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Maya Lincoln-Lopez decided to give dating a try, asking out a boy from her class at Bayville Charter High after seeking advice on the journals about who should ask whom out. Artie Maddicks took off to Europe for some personal time, unable to handle "too many people wearing dead friends' faces in the mansion". Gabriel Cohuelo also left for a time, travelling to Asia for X-Force reasons, while Warren Worthington took himself to rehab, both to address his drug habits and to begin work on redeeming his public image after the demon possession. An attempt to apologise to Alex Summers for his abuse of Lorna Dane proved more difficult, especially since Warren had trouble actually apologising.

Sharon Friedlander continued her investigation into the Iraqi supersoldier, Qunbala, asking Garrison Kane for help in finding him. And a spate of thefts of magical items and a favour for a friend became a headache for Clinton Barton, with a smuggler called Janet Lyton, mercenaries, portals, an evil magician and a mysterious pocket dimension cum artifact warehouse resulting in the first 'official' mission for the group that would become known as eXcalibur.


Feb 1 -

Feb 2 -

Feb 3 - Darcy invites people to come to watch the Puppy Bowl with her and enjoy puppy themed snacks. Kevin is not impressed by the actual Superbowl.

Feb 4 -

Feb 5 - Miles makes a journal entry in Korean, putting his lessons to good use.

Feb 6 - Alani makes a journal entry looking for help and/or an audience for underwater training.

Feb 7 -

Feb 8 -

Feb 9 - Laurie runs into Kevin on the smoker's porch and snark ensues.

Feb 10 - Maya makes a journal entry detailing how the guy she asked out said yes, and musing about what to do on a first date with him.

Feb 11 - Ty posts to his journal about for his need for pie like his mother used to make. Artie sends Marie-Ange an email saying he’s taking a break to clear his head.

Feb 12 - Gabriel lets X-Force know he’s going to be heading to China for a week or two for intel gathering.

Feb 13 - While shovelling snow, Sharon F.asks Garrison for help with the Iraqi super-soldier program.

Feb 14 - Bobby wishes the mansion a happy Valentine’s Day.

Feb 15 - Warren lets the mansion know he’s headed to rehab for a while. Natasha shares an article about vodka being made out of iceberg water and has questions. Logan posts to his journal saying he smells snow coming.

Feb 16 -

Feb 17 - Artie posts to the journals with a crosspost from Instagram. Clarice posts to point out that someone bedazzled a Machete, and she’s jealous and wants to befriend them at the same time.

Feb 18 - Topaz announces she’s spring cleaning the library.

Feb 19 -

Feb 20 - Isle of Glass: Felicia lets the various teams know that a series of possibly magical items have been going missing through Europe.

Feb 21 - Maya asks if anyone wants to join her in a local store’s Pathfinder/Starfinder social game.

Feb 22 - Warren and Alex have a... conversation.

Feb 23 -

Feb 24 - Isle of Glass: Amanda provides an update on Felicia’s missing items, confirming that the items are magical and seem mostly to be medieval.

Feb 25 -

Feb 26 - Bobbi takes Nica to a tanning salon so she can power up, given the lack of natural light.

Feb 27 -

Feb 28 - Matt posts a quote from Thurgood Marshall. Isle of Glass: Clint lets xp_teams know that he’s gotten a lead on the magical items thefts from a contact and goes with Everett and Namor to intercept the smuggler at the airport; their target, Janet Lyton, has hired mutant muscle and manages to slip the net while Rachel appears to defuse the situation with the hired mercs (who she’s been working with freelance); Clint asks Domino to trace Lyton’s tracks via facial recognition software and updates the teams on the situation; Clint, Topaz and Matt chase down Lyton but she summons a portal at the last moment, using one of the devices she’s stolen and when backup arrives, Clint, Namor, Matt and Topaz go into the portal while Ev and Molly keep watch; pursued into a kind of pocket dimension full of magical items, Lyton disrupts some kind of stasis spell and frees a magician trapped there, who then stabs her before fleeing from Clint’s group; outside the portal, Molly realises the portal is running on limited time and energy and goes inside to warn the others while Ev remains outside; Topaz tries to comfort a dying Lyton and discovers what she was doing; Clint and his group chase the magician, but Molly reaches them and lets them know they’re running out of time so they bail; driving back to the mansion with Lyton’s body, they discuss what to do with the open portal; Clint emails Doug to ask for translation help of an audio recording of the evil magician they’d found; Topaz emails Amanda to ask for help with relocating the portal and Kyle to complain about the mission; elsewhere, the escaped magician, Mordred, lays plans to recover pages from the Darkhold that Topaz had taken. Felicia makes an instagram post about how she’s done with winter.


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