Mandelbrot Bound

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


Mandelbrot Bound
Dates run: April 3-4, 2008
Run By: Jen
Read the logs: Mandelbrot Bound

The victim had been placed in the straitjacket, and the motor activated. Thanks to those flanges, it worked a little like a portable rack. It very slowly began to pull her shoulder and hip joints out of position. Each of these dials turns off one of the ratchets. We think the game was to make her try to either get an arm free or bend enough to slip the keys in and turn them. She failed. It would have taken about three hours to fully dislocate the joints, and another two to actually tear them from their sockets, which is how we found her. She would have died from a combination of blood loss and shock.

The FBI is tracking a serial killer in New York, and his strange methodology ends up trapping Garrison, Sofia and Wanda in his web.


Garrison Kane, Sofia Mantega-Barret, Wanda Maximoff

Gamemaster, Fred Duncan


April 3-4, 2008

Plot Summary

The FBI have been investigating a serial killer in New York City. His killings are as random as can be concieved, and only his unique signeture brings them together. Each victim, killed in entirely different ways, is marked at their location by an equation: r(x) = x + θ(mod 1) set inside a set of interlocking lines. The equation has been defined as an irrational rotation, a key element of chaos math. One possible theory is as each killing is different, the killer is implying a Denjoy diffeomorphism, in which the rotations cannot twice map back on themselves. While the main FBI investigation is focused on traditional means, Fred Duncan contacts Garrison Kane, asking him for help determining if there is a mutant connection to the killings.

Kane made his way over to Snow Valley for a consultation with both Sofia Mantega-Barret and Wanda Maximoff. one worrying element of the case is how the victims were killed. It matched tightly hidden elements of their personalities, with Sofia intimating that the killer might have some kind of psychic ability. As for the symbols, Wanda is able to rule out most traditional magic elements, but opens up the idea that a mathamagical solution is a possibility. At her urging, Garrison agrees to take her to the most recent crime scene. There, they are ambushed, gassed and taken to a hidden location.

Wanda woke up in a bizarre atmosphere, suspended from the ceiling by thousands of tiny strings, his hands especially webbed and stilled in a thousand directions. The room is crisscrossed with thousands of the fine wires, a seemingly chaotic spiderwebbed jungle. It has the bizarre effect of bleeding off her powers, as her normal hex abilities drain through the random patterns. In the centre of the room sits a fortish man, whipthin, dressed in white. He introduces himself as Jeremy Stevens, the man that the FBI are looking for; the Gamemaster.

Over the course of her incarceration, Stevens explains his methodology. He's an omnipath; literally his psynaptic activity actually exists outside of his mind, in a wide circle around him. His cgae of wires is his method of controlling filtering his thoughts through thousands of minds at a time. However, over the last several years, his controls have been slipping, random events acting like a tangle in his mind; in short, Wanda. Since the mutant has moved to New York, her powers have accidentially been pushing Stevens over an edge he was already tottering on. The killings are elements of self-correction, but Wanda is the big issue with his powers. By trapping her, he's nullified her effects, but only as long as he holds her.

Garrison, in the meantime, wakes up in a room of a sprawling building. Each room is a deathtrap of sorts, with Stevens' voice mocking him to get to Wanda before he kills them both. Kane made his way through the deathtraps until the final one traps him in a killing grip as Wanda struggled with overcoming her restraints. Fortunately, rescue is at hand thanks to Sofia. She's mapped all of the killings based on the idea of a psychic killer, and run the results through a chaos math analyst she knows, who put together the location from it. She's sent word to Duncan, and arrived ahead of the FBI task force. Her assault shuts down the deathtrap before Kane is killed and they break his pattern enough that Wanda is able to use her powers to destroy his careful cage. Reduced to a gibbering moron from the psychic input, Stevens is left behind for the FBI and Kane as Wanda and Sofia escape into the night.

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Plotrunner: Jen

The Gamemaster is based on the character of Lincoln Meyer from the television show, 'Boston Legal'.