Jones Family

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Jones Family
Angel NewPic.png
Portrayed by Scott Grimes and Stephanie March
Known Aliases: Bart Jones and Elizabeth Cross
Affiliations: Angelica Jones
Socked By: Socker Required
Introduction: August 13, 2006

The immediate family of Angelica Jones includes Bart Jones and Elizabeth Cross and a number of aunts, uncles and cousins.


First appearance: August 13, 2006

Bart Jones
Bart Jones.jpg
Bartholomew Jones is in his late 30s, with a shock of red hair that has been steadily falling out over the last few years. A large, muscular man, he was an all-star football player until an injury in college forced him off the team. With his knee mangled, he is now forced to wear a brace and walk with the aid of a cane. He is a photojournalist who lives in New York with his dog, Buddy. Bart is Angel's world and the other way around as well.

PB: Scott Grimes

Elizabeth Cross
Beth Cross.jpg
Elizabeth Cross, divorced from Bart since Angel was 1, remains a friendly and caring relationship with her ex-husband, to the point where she visits frequently when she travels. Also in her late 30s, a slender, blond woman, she's a lawyer who specializes in minority rights related cases – including mutant rights. She was caught up in the Seattle riots but managed to come out unharmed. While she doesn't see her daughter as often as Bart does, they have a warm and loving relationship and share frequent phone calls and emails.

PB: Stephanie March

Other family members: 14 various aunts and uncles – 7 on each side of the family as well as numerous cousins, all boys.


Both Bart and Beth come from large families – in fact, they're both from a set of eight children and every aunt and uncle, but one, has had at least one child.

Phase 2


Phase 1

Thirteen Days (Bart provided shelter for the student evacuees)

Phase 2

In September 2018, Angel discovered Beth was being targeted by anti-mutant groups for her work in mutant legal rights. Despite her mother's objections, Angel insisted on moving back to Seattle to live with her and keep her safe.


Socked by: Socker Required