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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Rachel Kinross-Dayspring
Portrayed by Allison Scagliotti
Codename: Revenant
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: August 3rd, 2005
Journal: xp_revenant
Player: Open For Application

Nathan Dayspring and Moira MacTaggart's six-year-old daughter was witnessed to have been killed during the Genosha plot arc. But a month after the incident, 18-year-old Rachel Kinross-Dayspring appeared, claiming to be from an alternate dimension. Things got even more complicated after the world ended.


Character Journal: xp_revenant

Real Name: Rachel Fiona Kinross-Dayspring

Codename: Revenant

Aliases: Ray / Revenant / Sunshine

First Appearance: August 3, 2005

Date of Birth: August 3rd 2005 [Age: 18]

Place of Birth: Westchester, US.

Citizenship: American-British dual citizenship

Relatives: Parents - Nathan Dayspring and Moira MacTaggart - Phase 1

Education: No formal education - home schooled

Relationship Status: Single (was dating Korvus Rook'shir until his death during an offensive against Apocalypse)

Occupation: Soldier

Team: X-Men


Phase 1

Early Life

[2005 – 2012]

Rachel manifested both telekinetic and telepathic abilities while in her mother’s womb. She also started flying when she was four months old and was proven to be terrifyingly apt at mimicking anything she saw another psi do, indicating that she had a vast amount of potential. Hence, Rachel spent her earliest childhood at the mansion where all the psis had a hand in making sure her development was a problem-free as possible, although the Professor also installed a psychic circuit-breaker to prevent her from developing too quickly. When she was four, she relocated to Muir Island with her parents.

The year she was supposed to turn seven, Rachel was kidnapped and brought to Genosha where she was put through the mutate process. The Professor’s circuit-breaker was broken and her abilities were ramped up to a point where it was impossible for her physical body to sustain them. As a result, she was converted into a creature of pure psionic energy, appearing to all onlookers to have been killed.

Age of the Apocalypse

[2013 – 2018]

As a psionic being, Rachel transcended into the Psionics|Astral Plane]], formless and unaware, still locked in the shock of her transition. She ended up tagging along with the X-Men as they are returned to the United States, where the Professor managed to locate her and revert her back to physical form to be returned to her parents.

A year after the Genosha debacle, Apocalypse attacked New York City. In Rachel's new reality, the X-Men failed to defeat him and roll back his forces and Day Zero turned out to be no more than the opening salvo of a war that eventually grew to encompass the world. Following the murder of Professor Charles Xavier and a number of key X-Men personnel, the X-Men were forced to retreat from the mansion, and eventually, North America as Apocalypse’s forces seized control. To avoid execution, the remaining mutants took up residence on Muir Island, which was converted into an armed camp and refuge for free mutants – a secret tightly held by the British. Small teams of resistance fighters operated inside North America, using Muir as their headquarters and employing guerrilla tactics to undermine Apocalypse’s holdings. Their efforts resulted in hits and misses, and for every dent they made to the enemy forces, many of their own perished.

In the face of such turmoil, Nathan and Moira felt it prudent to start Rachel's training early. She began structured academic lessons with her mother’s best friend and colleague, Professor Nathaniel Essex, while her parents oversaw the development of her telepathic and telekinetic powers. However, Rachel was kept away from the war, and they cocooned the child away from further traumatising events. This allowed her to grow up in relative normalcy, the war nothing but a distant worry that often creased the foreheads of the adults around her. She was a happy child that was doted on by all and wanted for nothing, and she saw the island as her home and playground.

Meanwhile, other nations around the world marshalled their own mutants alongside conventional weapons, or unleashed programs designed to stop any would-be mutant revolts. Asia, Europe and African unleashed Sentinels to scour their own borders for mutant sympathisers, executing any who refused to register for service. Pitched battles over the Atlantic became commonplace as Apocalypse tightened his grip and consolidated his forces.

Having inherited her parents’ inquisitiveness, however, Rachel could not be kept entirely in the dark for long. There were only so many times her questions could be rebuffed, after all, when there were injured and dead being transported to the island in a near-constant stream that only seemed to flow faster as time passed. When she was nine, Moira sat down with her and patiently explained the global situation to her. The redheaded child understood what her mother was saying, but failed to appreciate the severity of the situation. Wanting to see first-hand the bleak world her mother was describing and sate her thirst for adventure, Rachel snuck onto a plane with a team of X-Men who were headed to the West Coast Annex to rescue mutants who had gone underground but had been discovered by Apocalypse. She soon learned that things were not as thrilling as she thought it would be when she muddled her way into the middle of a combat situation and almost got decapitated, barely making it back to the plane unscathed. The terrified girl revealed herself to the team that was being led by a gobsmacked Cyclops, telling them that they were abandoning a live free mutant. Using her telepathy, she led them to Shadowcat, the only survivor, who was unconscious and concealed beneath a wrecked car and rubble.

She then returned home to panicked parents and fretting caretakers who vehemently promised her a grounding that would not lift until she was 50.

But Rachel was largely unfazed, and soon (as children tend to do) forgot her terror. She made fast friends with Shadowcat despite their seven-year difference in age and went back to her usual hell-raising ways on the island for another year. However, when she learned that Shadowcat was an ex-student of Xavier’s and was being cleared to go on missions, the young psi was filled with a desire to help, the older mutant unintentionally fuelling that desire by expressing her relief at finally being able to be of use to the cause.

Ten-year-old Rachel requested, argued and pestered her little heart out, expression earnest and large green eyes woefully pleading. She applied herself in class and training, Essex noting with amusement that it was the first time he had seen his little devil so still in class. Eventually, Moira reluctantly consented to her daughter joining the Muir communications team when Rachel showed an unparalleled knack for long-distance telepathic communications with the teams they deployed in America. For a time, the little redheaded terror found great satisfaction in relaying messages and it became a common sight to see the slight figure of a child perched on a stool in the office, dutifully copying down and delivering reports. In the given circumstances, it was inevitable that Rachel gradually gained a deeper understanding of the war, and a closer connection to the going-ons in the battle-ridden areas. When Cyclops died slowly from blood loss on a failed mission, Rachel doggedly stayed in his mind the whole way through as they talked, unwilling to let him leave alone during his last moments. Tears were streaming down her pale face as she gripped her mother’s hand and she broke into sobs when Cyclops slipped away. For several weeks, she brooded, the talkative child unusually silent as she mulled over his last words. The adults worried that she had bitten more off than she could chew, but then she quietly returned to work and eventually to the menace she had always been.

When Nightcrawler and Korvus Rook'shir were rescued and brought to the island as refugees, Rachel made another invaluable friend, and a childhood nemesis. It became obvious very quickly that Rachel and Korvus were not to be left alone together as they bickered constantly and often came to blows. Shadowcat and Nightcrawler tried their best to act as mediators between the two but to no avail – the two simply could not see eye to eye.

The end of a childhood

[2018 - 2022]

Classes with Essex, working with the communications team, arguing with Korvus and spending time with her friends could not retain Rachel’s attention for long. Dissatisfied with listening to information and helping with the injured but not doing anything to prevent those injuries, Rachel put in a formal request to take part in field operations. Naturally, her parents put their collective foot down and she was turned down flat, with everyone else telling her that she was simply too young and inexperienced. In a fit of childish temper, Rachel ran and hid from them.

Unbeknownst to all, an agent of Apocalypse had infiltrated Muir Island, posing as a refugee mutant and a helper in the war efforts. His mission had but two objectives: discover the location of the X-Men headquarters, and lure them to Apocalypse. The agent accordingly seized the opportunity to drug and knock out the little girl before bundling her off to New York City. But there, he discovered too late that Apocalypse had killed his family despite promising their safe return upon his successful completion of the mission. In retaliation, the agent committed suicide after failing to flee with Rachel, preventing Apocalypse from gleaning the whereabouts of the X-Men from his mind.

A telepathic distress call sounded the moment the teenager regained consciousness and the resistance force scrambled together a rescue team to face off with a waiting Apocalypse. Moira and Nathan paid the price for their daughter’s freedom with their lives, and Nathan was tortured in front of a screaming Rachel, buying the rest of the team a diversion and enough time to grab the girl and escape. Rachel may have escaped with her life intact, but the little ray of sunshine was no more. Rachel slipped into depression, withdrawing from everyone and refusing to move from her parents’ room. She blamed herself for her parents’ deaths. Self-disgust and loathing mounted, and anger grew within the teenager’s mind, foolish plans of revenge concocted and discarded as she cried and starved herself into a faint.

It was at this point that Gambit forcibly interfered, donning the mantle of a foster uncle, teacher and mentor as he pushed Rachel to face up to reality. He promised her aid in her vengeance and taught her to channel her overwhelmingly negative feelings towards productivity. He resumed her training, which took on a distinctly combat angle. Everyone else protested, but their complaints were swiftly silenced as Rachel threw herself into the training. She never regained her past enthusiasm for life, but it was enough for most to see that she had regained the will to live, guided by that pressing need to make up for her mistakes and live to see her parents’ deaths avenged. It was at this time that she reached an unspoken truce with Korvus and the two began a tentative friendship.

Rachel proved herself combat-ready when she was 15. She flew a plane out to retrieve a team of cornered X-Men, literally drawing the know-how straight from Psylocke’s mind. There, she shoved back and killed a good number of their attackers, shielded her friends and shepherded them onto the plane and back to Muir. Gambit permitted her to follow him on his next mission and soon she was working in the field, going into combat against Apocalypse’s minions. She was given the code name Revenant and soon made a name for herself as a redheaded terror on the battlefield with unquenchable fury burning in her eyes.

When she was 16 and Korvus 17, their relationship took a romantic turn and Korvus proved to be her rock and resting place amidst the unending storm.

The Secret Weapon


An army of Apocalypse’s cloned mutants put the Atlantic seawall to a final test and shattered it, leaving the rest of the world wide open for his invasion. World leaders made their final decision, ready to turn their arsenals of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons on Apocalypse and on each other if necessary. Gambit led a last-ditch mission to bring down Apocalypse but failed, and the backbone of the final X-Men is broken as his team – which included Rachel’s closest friend and lover – was executed. Those remaining on Muir Island despair, struggling to keep things together and running. Things swiftly fall apart when Apocalypse declared his knowledge of their location, and the world leaders announced their decision to engage in mutual destruction rather than be made slaves to the mutant.

Knowing that an attack on Muir was imminent, Professor Essex revealed a secret to a grieving Rachel. He had developed a secret weapon against a mutant like Apocalypse in the past, but it was never completed as he was forced to abandon his laboratory in New York before it could be used. Holed up in his office for several days, the teacher-student pair hatched a desperate plan to save their world. Essex assured Rachel that he could help break her out of their dimension and move her down the Spiral to an alternate one that was free from Apocalypse’s terrible reign. There, she could recruit fighters willing to join her and save their world. Once she assembled a team, she was to find Xorn – the only mutant powerful enough to send them back in order for them to breach New York City, reopen Essex’s lab and activate the weapon to destroy Apocalypse.

A determined Rachel launched on the mission, breaking through the bonds of physics and into another dimension. The re-corporation process that shifted her from a psionic being to physical form horribly degraded her psionic potential, leaving her still powerful, but hardly the master Omega-level psionic which was once her true potential. She found herself in an unrecognisable world 12 years behind hers, and face to face with people whom she had long accepted as dead.

A New World

Rachel had a hard time adjusting in a world where Apocalypse didn't rule and the people she'd lost or been betrayed by were alive and allies. Her encounter with Korvus - who was dating someone else in this world - was particularly difficult, and after only a couple months at the mansion she took off to begin her mission to find Xorn.

She finally succeeded in August 2013. Xorn agreed to send her back to her old world with a select army to help her fight Apocalypse. And that was when Rachel's world fell apart - almost literally. She discovered that she was, in fact, the Rachel who had been lost in Genosha - Essex had trapped her in a bubble on the astral plane (her "world") in order to use her to save his dead son. Rachel sacrificed herself in order to send the others home, but Xorn saved her, sending her back to the original world, where she was forced to come to terms to the fact that it was her real world and her real parents were still alive.

There was no rest for the wicked, of course. In December she found herself caught up in a demon invasion at the mansion, where her fighting skills came in handy for fending off the attackers.

The End Of The World

Rachel managed to make it through 2014 without any massive disasters, but January 2015 quickly made up for that. It started with the attack on Muir Island, in which both of Rachel's parents were killed along with most of Muir's residents and several X-Men. Following the carnage, she went with a research team to Africa, where they encountered Apocalypse and barely managed to escape. They later fought cyborg dopplegangers of themselves, again barely managing to get away. She later assisted in helping to recover Jean Grey from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and tried to help defend the mansion when The Dark Phoenix attacked. She disappeared in the chaos and was presumed dead.

Phase 2

Back from the dead, again

As always, though, looks can be deceiving. In April 2015, Rachel returned, having spent four months on the astral plane with Haller. She reintegrated easily enough into mansion life, having long gotten used to the weird twists and turns of life and having to deal with parallel universes. She did note some trouble with her telepathy, reporting to Haller that her brain felt "too full" sometimes, but in typical Rachel fashion, she avoided doing anything about it.

After several typical mansion shenanigans, and assisting Quentin Quire in getting his body back, Rachel decided mansion life wasn't for her and got a job with some mercenaries with the help of Wade Wilson. This life suited her much more, and in early 2019, she wrote home to let Angelo know she was going to stay on the road, and wouldn't be back any time soon.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Other Features: A scar of the word 'burden' carved into her right side, as well as various other battle scars on her body.


The price paid for Rachel’s re-corporation was a huge chunk of her telepathic abilities. Her telepathy has been reduced to simple communications and can still serve as a personal radar of sorts that helps her to anticipate attacks and ambushes.

Her telekinetic powers were left largely intact. But as a telekinetic, Rachel has been trained for close combat and utilises her powers in more unconventional ways. Her fighting style involves telekinetic pushes, grabs and shields, and she uses it to boost her physical abilities and increase her throwing accuracy. Gambit taught her a particularly brutal set of applications, focusing on push/pull/crush techniques that are effective on the battlefield, but did little to hone the fine motor control that many telekinetics work with; she can levitate herself, but calling a pencil to her from a desk would more likely result in the table slamming into her and the pencil stabbing her in the eye.


Rachel knows how to fire a gun, but favours using projectiles like darts and throwing stars, which she keeps hidden on herself and directs with her telekinesis. In situations without the 'proper' weaponry, she is known to use playing cards, pebbles and basically whatever she can lay her hands on.


Rachel once replaced Essex's DNA samples with petri dishes of glitter glue.

She loves classical music and likes to claim that she would have become a great musician if the war had not interfered with her life. But then, she also claims that she would have been capable of winning a gymnastics Olympic medal.

Rachel's in-game Twitter handle is @whereshesgone and and first appears in the tweets for an in-game event.

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Player Icon Base: Allison Scagliotti

Meta Trivia: Initially brought into a game as the daughter of two PCs in 2005 and subsequently killed in June 2012 during a plot. About a month later, she was reintroduced by Jillian as an AU version of the NPC.

Rachel is the XP version of the comic character Rachel Summers, game canon having deviated significantly from comics canon