First Do No Harm

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First Do No Harm
Dates run: October 18, 2008
Run By: Seraph
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"Mugger turning into a dinosaur" was not something he'd trained for.

A trip to the museum turns problematic when Laurie and Kyle are targeted by a hungry and paranoid mutant.


Kyle Gibney, Laurie Collins, Cyclops, Emplate, Blink, Siryn

Karl Lykos, Gail Collins


October 18, 2008

Plot Summary

Kyle and Laurie were checking out several exhibits at the Museum of the City of New York when they were spotted by Karl Lykos, a former doctor with a complex and unique portfolio of mutant powers. Lykos is an energy vampire - that is, he lives partially off the siphoned energy from other living creatures. As well, he is a shapeshifter, able to change into a large semi-humanoid pterodactyl.

While at the museum for reasons of his own, Lykos noticed Kyle's Xavier's jacket and concluded that Kyle and Laurie must be 'out to get him'. When Kyle and Laurie leave for lunch, he followed them, and dragged Laurie into an alley, draining some of her energy. Out of fear for his friends' life, Kyle attacked Lykos after hitting the emergency beacon on his phone.

In the middle of the fight, Laurie came to and saw Kyle biting Lykos on the shoulder, and feared that he was trying to kill her attacker. She attempted to use her power to calm them both, resulting in Kyle becoming woozy and having to fight off the urge to sleep and Lykos becoming enraged as Laurie's pheromone power worked erratically on his reptilian form.

A small team of X-Men arrived, having been notified of the security alert from Kyle's emergency beacon by Forge, but Lykos got away before they could stop him.

Afterward, while they were both recovering, an innocent journal thread by Kyle sparked an argument between him and Laurie, where she accused him of trying to kill Lykos, and outright said that she believed his feral nature made him uncontrollable. In doing so, she crossed the line, and as a result discovered just how much she had changed and how others were beginning to view her.

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Many of Laurie's friendships came under threat as a result of her responses to Kyle afterwards.

Laurie calling Kyle uncontrollable due to his feral nature was a contradiction to an earlier conversation during the dinosaur park incident the previous year in which she reassured him being feral didn't make him any less human.


Plotrunner: Seraph