving Cammie to set up contacts in Genosha, and that she’ll update their database shortly. Warren and Bobbi talk about their current trip together over dinner. Topaz e-mails Stephen about the arrival of new books and inquiring if he’s free to help with them on Sunday. Rachel stumbles upon a slightly inebriated Artie, and the two bond over their worldly wounds while awaiting pizza.

2017: Reed meets Artie and seems fascinated by his abilities. Maya shares a cute illustration of a bee.


Featured Articles

MoA BW.png
Moment of Awesome - Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow Trapped in video game scenario, Natasha is less than impressed to discover her brain holds the cure to a deadly zombie virus.

It only took them a few steps before a small group came out to meet them, armed and unfriendly. Felicia raised her hands, taking a half step in front of her companions. "We're unarmed and not a threat. There's a girl in the van that needs medical attention and... we have a note?" she said somewhat feebly, looking back.

Natasha produced said note and watched as the faces surrounding them morphed from wary danger into relaxed surprise.

The weapons were lowered, some even holstered, and the leader of the group stepped forward, a gaunt, lanky woman with shadows under her eyes and hope making them shine. "We didn't think you'd ever make it through. We had no idea what was going to happen if you didn't. But we're so glad you're here. You know why you're here?"

When the women shook their heads, the leader continued. "The cure. The cure for this plague that's destroyed the world for the last two decades is in your blood. We can save the ones that haven't been infected and rebuild."

Jean's jaw clenched as she listened, feeling a knot forming in her stomach. Sure, this was salvation. But not for them.

The awe and wonder in the leader's voice made Natasha's skin crawl. She'd heard that tone of voice entirely too many times in her career with SHIELD. That blind fanaticism was lethal to arguments of logic or course corrections when a plan went wrong.

"But what about our friend? Can you save her? She was bitten and her body's fighting off the virus but it's not been easy."

The leader exchanged glances with a man standing beside her, communicating silently, then looked back at them. "I don't know but you've brought us an even greater gift. There may also be more information about this virus lying in your friend's brain. We'll have to drill into it so we can learn everything we can to give the cure the best chance of working."

It was a lot of information to process and Natasha wasn't sure she was hearing everything correctly. She looked at Felicia and the wideness of her eyes meant that she hadn't. This wasn't something she wanted a hand in. She'd watched enough people die. She wasn't going to participate in this.

Jean's face was unreadable. "This facility has been picked clean. You don't have enough supplies for after-patient care. You would kill her." It was a statement of the obvious rather than outraged surprise. The line between medicine and science.

That's exactly what Natasha was afraid of. The zeal of finding a way forward to the future at the cost of a few. That's all they wanted and it didn't matter who got hurt in the process.


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