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Character(s): Alani Ryan, Ben Hammil, & Beatrice Davis
Email: IsauraEmail.png
Pronouns: She/Her
Date joined: May 2018


Isaura, or just Isa, stumbled across X-Project years before she joined and finally got the courage to apply in 2018. Notoriously slow at replies, she really does love RP-ing and is happy to be here.

Preferred Means of Contact: Email

Modsocks NPCs Villains
None Joelle Guthrie Angrir

Plots Run

Chicago is Burning - Co-runner


Feedback - May-July 2019

Feedback - July 2021

Feedback - July 2022

IsaPony.png - for volunteering to be one of the weekly summary compilers/posters.

Awesome stars.jpg - For updating any page on the To Do List.

Red stars.jpg - For all of the following:

  • 1) Copyediting an existing page
  • 2) Adding a paragraph of more of information to a page in need of text
  • 3) Adding a graphic to a page in need of an image

Xpaward.jpg For being Awesome at XP.

Art star.jpg - for producing images for the game and the Wiki.