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Former player of Nate "Cable" Dayspring and Scott "Cyclops" Summers

Former Mod

Previously Socked

Modsocks NPCs Villains Deceased
Amelia Voght The Pack

The Reclaimed


Irene Adler

Peter Lakatos

Rachel Kinross


Joel Rollins

Juliette Hathaway

Samie Kander

Talia Lewis

Eliane Courchesne

Stepford Cuckoos

Summers Family

Patrick Connelly

Miriam Cross

Elisha Quinan


Christopher Summers

Alvorecer Novo, Nascor Associates

Mariana Machado

Malachi Hark

Irene Merryweather

Tim Black

Dr. Theodore Gaskill

Baron Eric Wagner


Ilyas Saidullayev

Amber Hunt


The Preservers

Tanya Callery

Colin MacInnis

The Askani


Sharon Kritzer

Tara Trask



Alicia was responsible for a number of plots, including 19 X-Men missions:

1) Alexander's Wall

2) Blessed Are The Peacemakers

3) Broken Stone

4) Cassandra Complex

5) Collateral Damage

6) Day In The City

7) Epiphany Frosts

8) Fiddler's Green

9) Great Rift

10) Heretics

11) House of Wind

12) Immram

13) Kaiten

14) Kashmir Waltz

15) Krypteia

16) Lost and Found

17) Lost Generations

18) Metastasis

19) Mnemovore

20) Mutants and Molotovs

21) One-Eyed King

22) Reclaimed

23) Red God

24) Reunion Monticello

25) Sanctuary

26) Search and Rescue

27) Seven Minutes In Heaven

28) Skeleton Coast

29) The Gates

30) The Magnificent Seven

31) Thermopylae

32) Thirteen Days

33) Trinity

34) Trojan Horse

35) Twisted Sister

36) Walking Ghosts

37) Warumbe

38) X-Men Mission: A Mirror Darkly

39) X-Men Mission: Adirondacks

40) X-Men Mission: Air Xavier

41) X-Men Mission: Alcatraz

42) X-Men Mission: Becket

43) X-Men Mission: Fifth Column

44) X-Men Mission: Haunted House

45) X-Men Mission: Mercy Flight

46) X-Men Mission: Mutant Michelangelo

47) X-Men Mission: Mutant Mole People

48) X-Men Mission: Nicobar Reef

49) X-Men Mission: Nimrod

50) X-Men Mission: Ricochet

51) X-Men Mission: Sangue Puro

52) X-Men Mission: Scary Little Blonde Girls

53) X-Men Mission: Stalemate

54) X-Men Mission: The Empty Quarter

55) X-Men Mission: Things That Go Boom

56) X-Men Mission: Trans-Siberian Hustle

57) X-Men Mission: Without A Trace


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