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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Jay Guthrie (disambiguation).


Jay Guthrie
Portrayed by Nick Robinson
Codename: Icarus
Affiliations: Generation X
Birthdate: December 21, 2001
Journal: xp_icarus
Player: Conner

"I can't help it if I have a widower's heart." - Trampled by Turtles

After the death of his fiance and a subsequent suicide attempt, Jay was sent up north to Xavier's out of concern for his safety and the reveal of his mutation to the world.


Character Journal: xp_icarus

Real Name: Joshua Zachariah Guthrie

Codename: Icarus

Aliases: Jay

First Appearance: December 8, 2023 (via text message); December 21, 2023 (first log)

Date of Birth: December 21, 2001

Place of Birth: Cumberland County, Kentucky, USA

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Guthrie Family: Lucinda Guthrie (mother), Thomas Guthrie (father, deceased), Sam (older brother), Paige (older sister), Melody (younger sister), Elizabeth (younger sister), Joelle (younger sister), Jebediah (younger brother), Lewis (younger brother), Cissie (younger sister). Julia Cabot (fiancee, deceased).

Jay sees his youngest four younger siblings, and especially the twins (Lewis and Cissie), as his own kids after years of parentification.

Education: High school dropout (sophomore year)

Relationship Status: Effectively widowed

Occupation: Secretary for Worthington Industries. Former coal miner, musician.

Team Affiliation: TBD



Jay grew up in a mining town in Kentucky in a union family with six younger siblings and two older ones. His father died of Black Lung when he was 13, leaving his older brother Sam as a father figure. Around 14, Jay developed a power to be able to mimic sounds with his voice and to create the effect of multiple voices which he found out during choir. Around this time there was a lot of anti-mutant sentiment, especially in church, which Jay was heavily involved in and took to heart. It was also just after M-Day, which affected the anti-mutant sentiments and Jay’s fears of being a mutant, which he privately saw as a punishment from God.

When Sam manifested his mutation around the same time and left for Muir Island after discovering his powers, Jay was left as the oldest boy. Jay dropped out of high school shortly after, around his 16th birthday. Jay got his older brother’s old job at the mine, becoming the primary breadwinner. For fun, he and some of his old school friends started a band, with Jay as the guitarist and lead vocalist, occasionally playing parties.

When he was 17, his wings came in. It was a bloody and painful affair. His mother Lucinda, sister Paige, and brother Jeb (who he shared a room with) are the only ones who knew about the wings. Jay elected to keep his mutant status a secret, though the whole family does know something happened to Jay when he was 17 that caused a lot of pain. He started binding his wings during the day, causing a lot of small sprains and infections that his healing factor (which he didn’t realize he had) took care of. However, he did have a flight instinct and flying became his joy in life, even if he only did it at night.

Around the same time, Jay’s band started getting hired to play at various functions, stores, restaurants and bars. Occasionally, Jay would let his wings out on stage as a “gimmick”, but no one expected anything strange about them. At one of these restaurants he met the youngest Cabot “boy” again, who was waiting tables. They had known each other when Jay was still in school, but started to truly get to know each other. Despite the Cabots being mine rich and the Guthries being a union family and therefore their families were mortal enemies, the two got on like a house on fire. They even trusted each other with their greatest secrets- for Jay that he was a winged mutant and for Cabot that she was transgender and that her chosen name was Julia. They started dating a few months after meeting again. They kept their relationship afraid of how their families, and especially Julia’s would react. Julia started college which made it easier to hide their relationship from her family. On the other hand, it was very clear that Jay’s life had been changed as he suddenly had a muse and Julia mellowed out a lot of the anger Jay had held onto when he was younger. She made him want to be a better man. They sustained a relationship for four years, in that time they fell very deeply in love and made plans for their future together, including plans to eventually move to Louisville together. The Guthrie family, minus Sam, knew of Julia even if they hadn't met her before. In 2023, Jay and Julia decided to get engaged.

World Upturned

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain mentions or depictions of suicide or self-harm.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.

In December 2023, while Sam was home from New York, Jay introduced Julia to his family and the pair got engaged. Two days later while on Julia's family's land, Jay and Julia were shot at by Julia's older brother, resulting in Julia being shot and dying from her gunshot wound. Jay feel deeply and quickly into a depressive episode that accumulated at Julia's funeral and finding out that the Cabots were burying Julia under her dead name. Jay got into a nasty fight with the Cabots, eventually broken up by Sam. Once home, in an act of manic grief, Jay stabbed himself in the chest. This attempt at death didn't stick- mostly because of his healing factor. After being discharged from the hospital from his wounds, it was decided by his mother- who couldn't handle her own emotions on the situation- that Jay would be going back to the mansion with Sam and Paige.

Living At The X-Mansion

Jay came to the X-Mansion against his wishes with his older brother and sister on January 1, 2024. Jay's first week ended with sheltering in place at the mansion while District X suffered an attack, which was a great introduction to the insanity of the X-Mansion. Granted the aftermath got him involved in mansion life, keeping him "too busy to be depressed". In the same vein, Jay met Warren Worthington, who less so offered Jay a job than decided he had hired Jay, giving Jay even more of a way to avoid thinking. It also gave him a friend in his new coworker, Illyana Rasputin. Despite his attempts, Jay's attempts to outwork and outrun his emotional fallout didn't exactly work. In February 2024, Mel came to stay at the mansion and she and Jay found that their relationship isn't the same as it had been in Kentucky. Jay did become involved in the community, both with a nearby church and in District X. Warren put Jay in charge of a clinic project in District X, handing Jay and the project over to Marius Laverne, who Jay found he couldn't stand for all the good work the man was doing.

Physical Characteristics

He’s short for his family, with red-brown hair and the type of build that comes from a physical job. Big hands. His wings are from his shoulders down to his knees and somewhat malformed and smaller than they should be from excessive binding. He has some freckles.

Height: 5'9

General Build: Solid, but average for someone with a very physical job.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Red

Other Features: Large (though a little too small proportionally) red wings, scar over his heart


Wings: Jay possesses large wings with a flexible skeletal structure that can be bound down. His wings allow him to fly under his own power. Due to excessive binding while still growing, his wings are slightly smaller than they should be. So far, the highest he’s flown is a little above a mile, but he could go up to 10,000 feet. Currently, he hasn’t fatigued while flying though it can slightly painful. His maximum attempted flying time has been four hours.

Enhanced Human Regeneration: Jay’s wings are the source of a healing factor, possibly from organs in his wings that allowed Jay to heal after they came through his skin. His healing factor was able to heal him after a wound directly to his heart. However, Jay is also more durable than the average human. That said, for a healing factor it is pretty weak. - it's designed more to keep him from having gotten infection when his wings burst through his back than anything else, and it mostly focuses on his wings as the organs that allow for the healing factor are in the wings. Mostly, it speeds up healing and keeps infection at bay.

Aerial Adaptation: Being a bird man, Jay has hollow bones. His eyes are adapted to withstand high-speed winds. He also has a membrane in his respiratory system to extract oxygen at high altitudes. Again, because he is a bird.

Vocal Manipulation: Jay also has vocal chords that can produce sonic frequencies above human limits, mostly giving him the ability to near-perfectly mimic sounds and create multiple sounds at once. (Because he is a bird). He can mimic anything he can hear, but not completely accurately. With practice he will be able to perfectly mimic voices. He can't do sub or supersonics. He wouldn't be able to copy the affects of Terry's sonic scream for example, but he would be able to make the same sound as a recording of it.


His father's acoustic guitar

An electric guitar (gift from Sam)


Jay is very superstitious.

Jay plays mostly country, folk, and some blues. Here is a rough setlist.

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Player: Conner

E-mail: Conner Email.png

Player Icon Base: Nick Robinson

Meta Trivia

Conner decided to play Jay because Mari asked him to and it was only fair after dragging Mari into X-Project. Plus, he could relate to the being engaged young and having your fiancee die part of Jay's story.