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Wade Wilson
Portrayed by Jensen Ackles
Known Aliases: Deadpool
Affiliations: Formerly X-Force
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Introduction: xp_deadpool

After a rough childhood, military service, mercenary work, and involvement with Weapon X, Wade wound up with a funky healing factor that he doesn't understand. In an effort to figure it out, he sought help at the Muir Island Research Facility and transferred to Xavier's for further testing concerning the gene therapy used to augment his mutation. After the end of the world he left the mansion and has since returned to his mercenary roots.


Character Journal: xp_deadpool

Real Name: Wade Winston Wilson

Codename: Deadpool

Aliases: Jack, Merc, Merc with a Mouth, formerly Chiyonosake ("the Wolf of the Rice Wine"), Chatterbox, Tom Kruse, Obi-Wade Tacos, Wademan, and others.

First Appearance: February 5, 2011

Date of Birth: August 14, 1960

Place of Birth: Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Citizenship: Canadian

Relatives: Thomas Wilson (father; deceased), Hailey Wilson (mother; deceased)

Education: High School Diploma. BA in Medieval Warfare with a focus on the Indian Subcontinent (thesis on use of elephants in battle), minor in Spanish & sign language. (Note: Higher education/degrees acquired while working with XF/SV.)

Relationship Status: Previously dating Marie-Ange Colbert and Doug Ramsey (OT3)

Occupation: XF Security Specialist, Mercenary

Team Affiliation: X-Force


Phase 1


Wade W. Wilson was the product of an abusive, yet somewhat happy, home. The odd juxtaposition came from the fact that his father was in the military and, quite frequently, wasn't home. When Thomas Wilson was home things tended to get dodgy and Wade's mother attempted to keep him out of it as much as possible. She couldn't keep him from opening his mouth when he saw the bruises on her arms or the black eye she often sported when his father was home, though, and so she grew progressively less able to protect Wade as he developed the need to protect her. It was during one of his father's away trips that Wade's mother was diagnosed with an advanced form of breast cancer. She fought hard, but she wasn't able to hold on and that left a twelve year old Wade to deal with his father's ever more violent tendencies, especially after he left the military so he could raise his son.

They argued about everything from what Wade was going to eat at school to who he would take to prom and what he'd do with himself once he graduated. He had no desire whatsoever to follow in his father's footsteps - what good would becoming a mean drunk do? When Wade said as much to his father while attempting to get the man out of a local bar a fight erupted. He was only seventeen. He hadn't meant to kill the man, obviously, but years of abuse translated to a violence that left the elder Wilson with injuries from which he just couldn't recover. The authorities couldn't quite be sure what had happened, given the nature of Thomas’ injuries, so they started an investigation. After several weeks of being put through the ringer, the police decided that Wade had done nothing more than defend himself and Wade got saddled with the responsibility of figuring out funeral services. It turned out that funerals were really difficult to pay for when your father’s life insurance had to go to paying off various gambling debts he’d accrued.

Military Service

One of his father's old friends offered some help and there was a lawyer in town, a man who'd been friends with his mother when she was much younger, who was nice enough to see to most of the legal issues associated with the Wilson family estate, such as it was. Just a few months from turning eighteen, the lawyer friend offered to take over legal custody of Wade until he’d reached adulthood. The old time army man suggested Wade consider the military as a feasible way to make ends meet until he could get his feet under him. And hey, the military even offered to pay for further schooling after he got through a couple years worth of service.

Seeing no other options, Wade followed the man's advice and joined up as soon as he turned eighteen, showing an aptitude for the slightly shadier side of the job. He excelled at black ops and began moving his way up through the chain of command until he did something a little too shady and wound up getting court marshaled in 1989. He maintained that the man he killed was a bastard - he’d seen the footage of what the man did to girls in his basement.

Those girls were definitely not of consenting age and anyway, they didn’t look like they were consenting. If not for that camera, everyone would have just assumed he got shot in the crossfire of a particularly violent gang fight - Wade just hadn’t realized that the city was putting a camera in that spot that day. The most damning piece of information being, of course, that the man he killed was a high ranking diplomatic official. Wade’s proud of the fact that he got the latest girl out of the man’s basement before the cops showed up, but diplomatic immunity’s a bitch.

Wade was taken into custody without a fight fairly soon after he killed the diplomat and was actually en route to the holding facility when he escaped. They'd put him in hand and ankle shackles, but underestimated his training. He was able to overpower the guard riding in the back with him and got the keys to the shackles from him. Once he'd secured the guard in those selfsame shackles, he simply waited for the van to slow as they rounded a corner and opened the door at the back. He jumped out and rolled, landed in a ditch, and then quite literally ran. It was easy to lose his inevitable pursuit in the city and, from there, he made his way to less densely populated areas to avoid detection.

Escaping custody turned out to be the easy part of this whole fiasco - the hard part wound up being trying to figure out what to do after he was free. He went to a friend he’d served with who was doing some mercenary work to ask for help.

Mercenary Life

The friend got him involved in a job he was working on and from there Wade stuck with it - he was good at killing people, after all. This worked for him for several years, Wade having developed two rules that seemed entirely obvious to him - never hurt a woman and never hurt a child. If he ever needed a new identity, he’d just take his mark’s once he’d finished the mission. He only did that when absolutely necessary - like when he’d made a particularly vehement enemy. Generally speaking, mercenary work suited Wade well since he could stick to his own code of morals and so long as he got the job done he got paid.

Wade did several stints in war-torn countries, fighting for one faceless employer after another before moving on to a new part of the world. He moved from South America to Asia and back again, dealing with minor dictators and rebels alike, before returning to Canada in 1992 after an enemy got a little too close to his cover in Columbia and took on the identity of yet another former mark - a military man with a background similar to his own. The role suited him well for obvious reasons and Sherwood Park, Alberta was a convenient city to use as a base of operations.

Hairy, Cancerous Situation

Wade went in for a routine physical, having experienced more fatigue than usual on the job in South America. A few tests later and he was told his red and white blood cell counts were low, so they wanted to do some more extensive tests. He didn’t entirely understand all the medical speak, but the tests told the doctors that his lymphocyte count was high and, after doing a blood smear, the doctors were fairly certain they knew what was wrong with Wade. A preliminary diagnosis was offered, but his doctors wanted to be absolutely positive, so they did a bone marrow biopsy and the results were conclusive - Wade was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia.

Considering his symptoms weren’t actively interfering with his daily life, though, Wade’s doctor decided to simply have him come in for regular blood work and to monitor the progression of the disease. This allowed Wade to continue his mercenary work, which pleased him, since it’s what paid the bills. After a few months, though, Wade contracted bronchitis and had to go in for treatment. It turned out that the HCL had progressed more rapidly than expected, making him more susceptible to infections.

Weapon X

While considering his treatment options, Wade was approached by Weapon X. They’d apparently been tracking him since early in his military career when they’d discovered he had the x-gene. They didn’t seem to mind that he’d killed the diplomat back in the day and they weren’t too fussed with his mercenary past, either. When they offered him a treatment option that didn’t involve chemotheraphy Wade decided he didn’t have anything to lose and if Weapon X didn’t work out he could always go back to his doctor and get the regular treatments.

Given the dormant state of his x-gene, Wade was an ideal candidate for some of the more experimental procedures the program hoped to test. The program worked to trigger the manifestation of his mutation, which wound up being a fairly low level healing factor. However, because of the timing of his manifestation, his condition at that point was what the healing factor registered as normal. The doctors in the Weapon X program hypothesized after several forms of treatment failed to eradicate the malignant cells from his blood, that this meant the cancer would never get worse - it just wouldn’t get better, either. The program directors didn’t deem this information Wade needed to know, though, and so they never told him.

Once he’d been cleared by the head officials, Wade began taking part in the Weapon X program more fully. They tested his healing capabilities and wound up using gene therapy to augment his healing factor. After accomplishing this, they found that he could heal minor cuts fairly quickly without much trouble.

Along with their theories about his inability to never be cancer-free, the doctors in the program never told Wade that the scars he accumulated during training were irregular for someone with a healing factor - especially an augmented one. They did some research into the matter, but decided it wasn’t as important as working on other augmentations.

His new healing factor dealt with the introduction of some highly infectious diseases to his body, though they took longer to get rid of than the doctors initially expected. Wade was also tested to see what types of foreign substances he could resist and it turned out that the healing factor lent itself to a remarkable immunity to poisons as well as narcotics, though incredibly high doses were still somewhat effective. Augmentation through more gene therapy followed, including but not limited to increased agility, speed, and strength.

During a routine training exercise in 1995 Wade killed a fellow operative in self-defense and, after being contained, was deemed too high a security risk for the program. With his ultimate failure within Weapon X Wade was shipped to an institution run by the program and told he’d be held there for just a short period of time. However, attendants were given the order to kill him and, unfortunately for them, Wade's training was far too ingrained and the augmentations done during his time with Weapon X far too effective - he made a quick, if bloody, escape and once again found himself on the run.

Return to His Mercenary Ways

Wade went back to the one thing he'd consistently been good at - mercenary work. He took jobs where he could get them, stealing his first new mark’s identity so that he’d be completely free of any association with Weapon X. He had no doubt that, given his escape from their facility, they'd be looking for him. After that, Wade worked a combination of private protection, general security, and assassination, sticking mainly to the first two, as they required a little less work on his part.

In 1999, after a brush with people he believed to be from Weapon X, Wade decided that a few out-of-the-country jobs would do him some good, so he accepted an undercover contract in Japan and spent three years infiltrating a Tokyo crime syndicate. However, having finally gotten to the point where he was trusted enough to actually accomplish the hit, Wade found himself unable to go through with it - he’d come to respect the man he was meant to kill, found they had similar views on multiple fronts, and kind of had a major crush on the guy’s daughter.

In short, according to Wade’s own slightly shady morals, his mark didn’t actually deserve to die. So Wade walked away from the contract after warning the man and didn’t look back. After that experience he began what he termed his new ‘discretionary mercenary’ phase, one that saw him vetting possible targets rather than simply going after them for the pay alone. He stuck with his cardinal rules concerning women and children, returned to North America in 2002, and resumed regular mercenary work focusing almost exclusively on protecting people from men like himself.

Generally, the next eight years were fairly good for Wade. He experienced chronic fatigue, but it was never something that interfered with his life or chosen activities, so he didn’t worry about them overmuch. However, after a mission to Argentina in 2010, Wade had another period of extreme exhaustion and decided to speak to someone official about it - his healing factor was supposed to be super awesome or something, so why did he get so damn tired?

In June of 2010, Wade’s doctor admitted that he just didn’t have the information or resources necessary to figure out what, exactly, had been done to Wade during his time with Weapon X. Rather than give up entirely, though, the doctor referred Wade to the Muir Island Research Facility and Wade made the trip there hoping they could tell him exactly what was going on. The doctors at Muir Island suggested that he speak with Dr. McCoy given his knowledge of genetics and Wade agreed to the transfer to the mansion.

Mansion Life


After having his brain thoroughly poked and prodded by Professor Xavier, Wade made the trans-Atlantic flight in late January, made some arrangements once he got Stateside, and turned up at the mansion in early February 2011. He made an immediate impression, hitting on most of the women (and some of the men) in his particularly amusing way. He immediately secured himself a few minions in the form of Kevin Ford, Meggan Szardos, and Klara Prast, and several admirers, including Tabitha Smith (who was very confused by his flirting), Vanessa Carlysle, Warren Worthington and, when she returned to New York, Marie-Ange Colbert. He was not all about the flirting, however, becoming a mentor of sorts to Molly Hayes (after a literal run-in) and with the troubled newcomer Matt Murdock - Phase 1. His generosity was as large (and as strange) as his personality, culminating in the purchase of a moose called Daisy for Molly.

It was not all clear sailing for the "merc with a mouth". A run in on the journals with an over-protective Amanda Sefton, concerned about how Wade was encouraging his minions to hook up, made things a little awkward, with Meggan standing up to her older sister for a change. With the knowledge of Meggan's background as a circus freak, Wade took it upon himself to go to Germany and kill those responsible, under cover of a prison riot. And Wade's leukemia, the reason he had come to the school in the first place, continued to defy treatment, despite Jean Grey and Hank McCoy's best efforts.

His relationship with Vanessa was a complicated one. Sharing a mutual attraction and a similar history, the two (former) mercenaries were drawn together, but Vanessa was put off by the uncertain and erratic mercenary life he would eventually return to and his condition worried her. Eventually, they agreed that they would be better as friends - without the benefits and Wade began officially dating Marie-Ange while Vanessa and Warren became an item. Marie-Ange's ex, Doug Ramsey, was unhappy about the situation at first, but began to reluctantly admit he liked the new man in her life.

Besides the unfortunate 'accident' that befell the Grgics, Wade lent his assistance to X-Factor, when they needed a safe place to house the daughter of a brothel owner who was being used as leverage against her mother; and also to X-Force, when they went up against the Winter Soldier. Wade and Sarah Morlocke provided the muscle and managed to take down the brainwashed former CIA agent with a combination of violence and karaoke.

Not long after returning from Russia, Wade decided to head back to Muir to get another round of treatment for his leukemia, and from there, do some traveling while he recuperated. He didn't forget his friends back at the mansion, however, and has been sending various letters and gifts along the way.

Returning to the Mansion

After receiving further treatment, Wade returned to Xavier's in August 2011, shortly before his birthday. He picked up where he left off: bringing gifts for many of the residents, taking - Phase 1| Matt out to pick up new clothing, helping Sarah V. with studying for her driving lessons, amongst other things. Through what started as a harmless joke with Kyle, a panicked Wade worried that he might actually have been Kyle's biological father. Warren informed him that Vanessa was missing and Wade began to help out in the efforts to track her down and bring her home.

As Hallowe'en drew closer, Wade began to make plans for a party, complete with a corn maze, a hayride for the students, and other such festivities, which took place at nearby Stonewall. Unbeknownst to him and everyone else, however, a magical talisman on the property caused havoc, making most of the party goers to take on the persona of their costumes. Wade himself, dressed as a cowboy, became Earl Montgomery, getting into a fight with Warren's Robin, Earl of Locksey persona, and also trying to kidnap Adrienne, believing she was his fiancée. The chaos came to an end when Nico arrived and destroyed the talisman. Some of them retained certain abilities following the event, with Wade being able to still use a lasso as long as he was wearing his cowboy hat.

Wade took part in Amanda's healing spell to revive Vanessa, which was successful but took the good out of all of those who helped out. He later taught Adrienne how to pick locks, and also helped one of the newer students, Korvus, with working on some of the cars in the garage and tuning them up. For Thanksgiving, Wade organized a celebration of the holiday for those left in the mansion, complete with a deep fried turkey and lots of football to be enjoyed by all.

When concerns were raised about mutant kids being forced to help rob banks, Wade joined in the investigation of those robberies and helped Doug to break into a bank in order to free the latest unwilling accomplice, Maddie. They brought Maddie back to Xavier's, alerting Jean and Haller to assist in dealing with the confused girl.

After Artie got picked up by the police for loitering and trespassing, Wade got a call from him to pick him up. He got Sam to come along, since his truck was blocking his way out, and the pair of them rescued Artie from the detachment in record time, thanks to the very fast driving of Wade, much to Sam's chagrin.

Forever Young

In early 2012, Wade was present at the Brownstone when a Kick-enhanced Thomas Glorian accidentally caused the inhabitants of the building to revert back to the mental age of sixteen, Wade included. Remy, who was thankfully absent at the time, tracked down Glorian and brought him back, where Emma was finally able to undo the effects of Glorian's powers. While they were still mentally sixteen Wade played video games with a similarly affected Doug and shopped for bell bottoms with David North, only to accidentally be shot by North, at which point he "realized" he had a healing factor.

Wade volunteered to chaperon a school trip organized by Parents, Family and Friends of Mutants, which suffered from the field trip curse and turned into a real nightmare when a number of persons quickly and violently manifested mutant powers in a matter of minutes. With the help of Molly and Pixie, he minimized the damage a grossly over-muscled man was capable of inflicting after his unexpected mutation.

Later, Wade blew up a shack in Minnesota with North, began a Taco Tuesday tradition with Lorna Dane, and taughtAngel how to make Molotov Cocktails. He continued in his role of mentor when he accompanied Sarah Vale to her practical driving exam, offering to teach both Meggan and Catseye how to hotwire cars, and teaching Maddie how to pick locks. He also received official word from Moira MacTaggart that he was not, in fact, Kyle's biological father.

Genoshan Conflict

After Xavier's students, teachers, and chaperons go missing during a rally outside the Genoshan embassy, Wade worked with X-Force and X-Factor to infiltrate Genosha in an effort to retrieve those taken from the embassy. Unfortunately, the Genoshans expected Xavier's to do something like that and prepared ambushes for the various groups sent to work in the country. His healing factor came through for him, though, after Wade was forced to jump from a fourth story window, leaving Doug behind - he was declared dead, but revived and killed the ME before disappearing into the city and meeting up with Jean-Phillipe Colbert. Luckily, they weren't the only people from Xavier's to avoid arrest and, on their way out of the city, they managed to pick up Matt, Fred, and Megan.

In the Genoshan bush, Wade and his collection of escapees meet up with three other groups who evaded capture as well as a Genoshan bushman named Jayresh Patel. After convincing Jayresh to take them to his refugee camp but before actually making it to the camp, Wade works with others in the group to take out a Genoshan Magistrate patrol, killing the commanding officer himself and allowing Emma to wipe all traces of their presence from the memories of the survivors. When the camp was attacked by Genoshan forces, Wade protected Matt while coordinating with Emma to get everyone out of the area. From there, they made their way to Petrova.

Once inside the city, Wade helped mount an attack against the Citadel by taking out the tank laager with Emma, Kyle, Jubilee, and Warren only to run into Mutate 42 - Laurie. After subduing her and the rest of the forces arrayed against them, Wade and the others shut down power to the Citadel. They moved on to confront Thomas Moreau, where Wade helped to destroy Moreau's mini-guns/rotary cannons and death spores.

Post Genosha

Upon returning to New York, Wade disappeared with Marie-Ange for a few days to recoup, only to be called out of hiding when Matt and Molly disappeared from the mansion. He asked X-Force for assistance in locating them and sent them back to Xavier's with Wanda. Trying to get back into a normal groove, Wade helped Molly surprise Doug and got in touch with Lorna to revive their Taco Tuesday tradition. His attempts to draw Cammie out of her shell proved futile - and won Wade some intense disapproval from X-Force - when he lifted her class ring from her room. However, he does manage to touch base with her at one of her fight nights, where he offered to pick up where her last martial arts teacher left off.

After North OD's, Wade decided to help in his own, special way - by threatening to throw North off the roof of Xavier's if all he really wanted was to die. Understandably, this caused a rift between the two men which was only mended months later when Wade contacted North after the events of Sonatorrek and asked to spar with him in an effort to work out some of his frustration over Marie-Ange sleeping with Thor (and others) on the mission. Luckily, working out his aggression seemed to do wonders for Wade, at which point he tracked down a fair bit of Thai and took it all to Marie-Ange, who'd been avoiding him.

The rest of the fall, leading up to Thanksgiving, was uneventful for Wade and the holiday season was enjoyable. He fried turkeys for the mansion residents, cleaned out the pantry in the kitchen for Lorna with Kyle, and went halvsies on ferrets with Lorna for Angel's birthday. Unfortunately, X-Force was lured into a trap of sorts that resulted in the brownstone being attacked by the Serpent Society. Marie-Ange was injured and Wade decided to spend more time in the city. He did, however, manage to leave his usual round of odd and amusing Christmas gifts for friends around the mansion and in the brownstone.

Another Year Has Come And Gone

2013 was, for the most part, an uneventful year. Wade was pulled into a few minor dramas - once when Molly lost all of her memories since Geonosha, causing her parents to arrive at the mansion before attempting to take her away, and again when Artie found himself in hot water with Arcade in Atlantic City.

The rest of his time was spent either in NYC or at the mansion, alternately making friends, feeding people, and good-naturedly terrorizing his minions. In August, he celebrated his 53rd birthday with Marie-Ange by going to 25 different taco trucks and restaurants throughout the city, then kidnapped Marie-Ange for her birthday a few days later.

After celebrating National Taco Day with Doug in September, Wade found himself in possession of an authentic Tommy Gun which he showed off to Marie-Ange via text message. He also checked with Doug to see about tracing the weapon's serial number. He finished up another restoration project with Logan and Korvus before buying a very unique coffee table off Craigslist.

Wade managed to avoid any and all potential Halloween hijinks, though early November saw him purchasing some very interesting weapons with David North. He wrapped up Thanksgiving by deep frying turkeys for the mansion and brownstone residents, as has become tradition. Wade closed out 2013 by traveling to Madripoor with X-Force on a mission to recover Illyana's bloodstones.

Uncanny Echoes

The year proceeded in typical Wade Wilson fashion, making friends with new people (such as Cecilia Reyes), and getting into trouble with old friends (namely Jean, when a poorly thought-out prank on Scott went horribly wrong and resulted in Wade switching to Cecilia has his primary doctor). He also began a quest with Doug to try every single item on the menu of Catseye's new restaurant, Deli-CAT-essen. In March he rented an island for spring break, inviting everyone who was interested to join him, and he also bonded with Rachel Kinross-Dayspring. In June he attended a Red-X charity event and got into a bidding war with Arthur Centino over Cecilia (Wade lost, amazingly). He made up for it by texting Arthur and letting him know what would happen if he hurt Cecilia.

In October he assisted in an X-Force mission to rescue the kidnapped Laurie Collins and Hope Abbott. The mission was not a success and ended with Wade getting his insides microwaved - the recovery was not pleasant and involved eating a lot of yogurt.

After Garrison Kane received word from a contact about something involving Weapon-X, Wade teamed up with the Mountie, David North, and Logan in an attempt to figure out just how operational the supposedly defunct program was. After finding Kyle Gibney and finding out that his parents had been taken, the four men pursued Arkady and Dr. Cornelius to a remote laboratory in the Canadian Rockies, only to find more questions than answers when they found Mrs. Gibney's remains and were attacked by two ferals. They had a run-in with Deathstrike while attempting a strategic retreat, lost Dr. Cornelius to her, and then watched as she and her team destroyed the ferals before the X-Men arrived to extract them.

It's the End of the World As We Know It

December 2014 just got worse, though, as an old acquaintance of Wade's accepted the contract on Wade put out by Weapon-X and came after him by shooting his friends. While recovering from Bullseye's visit Clarice dropped Arthur Centino in his lap - almost literally - and he had to call for help from the medlab. Then January 2015 rolled around and suddenly the Brotherhood was blowing up Muir and Jean Grey was blowing up the Brotherhood. Apocalypse showed up in Egypt, his riders having contributed to the circumstances that led to Matt's death on Muir, and Wade was part of a team that tracked down Apocalypse's location before working to find out what his plans were.

When a manifestation of the Phoenix Force destroyed Visakhapatnam, a city with a population of about two million, the Indian government demanded that Xavier hand Jean over for trial - her crime? Genocide. They forcibly took Jean after the X-Men located and contained her with a power suppressor. This led to a three-pronged strike in India to get her back. Before leaving, Wade sent out several emails to various people including Weasel with various instructions for what to do if he didn't return. Upon returning to the mansion, the survivors of the retrieval mission found the mansion under attack.

Reacting quickly, they attempted to assist their embattled friends - only to fail. The Dark Phoenix rebuffed foray after foray, leaving the mansion's forces scattered, injured, and disheartened. Jean stopped the Dark Phoenix but the world was ultimately too damaged to survive - only Xorn arrived and stitched things back together, using bits and pieces of other universes to make up for the death and destruction caused by the Dark Phoenix. Wade discovered Molly had disappeared and was presumed dead along with several other students and did not handle it well.

Phase 2

You Were Standing There

After accepting a position as a security analyst with Snow Valley, Wade left the mansion shortly after everyone began settling into their brave new world. He and David North traveled to South Sudan, where they picked up contracts on a several people and then killed them. Later, he traveled to New Orleans to meet up with Marie-Ange Colbert after receiving a phone call from her requesting his presence. While there, Marie-Ange had a vision involving the skyline of Las Vegas just before two crows turned up outside the house where they were staying, so Wade called Scott Summers, who was on vacation there with a few other members of the team, to warn them that something bad might be going down.

Upon returning to the mansion, he discovered that Molly Hayes had not, actually, been killed and they reunited. New faces continued to appear at the mansion, some easier to handle than others, but he continued to work through his issues. Wade met a few new students, including Roxanne Washington, Xavin Majesdane, and Alison Blaire while also having a few journal exchanges with others, like Tabitha Smith and Quentin Quire. He discovered Felicia Hardy's appreciation of David North's physique and decided to assist her however possible in gettin' some of that.

The mercenary was also involved in the search for several stolen pieces of artwork after X-Force was alerted to thefts as well as the murders that had gone along with them. He, along with the rest of the team, confronted the person behind the thefts and discovered there was something a lot bigger than just art heists going on. When David North went missing, Wade went to help rescue him from HYDRA, and a few weeks later was caught in a magical time loop. In October he literally walked through fire to help rescue one of Amanda's students from being burned alive, and wrapped up a year of rescues by responding a psychic distress call Emma received and rescuing five of her clones.


2016 was a little quieter, if only just slightly. The highlight of the year, Operation: Mutant Massacre, prevented a mutant terrorist attack at Penn Station. On the less thrilling side of life, Wade found himself trying to keep Maya Lincoln-Lopez out of trouble more and more when her less-than-pleasant disposition led to her having several negative interactions with mansion dwellers. For the most part, though, things were surprisingly quiet for the former mercenary. Just the way he liked it. This streak continued into 2017, although Laurie Collins ended her relationship with Doug Ramsey, [Marie-Ange Colbert]] and Wade, reducing the OT4 to a OT3.

When Clea Lake joined X-Force in 2018, Wade took it upon himself to increase security in their building, to ensure her safety and in March 2018 he participated in a raid on FSB facilities to secure a stolen WMD. His responsibility for Maya lead him to assist when the kids were trapped in a VR game and his paranoia lead him to take further steps to protect "his" people, asking Jean to remove specific memories and asking Molly Hayes to take care of Maya should anything happen to him.

In May 2018 Wade suffered a bout with radiation poisoning in the wake of a mission to stop a rogue android, but he had little time to rest when team-mate Kevin Sydney was temporarily killed during an investigation. Wade and David North continued the investigation Kevin had begun, revealing the existence of a nuclear bomb hidden in New York. The punches kept on coming - in July 2018 Molly was one of several impacted by a curse, and many of X-Force were injured recovering Topaz from the Destine Clan, including Marie-Ange, who lost an eye and Doug, who developed pernicious anemia. There was no time to help them recover, however - a week later Wade was forced to go to Argentina to check on several contact who had gone quiet, the date of his return unknown.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Wade has scars in places where he's been seriously injured despite his healing factor - so he's got a puckered scar on his side (courtesy of a man who stuck a pole through him in Zaire), several longer knife wounds to his forearms (from when a woman tried to knife one of his clients in Columbia), and one gash on his left thigh (thanks to falling out a window in Georgia). He also has a smattering of discolored spots on the left side of his back from automatic gunfire - his healing factor closed them up a bit better than the others.


Wade’s original mutation was dormant but, after a forced manifestation, turned out to be a low-level healing factor that - through Weapon-X sponsored augmentation - became highly effective. The regenerative qualities of his healing factor allow him to regrow limbs and organs, though the process takes much longer than a small cut or even a bullet hole would. Usually he can heal a flesh wound within minutes, though a puncture wound would take closer to an hour or so depending on how deep it went. Broken bones take several days to heal while organs often heal within a few hours depending on how extensive the damage is. If Wade were to lose an arm it would take him a week or so to regrow it completely while fingers can regenerate within a few hours. Additionally, those same regenerative qualities keep him from suffering from the natural ailments associated with advanced age, so he looks to be in his early thirties rather than fifties.

Wade’s healing factor gives him a natural immunity to diseases and infections while simultaneously rendering normal dosages of almost all toxins and drugs ineffective. It’s possible to get him drunk, but it takes a ridiculous amount of alcohol. It’s also possible to tranquilize him, but again, the dosage must be massive and it wears off without continued application.

It takes longer for Wade’s healing factor to fully heal most things than would normally be expected, especially given the level of augmentation it underwent. This is, in part, because the healing factor is focused on maintaining the status quo within Wade’s body - making sure the cancer stays exactly the same, never dying but never spreading. That takes up a massive portion of the healing factor's effort almost constantly. This is why Wade winds up with scars from wounds that would otherwise have healed without leaving a trace - penetrative wounds need more of the healing factor, but once it gets to the surface/skin, the healing factor refocuses on the cancer, leaving the flesh wounds to finish up their healing at a more natural, if accelerated, pace.

Wade also possesses enhanced agility (allowing him superhuman reflexes, balance, and coordination) and his level of strength, while not superhuman, is equal to that of an Olympic level weightlifter in peak physical condition.

In the Healing Factor's Own Words

Our priorities for today, number one: put cancer in a corner. It's not Baby, it can sit there and think about what it makes us do every day the ungrateful bitch. Two, make sure your heart keeps pumping and all that stuff. I'm totally out of a rent free place if you kick it. Three....relax until you do something stupid like break your own finger to show people how it heals. Moron. After that we've got some hormone stuff to deal with. We have to make sure your libido is up and at 'em so you can stare at pretty girls like an idiot and get fascinated by your own erection if you're ever recovering from a head wound while in a bathtub. If you didn't masturbate you'd just break more fingers to pass the time. Number next: Brains. This is light work because, let's face it, you don't really have much going for you upstairs and what you do have is mostly batshit crazy anyway. After all that tedious stuff it's time to kick back and relax - again. A little sweeping and mopping to keep the place up, catching up on my soaps and spying on the neighbors while they get it on. They always leave the curtains open. Perverts. Oh, where'd I put my popcorn?

If I've got time later I might put some effort into keeping you pretty. You think you're pretty enough anyway. It's not really a priority. If I let your looks go maybe you'll be less of an insufferable ass. Eh... Probably not.

(Abbreviated version:

1. Keeping Cancer in line, damn it.
2. Keeping Wade alive.
3. Non essential organ functionality and systems.
4. Libido.
5. Non-libido hormones.
6. Re-adjusting his brain chemicals to keep him sane-ish.
7. Housekeeping.
8. Afternoon soaps.
9. The neighbor's sex lives.
10. Keeping Wade pretty.)


Knives. Lots and lots of knives. Wade's favorite knife is his Boker Plus Todd Begg Ginger Fighter, Selma, but he has multiple others usually stashed about his person. He's also got a M&P 9 Pro Series handgun that he named Bea Arthur. He's very attached to her.


  • Wade loves Bea Arthur.
  • After making himself comfortable at the mansion, Wade began collecting minions of various sorts. He dubs them thusly:
  • So far, Wade's list of nicknames for people goes like this:
  • Named his laptop Maude after Bea Arthur's character, Maude Findlay. After giving the original laptop a bath on purpose, Wade got a second laptop, which he cunningly named Maude 2.0 and had Sarah Vale protect from future hacking attempts. Sadly, Maude 2.0 suffered a blue screen of death + hardware damage when Arthur Centino popped through one of Clarice's portals and into Wade's living room. His third laptop is named Maude 3.0 because Wade has trouble letting go.
  • Named the sentient coffeemaker in the mansion's main kitchen Desiree.
  • Thanks to the events of What Goes Around, Comes Around, he is able to use a lasso - as long as he is wearing his cowboy hat.
  • In 1989, Wade blew up part of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco, making it snow fortunes while he escaped pursuit.
  • Restored a black '67 Chevy Impala with Korvus Rook'shir
  • Restored a candy apple red '68 Mustang Fastback with Korvus and Logan
  • Also rebuilt an aquatic VW Beetle with Korvus that can be operated on land or in the water.
  • At an unspecified date in the recent past, Wade punched a member of the Westboro Baptist Church and enjoyed it.
  • Purchased a gutted 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 and gifted it to Scott Summers so they could begin resorting it.
  • Purchased a rusted-out 1966 Jaguar E-type for Angelica Jones for her birthday in 2014 with plans to restore it.
  • Wade knows multiple forms of martial arts, some learned while in the military, some acquired afterward just for fun. They include (but are not limited to):
    • Shotokan Karate
    • Krav Maga (Israli)
    • Sambo (Russian)
    • Brazilian Jujitsu
    • Judo
    • Kickboxing
    • Sumo Wrestling
    • US Marine Corp LINE
    • Bojutsu (Japanese Stick Fighting)
    • Dambe/Kokawa (West African Boxing)
    • Odbrana (Serbian)
    • Bokator (Cambodia)
    • Combato (Canada)
    • Kajukenbo (Hawaii)
  • Wade teaches a fair number of the mansion's younger residents various martial arts and works with others to help them learn to use certain weapons.
  • Has begun purchasing cars to restore and auction off for charities in honor of the people who died as a result of M-Day. Obviously, nothing actually connects the person the car is commemorating to the car itself, since he doesn't want to break the world. But Wade knows.

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Socked by: Cai for the mods

PB: Jensen Ackles

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Cai picked Wade up in February 2011 after tinkering with him and his application for basically a year and played him until August 2018. He became a modsock in October 2022 by Cai's request.