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Dormmamu (MCU).jpg
Portrayed by MCU
Known Aliases: Orini
Affiliations: Clea Lake
Socked By: Chris and Rossi
Introduction: Dark Dimension Homecoming

"These are the rules, are they? Then obviously I should just give up now, shouldn't I? Let you have your victory and ride off into this sunset you speak of?"

An ancient being of dark energy who plans to take over the multiverse and who also happens to be Clea's uncle.


Name: Dormammu

Aliases: Orini

Affiliation: Faltine

First appearance: October 2017

Family: Umar the Unrelenting (Sister), Clea Lake (Neice)


A Faltine, or being of dark energy, and current ruler of the Dark Dimension and twin brother of Umar. Craving for physical matter, he started to gather and store it, becoming more powerful. When his father tried to stop him and his sister, both killed him. This caused the other Faltine to raise up against them. Outmatched and overpowered, the siblings were exiled and made their way into the Dark Dimension. Seeing a new world for the taking, he killed the king and took up the place of ruling. His hope is to build an army to destroy his own home plane and take the rest of the hell planes for his own.

In October 2017 he abducted his niece, Clea Lake and her friend, Topaz, with the intention of feeding off Clea and using her powers to force open the barriers between dimensions. The girls were rescued by a group from the Xavier Institute and the Ancient One, a Sorcerer Supreme tasked with ensuring Dormammu remains where he is.


Dormammu has the ability to manipulate the force of magic. He has been feeding off the dark energy within the Dark Dimension, the source where the people of the realm get their power from. Unlike his sister, he cannot take human form and thus uses an avatar as a puppet.


Dark Dimension Homecoming



Socked by: Chris and Rossi