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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Angelica Jones
Portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll
Codename: Firestar
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: December 15, 1991
Journal: Playing With Fire
Player: Available For Applications

Xavier's graduate, college graduate, firestarter, and self-proclaimed pyro, Angel is a good-natured young woman who refuses to let the many horrors she's witnessed during her time at the school and as an X-Man dampen her sunny personality and outlook on life. She departed for Seattle after hearing that her mother was receiving death threats for her work as a mutant rights activist.


Character Journal: xp-firestar

Real Name: Angelica Nicole Veronica Jones

Codename: Firestar

Aliases: Known as "Angel" (not to be confused with the vigilante).

First Appearance: August 13, 2006

Date of Birth: December 15, 1991

Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

Citizenship: US

Relatives: Jones Family: Bart Jones (father), Elizabeth Cross (mother)

Education: Graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, graduated Columbia University in December 2014.

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student, Generation X Mentor

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Angel grew up in two homes in Seattle…with her dad and her mom, who have been divorced from each other since before she could walk. The two parents are actually on fairly good terms with one another despite the failed marriage and both have done as best they could for their daughter. Her mother, Elizabeth, was a successful lawyer who had custody of Angelica for her early years. However, due to Beth's job requiring travel, Angel ended up living full-time with her father, a news photographer in Seattle. Until her manifestation, Angel's life was relatively normal. Both her parents were supportive of her hobbies and her schoolwork. With both parents coming from large extended families, Angel grew up among a hoard of cousins, mostly boys, and became something of a tomboy as a result.

In August of 2006, while visiting her mother, Angel's powers emerged while driving home from church, igniting her clothing and nearly setting their car ablaze. After ensuring that their daughter was not in any danger, Bart and Elizabeth decided to enroll her at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, having heard about it from the CNN Special. Shortly thereafter, her father relocated to New York for work and to be closer to his daughter.

Phase 1

Living At The X-Mansion

Angel quickly adapted to the school, making many friends, especially the quieter Yvette Petrovic and her roommate, Sooraya Qadir. She became known as a prankster, indulging in prank wars with Kyle Gibney, Forge and Julio Richter, who treated her as 'one of the guys', something she was perfectly comfortable with. This changed when Angel began Noticing boys and an incident under the mistletoe her first Christmas at the mansion resulted in her and Julio dating. She also proved a quick learner with her powers, learning to fly after an accident on the roof.

The school's tendency towards disasters didn't really phase Angel. She bounced back readily from such incidents as the shared dreamworld and the bus hijacking. She embraced the Red X program enthusiastically, glad to help with her powers and after rescuing three people from a fire, she began volunteering at a local fire station, with the intention to become an intern at sixteen. It was the disappearance and presumed deaths of Forge and fellow student Crystal which hit her hard and her welcome upon their return three months later was typically boisterous.

The relationship with Julio ended amicably during Parents' Day, both of them happy to continue as friends. Angel's father became involved in the school's drama during Thirteen Days, offering the school his home as a place for students to stay and from there he became used to Angel's friends and teachers, working with the staff to organise a surprise sixteenth birthday party at the fire station. One thing that did prove hard for her to deal with, aside from the potential death or injury of her friends, was psionics, especially following the chaos of the Shadow King incident. She screwed up her courage to talk to the mansion's psis about her issues, which helped to a degree.

With the departure of Sooraya back home over the summer, Angel acquired a new roommate for the school year in the shape of Yvette, who had become a firm friend over the past year. The two were confidantes, with Angel often helping Yvette with the vagaries of English slang, sometimes to her embarrassment. They also worked together often with Red X, such as going to San Diego to help with rebuilding. Angel was also an unashamed flirt, at one point inadvertently causing trouble between Jay Guthrie and Kevin Ford when she got herself a kiss on the cheek from Kevin and the information later came out during the outbreak of poetic truth telling.

Growing Up

Things began to change for Angel in May 2008. Kidnapped by The Enchantress as part of Baron Zemo's plot to hold the world hostage with his Thermal Gigantinator, Angel experienced her full fire form for the first time and subsequently developed control problems - and a degree of fear of her own powers and what they could do. Two difficult Red X missions - in particular, the one in Sri Lanka, during which she had to stand by and watch people being taken away to be killed as well as facing down Gladiator of the Imperial Guard - further eroded her confidence. A bizarre encounter with a man from another dimension claiming to be her husband only confused her further. It was in this frame of mind that she joined Yvette in the Albanian girl's attempt to take revenge on the man who had kidnapped and sold her, resulting in both girls needing rescue, a grounding, and a police operation ruined.

Both girls had a chance to redeem themselves during Day Zero, when the newly-formed New Mutants were seperated from their chaperone and had to rely on each other to survive the chaos. Angel's fire brigade connections proved valuable as she led them to a fire station to shelter in and obtained radios for communication. In the meantime, her father turned up at the school looking for her; he later wound up talking to Kyle about the X-Men and their role in the incident as well as Angel's performance.

With the disappearances and presumed deaths of Jay, Dani, Garrison and Pete Wisdom, Angel set about a personal project, creating an album of photographs of the missing. The task consumed her and she took several days of time out to recover. When she resurfaced, it was to flirt with handsome new arrival, Julian Keller, who she would eventually end up dating after a New Year's kiss, much to fellow student and rival for Julian's affections, Inez Temple| Inez's disgruntlement. The two even fought over Julian, but quickly made up, realising they had more important things to worry about, like surviving Arcade's Murderworld.

Trainee X-Man

In May 2009, Angel's long-term ambition of joining the team became a reality, with her securing the trainee codename of "Pants On Fire". Her relationship with Julian came to a violent end, when she caught him kissing Esme Stepford (admittedly under psionic suggestion) and the two remained at odds for some time due to various miscommunications. Further stress was added when Yvette was injured by a land mine and Angel took on the task of caring for her roommate upon her return to the school. Gradually things returned to normal over the summer, although in the case of Julian, it took being locked together in Angel's darkroom to manage it. Summer was a busy time for her, with three X-Men missions - manning comms for the Budapest incident, accompanying Jean's team to Brazil to speak to Mariana Machado and interviewing the boy at the root of the powers swap incident - and a Red X disaster in their 'backyard', with two trains colliding and evacuation and toxic clean up required. In addition to her team obligations Angel also found herself as a bit of a mentor to some of the younger students, especially during the New Mutants trip to Malibu, helping Nicholas Gleason sort out his feelings for Catseye and comforting Yvette when her crush Cam turned out to have a girlfriend. She also arranged to move into a grad suite with Catseye shortly before her eighteenth birthday when the catgirl was feeling lonely.

Full Team Member

Angel X-Men2.png

Early 2010 saw Angel being arrested while out for Valentine's Day with Catseye and Yvette, and also helping to stop an air invasion in the Middle East. June was a month of great success for Angel, when she was accepted to Columbia University and also made a full member of the X-Men. She continued to be involved in Julian's life when she knocked some sense into him about wanting to go take care of his old gang leader McPhearson, and then acted as a sort of chaperone when Julian went to LA to work for McPhearson in an attempt to save his family. McPhearson stole Angel's powers, but she was instrumental in taking him down and getting them back.


The year started with Angel's being recruited by Bobby Drake to play a prank on Henry McCoy and then acting as a double agent in helping Hank get prank revenge on Bobby. March saw her travelling to Madripoor with an X-Men team to investigate a lead into the deaths of several members of Alpha Flight that had occurred in the summer of 2009. After being caught up in a gangfight, the team encountered Lady Deathstrike and Angel was badly injured after being controlled by her blood and run into roofs and the ground repeatedly. Still, she considered herself lucky to come home with a sprained wrist and some cracked ribs, especially considering the injuries of her colleagues. And her friends gave her much attention (and presents) while she healed. She even recovered enough by May to participate in a rather unorthodox X-Men Mission when she joined a roller derby team as Dee Stroyer in order to investigate a mutant ring of Kick smuggling.

In July Angel was subjected to a shared nightmare with Yvette, Sarah Vale, and Klara Prast in which she tried to stop Klara and Sarah from being burned at the stake as witches but instead accidentally set fire to a town with her powers. Shortly after the experience, she took a road trip to New Orleans with Kyle, Kevin, Laura, and Jean-Phillipe. The year continued relatively normally - for an X-Man and Xavier's grad, any way - and in December 2011 Angel was excited to announce that she had won a place in a study abroad program. She left for England, anticipating to be gone for several months. While there, she decided to stay on beyond the semester and experience life as a foreign student a bit longer.

Home Again

Angel spent the first three months of 2012 happily living and going to school in England. Upon arriving in the country, she moved in with a fellow student, a girl named Chloe Wright. Angel never quite got around to telling Chloe she was a mutant, as she could never figure out how to start the conversation. In March 2012, while hanging out downtown, Angel and Chloe found themselves caught up in an encounter with a very young pyrokinetic who had significantly less control over his powers. Angel was forced to step in when she realized someone could get hurt, subsequently revealing her powers to her roommate, who freaked out and screamed for everyone gathered to hear that Angel was a monster. Angel ran, finally returning to an empty flat hours later. A slightly panicking Angel called Yvette, who suggested Angel return to the mansion for a little while, to give both Chloe and Angel a bit of space, and to give Chloe a chance to wrap her head around everything that had happened.

Upon returning to New York, Angel easily fell back into mansion life, reconnecting with her old friends, though she didn't stop trying to get a hold of Chloe. When she finally tricked Chloe into answering by using Kyle's phone, the girls talked, and Chloe said she was uncomfortable with the idea of living with a mutant, and she was angry at Angel for lying to her. She also informed Angel she'd told the rest of her friends what she'd seen, making it impossible for Angel to return to England. At the suggestion of Sooraya, she decided that she would continue to try and get in touch with her remaining England friends in the hopes of at least getting some closure on that part of her life.

While cleaning the Blackbird after losing a training session to Scott Summers, Angel met the newest arrival to the mansion - Vance Astrovik. The two hit it off quickly enough, though not without some bumps, as they each touched upon some painful topics in the other's past (namely Angel's abrupt return from England, and the events that led to Vance coming to the mansion). But they managed to smooth over those bumps, and the cleaning of the Blackbird turned into a water fight from which Vance (after some sneaky use of telekinesis) emerged victorious. Angel, however, declared that a "water-related war" had been started - she later got her revenge during spring cleaning, when she dropped water balloons full of various substances (water, mud, Cheez Whiz, that kind of stuff) on his head while he was working on the roof. At the beginning of May, she moved out of the guest room she'd been staying in since returning from England and moved in with Lorna Dane.

Genosha, Aftermath

Angel's return to the X-Men wasn't a quiet one. In May 2012, a group of students and chaperones were kidnapped from a rally at the Genoshan Embassy and taken to Genosha. Angel joined the X-Men in the rescue attempt, working with Sam Guthrie, Terry Cassidy, Warren Worthington, and Lorna as part of the aerial team. Angel was shot down and captured, and put on the mutant train to be sent to Prenova. When the train was derailed by Jenny Ransome, Angel escaped with the others, and went with Kurt, Kyle, Jubilee, and Cammie to the geothermal plant, where she caused a massive explosion in the intake chamber. She joined Lorna, Jean-Phillipe, and David North in destroying the physical plant and taking down Mutate 1337 - Sarah Vale - then assisting in the final battle with the monster Moreau.

Thankfully, there wasn't a boatload of downtime for Angel to stop and think about everything that had happened. She spent most of June and July in summer classes, and at the end of July she helped during the fight to rescue a kidnapped teenage mutant and her brother. In August she joined a group of X-Men in Minneapolis to act as security for an all-mutant concert being targeted by The Purifiers, and three days later she went back to England after hearing that Chloe had disappeared.

The year came to a close on a good - if not somewhat surprising - note when, in November 2012, current New Mutants mentor Tabitha Smith stepped down, and asked Angel if she would be interested in taking over as mentor for the program - she happily accepted.

A Quiet Year

The year started off in typical X-Men style, with Angel joining a team to rescue Garrison Kane and Adrienne Frost after they were shipwrecked on an island that had been settled by Magneto and the Brotherhood. The school year finished up on a quiet note, and she spent most of the summer flying under the radar, enjoying her last real summer before her final year of school. At the end of the summer, she was happy to announce that she would be beginning an internship at the New York Times for the fall semester.

The end of the year brought with it a new round of challenges. When a demon attack on the mansion resulted in the kidnapping of several mansion residents, Angel was chosen as part of the rescue team to go into faux-Limbo and bring them back. While there, she encountered a twisted Callisto, and came off a little worse for wear when Callisto broke several ribs, as well as her right arm. Aware that by the time she healed school would already be well in session, and catching up would be more stress then it was worth, Angel dropped out of Columbia for the semester, resolving to go back in the fall.

And thus 2013 came to a close.


Once the healing was done, Angel was back on her feet and running around the mansion. She took the newest firebug, Johnny Storm, under her wing when she found him trying to fly by jumping off tree, and she befriended Namor Mazur over their mutual love of the water. She spent spring break with him and Catseye scuba diving in Florida.

In April, she joined Red-X in helping to evacuate Avalon when a tsunami threatened the island. She lived a mostly quiet life, enjoying the time off from school and throwing herself more into X-Men training and her job as mentor. In August she found herself on the wrong side of an X-Men mission when the team she joined was nearly killed in Slorenia. August was a ride from start to finish when Angel chaperoned a field trip to a District X art fair all the paintings were brought to life by an out of control mutant. In September she finally went back to school to finish her last semester.

The End and the Beginning

In January 2015, Muir Island was attacked by Magneto and the Brotherhood, and Angel went with the X-Men to try and defend the island. The battle took a turn for the worse, however, when they were ambushed by reinforcements, and many team members went down hard - including Angel. She was nearly killed by Sabretooth, only to be saved at the last minute by Catseye, who was killed instead. Yvette was also killed in the midst of the fight, much to Angel's distress. She was confined to the med lab for recovery as the world slowly spiraled out of control until the mansion itself came under ambush. She tried to help evacuate when the mansion was nearly leveled, but ended up being knocked out by a telekinetic blast.

She woke up again in a group with the rest of the survivors, facing Xorn, who explained that their old universe had been destroyed, along with many others. To make up for the loss, he took bits of the other universes and pieced them together, creating a new world for everyone to live in.

Phase 2

Starting Over

Angel NewPic.png

Angel woke up on the grounds of the mansion with the rest of the survivors the next morning, facing a frightening new reality. She threw herself into work to keep from having to actually deal with anything, taking over cooking for people (as Lorna had also been lost in the battle), and trying to look out for her friends who were in mourning. The influx of students helped Angel with something to focus on, and she threw herself into taking care of them as well. She was part of the X-Men mission to subdue a riot at Ryker's Island, where they were apprehended by the Avengers. She took a vacation with Rogue, Scott, and Clarice to recover from that mission and ended up finding three of the missing students presumed dead after M-Day. She also assisted in the rescue of young Amara Aquilla after her traumatic manifestation.

For the most part she continued living the quiet life, helping students and making friends with the new arrivals. She became very friendly with Clinton Barton after asking him about fish (of all things), and they ended up somehow dating, much to Angel's bafflement (but certainly not displeasure). She also threw herself into a new project - creating a mutant-friendly newspaper to combat the mainstream media's representation of mutants. She recruited several mansion residents to help, and the work began. All and all, not a horrible year.

New Year, New Problems

Angel, for the most part, managed to get through the first half of the year without any massive problems. She and Gabriel didn't speak for several weeks after he discovered she was dating Clint (which was fair, and she deserved it), but managed to repair their friendship. When Julian lost his hands and Jessica resigned as GenX mentor, Angel took over a lot of the mentoring, which resulted in her and Julian bringing on Kyle for help.

In May the quiet came to an abrupt end after the attempted assassination of Norman Osborne by mutants. The X-Men and Miles stepped up to try and protect him, and ended up fighting robots. Actual robots (this universe was awful).

The rest of the year managed to pass quietly, much to her relief. She focused on mentoring, taking care of her friends, and her relationship with Clint.

2017 didn't have the best start to it, unfortunately, when a fight with the magically turned evil Avengers led to Angel being critically injured; her boyfriend's namesake shot three armor-piercing arrows into her side, puncturing her lung and taking out a small bit of liver. The recovery was rough, but there were a lot of painkillers and that helped. Still, it took Angel a few weeks to get back on her feet and back to normal. After, she threw herself more into doing whatever she could to help, including assisting Sooraya with a new firebug living in the Underground. She ended the year in style, celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with movies, pizza, breadsticks, alcohol, soda, and friends.

Saying Goodbye

The first half of 2018 was fairly quiet for Angel, which was a relief. In September, her mother finally told her she had been receiving death threats at her office for several months (due to her work as a mutants rights activist and pro bono lawyer), and they had recently started coming to the house. Angel immediately started packing her bags, planning to return to Seattle and make sure her mother was safe. Her friends were understanding, if not sad to see her go. She departed for Seattle in early September.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 105 lbs

Eyes: green

Hair: red

Other Features:


Angelica can emit microwaves from her body, and use them for a number of effects. The primary effect of her power ignites the oxygen in the air to create a blue flame. Angel herself is immune to the heat and flame her power generates, as well as other sources of regular fire.

Angel can direct this energy to heat objects or, if she tries, set them on fire. She has also discovered how to use her power to create thermal updrafts which enable her to fly and her strength in lifting heavy objects goes up while using her powers.

As a side effect of her powers, Angel can regulate her own body temperature, and is able to comfortably endure environmental temperature changes.

Due to being kidnapped by Zemo, Angel has discovered a second stage to her powers. Instead of a simple fire shield, her body is completely engulfed in blue flames. She can see thermal hot spots, she exudes more heat and flame, the weight she can lift has gone up and her speed in flight has shot up as well.


Before gaining control of her powers, Angel habitually kept a small fire extinguisher nearby in case of powers accidents.

Angel's clothes and bedding are largely made of fireproof cloth developed by Forge.


Angel has described the feeling of her power as "a small dragon in her belly".

Trying to help her former roommate, Sooraya, feel more at home, Angel convinced Doug to tutor her in Dari.

Angel will - and has - tasted almost every kind of food there is and is enthusiastic about experimenting. She will even eat live things, provided she's allowed to spit them out if they wriggle.

For her twenty-first birthday, Lorna and Wade gave Angel two ferrets - Slinky and Twinkie. Their obsession with shiny objects got them into a bit of trouble when they ransacked the mansion less than a week after their arrival, hijacking possessions from several mansion residents. Since then Lorna and Angel have placed a whiteboard outside of their door for residents to report missing shinies.

She acquired a kitten during a drunken escapade with Julian. It was later fondly named Doughnut due to its origins.

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Player Icon Base: Deborah Ann Woll

Meta Trivia

Danielle Panabaker was the PB for Angel until May 2010. Rachel Hurd-Wood served as her PB until March 2013.

Jen introduced Angel to X-Project as a student in 2006 and played her until March 9, 2012. Less than two weeks later on March 20, 2012, Sam apped for her. Sam played her until September 2018, when she finally decided it was time to let the little firebug fly free in hopes that someone else would be able to take up the character and do more with her.