Isle of Glass

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Isle of Glass
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Dates run: February 20-28, 2019
Run By: Cai
Read the logs: Isle of Glass

I'll keep all of you updated. Doesn't seem like she'll put up much of a fight. She's allegedly an archaeologist with no special training. (I know, I know. Famous last words.)

A favor to an old friend drags Clint and co. into a centuries old magical dilemma.


Clinton Barton, Matt Murdock, Namor. Topaz, Everett Thomas, Molly Hayes, Rachel Kinross-Dayspring

Janet Lyton, Mutant Mercenaries, Modred the Mystic


February 20-28, 2019

Plot Summary

A SHIELD friend of Clint's calls in a favor, wanting him to look into some missing artifacts. They put him on the path of Dr. Jane Lyton, who is set to arrive at JFK airport later that day. Clint takes Everett and Namor with him, thinking it'll be a simple pick up. He turns out to be very, very wrong. Lyton comes out with four mutant bodyguards, and she escapes in the ensuing fight. They turn out to be friends of Rachel's, and she calls everyone off.

Clint calls in for help, and gets Matt, Topaz, and Molly to respond. A high-speed car chase ensues, with Lyton being driven off the road when Topaz blows out her tires and she spirals out into a field. With nowhere else to go, she uses her stolen artifacts to open a portal and escape. Clint, Namor, Matt, and Topaz follow her into the mysterious portal, while Ev and Molly stay behind to guard the portal.

The pursuers walk into a large, creepy cavern, with shelves full of ancient artifacts and a creepy factor that puts the men on edge. They hear Lyton scream, and find her being held at knife point by a ragged man, yelling at them in what is definitely not English. He then proceeds to gut Lyton as a distraction before escaping through another portal, which leads into England. Clint, Namor, and Matt go after the man while Topaz stays behind to try and get information out of Lyton before she dies. Molly finds her with Lyton's body, letting her know that the portal isn't stable and they need to get out. She runs through the other portal to inform Clint of the same thing, and everyone gets back into New York.

Elsewhere the man, Modred the Mystic, experiences some time displacement and is dismayed to find that the book he escaped with, Darkhold, and realizes he's lost pages. Knowing he stands out, Modred proceeds to assimilate.

Back in the states, Team Magic (Amanda, Topaz, and Stephen) and Team Science (Clint, Molly, and Reed) team up to figure out how to move the portal to a safe place. They mostly end up ignoring each other while working out their own strategies, but the portal is successfully moved to a closet in the chapel.

A couple days later, Topaz is in Avalon, trying to figure out how much work they're going to have on their hands, when she comes across what looks like a stray page from a book. She picks it up, but doesn't think much of it as she continues on.

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This was the official official jumping off point to start Excalibur.


Plotrunner: Cai