Gus Grim

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Gus Grim
Portrayed by Adam Beach
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: July 12, 2012

Gus Grim is a trained therapist whose reputation for discretion has led his treating Doug Ramsey for issues stemming from events in Genosha and later, Topaz after her kidnapping and torture.


Name: Gus Grim

Aliases: None

Occupation: Cognitive Behavior Therapist

First appearance: July 12, 2012 (first mention, has not appeared onscreen)

Family: None known


Gus Grim is a Cognitive Behavior Therapist from Colorado. Upon graduation from medical school, he got his start working in Cheyenne communities on various reservations. Helping some of the young Native American men coming back from stints in the armed forces deal with reintegrating into 'normal' life led him to also do significant work with the Veterans Affairs system. His reputation for discretion and results brought him to the attention of the Fulmer Institute, a private, top secret, secure facility that specializes in the treatment of covert operatives. He spent several years there before deciding to open his own practice in New York City. He continues to treat the same sorts of clients he did at the Institute, but in an outpatient capacity (he refers more extreme cases to the Institute). Referrals to him are by word of mouth only, usually from someone who either has worked with him, or knows someone who has.

Phase 1

One of these word-of-mouth referrals was from Sofia Mantega-Barret when Doug Ramsey had a breakdown in the Snow Valley offices, stemming from being tortured in the Genoshan Citadel. Doug attended an intensive weekend retreat at Dr. Grim's suggestion, and has been seeing him regularly since.

Phase 2

Following extensive mental and physical torture, Topaz was dragged against her will to Gus; she began her sessions in July 2018, despite thinking it wasn't necessary, and has continued on a weekly basis since.


Gus Grim is a medical doctor and a trained therapist.




PB: Adam Beach

Socked by: Twiller (does not appear onscreen, please contact for any mention)