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This applies to canonically mutant characters from this family only.
Guthrie Family
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Thomas and Lucinda; Melody, Elizabeth, Joelle, Jebediah, Lewis and Meg
Affiliations: Sam Guthrie, Paige Guthrie, Jay Guthrie
Socked By: none yet

Sam, Paige, and Jay come from a large family centered in Cumberland, Kentucky. There are a number of children, at least three of whom are mutants.


First appearance: Mentioned in posts and logs as early as May 2003.

Thomas Guthrie - father, deceased
Hardworking and honest. Thomas Guthrie died in 1996 in a mining accident, while his wife was pregnant with the twins, the youngest of their brood of nine children.

PB: None.

Lucinda Guthrie - mother
Lucinda guthrie.png
Left to raise their children alone after her husband's death, Lucinda works hard to provide for them, and expects them to do their share. While the absence of the eldest three has been difficult for her, she understand the need for them to master their powers and find their places in this world. She can be stubborn, much like her children, and is not above plotting behind their backs for their own good.

PB: Patricia Clarkson

Sam Guthrie
A small-town boy from Kentucky, Sam Guthrie has become a teacher at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersand an X-Man, acting as second in command to Cyclops. But he's never forgotten his roots, retaining strong ties to his family back home. For further information, see his individual page.

PB: Ryan Kwanten.

Paige Guthrie
Paige came to the school on the heels of her older brother Sam, intent on becoming an X-Man as soon as she was able. Along the way she found the price of ambition is sometimes too high to pay, and has spent the last two years taking a much lower profile. For further information, see her individual page.

PB: Kate Bosworth

Jay Guthrie - available for applications
After a kidnapping, the eternally romantic musician Jay Gutrhrie underwent horrific modifications to his body that forever left him changed. Following a time trying to recover in the mansion, he eventually went to Muir Island after an incident that nearly killed his then-lover, Warren Worthington. For further information, see his individual page.

PB: Trent Ford

The other Guthrie siblings are, in order of age:

  • Melody Guthrie
  • Elizabeth Guthrie
  • Joelle Guthrie
  • Jebidiah Guthrie
  • Lewis Guthrie - twin to Meg
  • Meg Guthrie - twin to Lewis


Thomas and Lucinda Guthrie were a hard-working Kentucky family; Thomas worked the coal mines while Lucinda spent the majority of her time taking care of their ever-growing family. In 1996, Thomas died in a mining accident, leaving Lucinda as the sole parent for what was soon to be nine children after the birth of the twins, Lewis and Meg.

After his father's death, Sam left school as soon as he was able, taking a job in the coal mines, where his mutant power emerged during a cave-in similar to the one that killed his father. When Sam left Kentucky for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, his younger sister Paige took on more responsibilities at home until her mutant power emerged and she joined Sam at the school, shortly followed by their younger brother Jay.

In the past few years, Lucinda has suffered from various health problems, including illnesses and a bad fall, which have at times necessitated Sam's return to help with his remaining six siblings, none of whom have exhibited signs of mutation like the oldest three.

The Guthries still reside on their family farm in Cumberland County, Kentucky.

In September 2012 Sam returned home, along with a few friends, for the twins' birthday and to visit the rest of his family. The visit took a bit of a turn, however, when Sam ran into a local Friends of Humanity group. The confrontation ended with Sam punching the leader and getting himself arrested. In retaliation, the FOH planned to set fire to the jail where Sam was being held as well as the Guthrie homestead. Sam was rescued by an undercover SHIELD agent, and the attack on the Guthrie home was held off for a time by Sam, Lorna Dane, Kurt Sefton, Tabitha Smith, Jubilee, and Lucinda (wielding a shotgun). Thanks to their efforts, only a small portion of the house was damaged.


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