Collateral Damage

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

Part 1 of the Go Tell The Spartans Arc.


Collateral Damage
Dates run: July 24, 2004
Run By: Alicia
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This is unbelievable... this is just unbelievable... right here in the middle of New York... they're slaughtering people, just...

A Mistra retrieval team makes an attempt to recapture Nathan and wreaks havoc at Columbia University.


Nathan Dayspring, Amanda Sefton, Manuel de la Rocha, Pete Wisdom, Betsy Braddock

Dr. Stephen Strange, Domino, Timothy Morgan, assorted Mistra second gen operatives


July 24, 2004

Plot Summary

Planning to take her to a horse show in the city, Nathan was at Columbia University to pick Amanda up after her magic lesson when he was attacked by a Mistra retrieval team seeking to recapture him and bring him back to the home facility where he could be reconditioned.

His powers scrambled by one of the mutants on the retrieval team, Nathan found himself in a desperate situation almost immediately. Injured in hand-to-hand fighting, he managed to break free and find the scrambler-mutant, killing him.

Regaining access to his powers was not the turning point Nathan had hoped, although he managed to drive off the first retrieval team. A second team of Mistra operatives was also on-site, killing civilians in an attempt to make him stand down. Amanda attempted to intervene with her magic and was knocked out. Stephen Strange stepped in to help his students and colleagues, and helped Nathan against an electrokinetic operative, shielding him from attack. But when his surrender was demanded, Nathan agreed to stand down.

Manuel, via his empathic link with Amanda, was aware of what was happening and lashed out in an attempt to prevent Nathan’s capture. Working through her body, his empathic intervention left the remaining operatives dead or their mind irreparably damaged.

The fighting over, Nathan took the unconscious Amanda and, at Strange’s urging, left the area. Betsy reached out from the mansion, making telepathic contact and assuring Nathan that help was coming. Pete, already in the city and alerted by Domino (who had seen the coverage of the incident on the news) drove to Columbia and found Nathan and Amanda, bringing them back to the mansion for medical attention.

In the aftermath, Nathan’s therapist, Jack Leary, discovered that his office had been bugged, allowing Mistra to discover where Nathan would be that day. Pete intensified his own investigation into Mistra, and, most importantly, the American government stepped up its efforts to find and dismantle Mistra, creating a task force that would play a significant role in later events.

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Trivia and Meta


This was the first appearance of Morgan, who would play a pivotal role in the rest of the Mistra plot.


Plotrunner: Alicia

The operatives (apart from Morgan) were socked by Erik.