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Pet: Lockheed
First Seen: October 2, 2004

Hatched from an opal-like stone from Asgard that Jamie Madrox won from the dragon Fafnir, and then gave to his girlfriend Kitty Pryde, Lookheed is a baby purple dragon. His unexpected existence caused several mansion residents issues (most notably Illyana Rasputin, whose objections caused the first serious fight between her and Kitty), but for the most part he was accepted as an unusual, but adorable, part of the mansion. He received his name from Jamie.

About the size of a large cat, Lockheed resembled a purple lizard with wings. He became capable of breathing fire as he grew older, and he seemed possessed of considerable intelligence. He could not speak, but communicated through a series of cooing and 'mer' type noises. When he had grown somewhat, Kitty asked Jay Guthrie to teach him how to fly, an exercise which was fraught with humour. Lockheed's most identifying trait was his prodigious appetite - he quickly became friends with almost anyone who gave him food, and he was capable of eating his own body weight in meat.

His favourite people were Kitty, Lorna Dane and Catseye, and for the most part he barely tolerated Jamie, seeing him as a rival for Kitty's attention, although this changed when they teamed up to rescue Kitty from Vlad. When Kitty moved to California, Lockheed accompanied her.


Asgard (plot)

Reavers (plot)

Stoker and Stalkers



Lockheed worshipped Lorna as the Goddess of the Kitchen, where all food was kept. When Alison destroyed the kitchen during the Reavers (plot) attack, he was unable to forgive her for what had happened to the fridge.


Socked by: Cora