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Faltine (species)
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First Seen: October 8, 2017


The Faltine are a race of beings from one of the Hell Planes. They are not exactly demons but more of the sense they are energy beings and tend to stay to themselves. Occasionally there is a Faltine that will converse with someone outside of their species. They are not peaceful beings and will not hesitate to attack if feeling threatened or if someone is trespassing on their plane. Their home world is a barren world of floating islands and fogs with a dying star as the only light source. They do not need to eat nor sleep since they have no bodies to sustain. It is possible for a Faltine to take shape and have been known to do so when traveling outside of their plane. They can take form of either a female or male humanoid. They are highly intelligent beings and are often sought after by other hell lords for their powers. They are ruled by a Hell Lord, which is more of a title of convenience than of power - they keep the peace and deal with trouble makers, like Dormammu and his "sister" Umar, who killed their "father" and were banished accordingly.

Faltine are not born but spawned, usually copies of their “parents”. They are neither good or evil and generally keep to themselves. There are exceptions, who are harshly dealt with.


Dark Dimension Homecoming


Introduced by: Rei