Gail Collins

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Gail Collins
Portrayed by Helen Hunt
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Laurie Collins
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: April 25, 2006

Gail Collins is the mother of Laurie Collins.


Name: Gail Collins

Aliases: none

Occupation: TV Presenter for Good Morning Westchester

First appearance: April 25, 2006

Family: Laurie Collins (daughter), Zach Garrison (ex-husband)


Gail was born in New York but moved to Westchester with her parents as a teenager. She left when she turned 18 to pursue a modelling career but would return regularly for national holidays and when she felt a need to be surrounded by family. It was on one such visit she met Laurie's father, Zach. They were married within a month, but the marriage lasted only a year before Zack learned of Gail's pregnancy and decided to file for divorce. Gail's mother convinced her to stay in Westchester and let them help her with the new baby. Once Laurie was born, Gail went for a job at the local TV station as a weather girl and from there worked her way up to a position as a TV host for the morning program 'Good Morning Westchester'. She currently lives in the family home only a few streets from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Gail is intelligent, outgoing and fiercely protective of her daughter. She has a great deal of compassion for those the world appears determined to step on and will go out of her way to help local charities and organisations she feels are trying to make a difference in the world. Since learning of Laurie's mutant status she's also taken on work as a mutant activist, a stance she's had to fight with her bosses about several times. So far her popularity as a host has seen her winning the fight.

Phase 1

In August 2007, Gail collapsed on-camera, due to the recurrence of the ovarian cancer she'd been fighting since Laurie's birth. Despite her illness she aided the students of Xavier's who were displaced when the mansion was threatened as a result of Magneto's commandeering a space station.

In October 2008, after her daughter's fight with Kyle in the aftermath of their attack at the museum, Gail counseled Laurie about her trust issues and sent Laurie back to the mansion to speak to the X-Men instead of hiding from her problems.

Phase 2




Phase 1

Law and Order: Westchester

Family Portrait

Thirteen Days

First Do No Harm

Phase 2


PB: Helen Hunt

Socked by: Rossi