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Character(s): Doug Ramsey, Jean-Phillipe Colbert
Email: TwillerEmail.jpg
Pronouns: they/them
Date joined: August 2003


Matt "Twiller" Hemler was dragged into X-Project kicking and screaming by Frito in August of 2003. Many years later, they're still playing. They played Sam Guthrie from 2005 to 2007, and then began playing Jean-Phillipe Colbert in December of 2007.

They are a military brat, and have lived a number of places in the United States, and traveled a large part of Canada and several European countries. They now live in the San Diego, California area with Frito, their kid Typechip, and way more stuffed Piglets than anyone has any right to.

XP is Twiller's first and only online RPG, though they were involved in the comics fanfiction community prior to that, and has experience in tabletop roleplaying. In XP, their specialties are technical subjects and martial arts. It's not uncommon for Twiller and Frito to "step through" a fight scene in their living room for realism, given their shared background and training in tae kwon do. Things they're not always good at include bringing logs (and Wiki articles) to a graceful conclusion.

Twiller was elected as a mod in August 2012 and retired from modship sometime in 2017.

Preferred means of contact: Primarily email (especially during the PST workday), then AIM/gchat.

Phase 2


Modsocks NPCs Villains Formerly Socked
Phil Coulson (non-dedicated modsock) Gus Grim

Lady Sif


Aleksandr Lukin

Arthur Molekevic

Phase 1


Modsocks NPCs Villains Formerly Socked
None Miguel Torres

Gus Grim

Barbara Morse



Karl Lykos

Aleksandr Lukin

Arthur Molekevic

Guthrie Family (no longer plays Sam Guthrie)

Mastodon (deceased)


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