Jack Hammer

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Jack Hammer
Portrayed by Tom Felton
Known Aliases: Weasel, the Wheeze
Affiliations: Team Wade
Socked By:
Introduction: January 16, 2015

Long term associate of Wade Wilson, Weasel is a man of many talents and able to get almost anything Wade needs.


Name: Jack Hammer

Aliases: Weasel, the Wheeze

Occupation: Hacker and technogeek extraordinaire

First appearance: Never seen on screen, but communicated with Wade via email. January 16, 2015 was the first time.

Family: Unknown


Former college student turned hacker, Weasel met Wade during his final semester at university and blames Wade for the fact that he barely made it out of Cal Tech with his degree intact. (Wade says everybody needs to have some fun. Especially supernerd technogeniuses.) After college, Weasel took an entry-level job with an IT firm but found it boring and began focusing on more illegal (entertaining) activities. He began acting as a tech guy for Wade, becoming the mercenary's go-to for everything from surveillance footage to the handling of his money in all its various places. After finding more success and enjoyment hacking into government servers for fun (and profit!), Weasel quit his day job entirely and began marketing himself as the guy who could get information that was otherwise unavailable. Since Wade’s paying his rent for him, he lets Wade crash on his couch sometimes.

Phase 2




Phase 2


PB: Tom Felton

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