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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Wanda Maximoff (disambiguation).

Wanda Maximoff - Replaced in Phase 2
Portrayed by Carrie-Anne Moss
Codename: 'Scarlet Witch'
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: February 10, 1976
Journal: Wanda Maximoff
Player: (Former) Jen

Wanda Maximoff, daughter of Magneto and twin sister to former Brotherhood of Mutants member Quicksilver, currently a member of Pete Wisdom's Snow Valley team. She might have a chequered history and a quick temper, but she's determined to do what's right. Even if her reformed brother might not agree with her methods. She was killed trying to hold together reality as it broke apart in January 2015.


Real Name: Wanda Maximoff

Codename: Scarlet Witch


First Appearance: September 26, 2004

Place of Birth: Bulgaria

Citizenship: Bulgarian

Relatives: Erik Lehnsherr (father); Magda (mother - deceased); Pietro Maximoff (twin brother).

Education: Masters in Social Anthropology with a minor in Archaeology. Currently doing her PhD. via correspondence with Cambridge University.

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Dr. Stephen Strange.

Occupation: Researcher for Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs

Team Affiliation: X-Force


Daughter of Magneto and a Romani Upbringing

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr first met Magda Maximoff in Bulgaria while he was in the process of hunting down a Nazi fleeing the tribunals. While Magda was 20 years his junior, it was hard for her not to fall for the charisma and steely intelligence, as it was hard for him to ignore her beauty and spirit. They were wed within months and she soon left her caravan for the first time. When Magnus first reveled his powers to his wife, it was during an attack from the former Nazi that Magnus had been tracking down. In the ensuing firefight, Magnus believed Magda and his infant twin children shot and killed. In his rage, Magnus lashed out with his magnetic powers and had killed their attackers in a rather gruesome way. Magda, who later described the power as if he had reached out the sky and used the lightning on the metal (it had been storming rather heavily that evening), fled the scene, fearful for the safety of her children. She eventually met up with her caravan nearly a year later in Poland and it was then decided to head to England, in case Magnus decided to follow.

Having grown up with her mother's Rom caravan and knowing who her father was, and is, she struggled to find her own place in things. Magda Maximoff was the daughter of Holocaust survivors and she and her parents strove to instill many lessons in Wanda and Pietro. She also had no qualms in telling her children exactly what Magnus did and why their father was not allowed to contact them. Wanda grew up rather torn between the desire to protect her mother and the desire to meet and get to know her father.

Wanda's, and her twin brother Pietro's, powers emerged when they were 12 and a angry mob accused the caravan of stealing from them (which was, actually, rather true. Wanda was normally used as a "mark" to draw people to her and someone else would do a bit of pickpocketing). Amid thrown rocks, someone drew a gun and shot one of the men in the camp. Furious, scared, and confused Wanda instinctively lashed out. She managed to knock down a large tree in her panic and the mob scattered. Unfortunately, she was too much in shock to remove herself from the path and only Pietro's intervention with his own just-emerged superspeed saved her.

Growing up, she and Pietro were inseparable. Magnus had gotten into contact with his separated wife, attempting a reconciliation. Things progressed, but when she demanded that he move to where they were so she could watch him in case he was still a danger, he had to pick between his wife, who had left him, and his children, who didn't know him, and the dream he and Charles Xavier were building. He choose the dream but every once in a while sent letters to Wanda and Pietro. Wanda paid little attention to them but never knew how much Pietro clung to those letters. And once college was over with for Pietro, he set out to find his father.

Wanda never really got over Pietro's leaving and has some rather large trust issues and she has never forgiven Pietro for leaving, especially once Magda passed away as the result of an aneurysm caused by the Great Headache in May 2003. Since then, Magnus himself contacted her once asking Wanda to join his Brotherhood of Mutants alongside her brother, in his attempts to further mutantkind. She refused and asked only one thing out of her father…that if he were to ever come for her, that only he or Pietro would come. Magnus agreed and Wanda did not speak to him again. She did trade letters with her brother once a month, though she did not understand why he left.

Thanks to Magda's own lack of formal education, she did all she could to make sure her children could get as much education on the road as possible. From home schooling, Wanda then went onto correspondence courses and eventually managed to finish her Master in Social Anthropology with a minor in Archaeology. Wanda added to her caravan's travels by going out on her own to study other traveling groups, and as a result has seen a good bit of the world.

While in university, she stumbled upon Agatha Harkness, who decided to take the slightly wild young woman under her wing.

Xavier's - A Place of Sanctuary

Following the death of her mother and her father's increasing notoriety, Wanda began considering her own safety. She had her father's assurances that only he or Pietro would approach her to join his Brotherhood, but the same could not be said for his followers, particularly Toad and Sabretooth, who might take it into their heads to curry favour with their boss by bringing him his estranged daughter. In August 2004 she wrote to her father's old colleague, Charles Xavier asking him for help. However, on her way to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, she was set upon by the remnants of Stryker's forces, who were looking for ways to recover from the disaster of X2. Fortunately the X-Men were there to rescue the unconscious Wanda, bringing her back to the school.

Upon regaining consciousness, Wanda was offered and accepted an invitation to remain at the school as long as she wished. She quickly fit in, sharing a suite with Jake Gavin and acting as chaperone for the ill-fatted Halloween party at Neon - as a result of her actions during this crisis, she was asked to join the X-Men, and became a useful and passionate member of the team. When Jake left, she took on his position of student counsellor, also working as a researcher for her professors at Cambridge and subbing for classes at Columbia University. It was here that she met Dr. Stephen Strange, tutor to Amanda Sefton, and a mutual attraction sparked. It was Wanda who tracked down Amanda's birth family through her Rom name, the same Rom caravan that had adopted Kurt Wagner, and she accompanied the young witch on her first visit with them. Their friendship has remained strong to present day. Wanda also flirted with various staff members, including Scott Summers prior to Jean's return and Kurt himself, before beginning a relationship with the academic and shy Stephen Strange.

Stephen's self-appointed quest of acting as a counter to Selene interfered with the relationship, however. Following the fight with Amanda and her firing him as her tutor, Stephen went underground, using the rift as an excuse to make final preparations to enact Pete Wisdom's plan. It necessitated the ending of his relationship with Wanda, something she took harder than she expected. When Mother Askani died to save Alison's life, Wanda received a telepathic dumping of her people's culture and knowledge, in order to preserve it.

Wanda's powers, always susceptible to stress, began giving her trouble during her time as an X-Man. Being forced to use them directly against a person in Youra caused her to question her ethics. A mission in Peru went awry when she lost control, leading her to clash with Cyclops. Eventually, she realised that there was something more deeply wrong than simply stress, and received confirmation in a rather violent fashion.

Chthon and The Road To X-Force

In March 2006, Chthon, an elder god of chaos of the ilk of Cyttorak, had apparently found Wanda to be the perfect vehicle to rebirth itself. Drawn to her by her powers, Chthon possessed Wanda and tried to seduce first Kurt (knocking him out when he was alarmed and tried to alert the team), then Cain Marko, avatar of Cyttorak. Fortunately they were interrupted by Nathan, sent by Marie-Ange Colbert as the result of a vision, and the X-Men managed to subdue their teammate and restore her to her right mind. As a result of these events, Wanda took a sabbatical, returning to her mother's grave and finding out more about Chthon and the guardians who ensured it remained trapped on the earthly plane through Wanda. She also encountered her father again, and the two spoke for the first time since her mother's death. No violence, but they continued to remain diametrically opposed. Upon Magneto's departure, Wanda hit the panic button and the X-Men came to bring her back to the mansion. She remained unsettled, however, and soon left again, travelling first to England to work on her degree (and rescue Pete's sister Romany) and then to India, where she encountered someone she'd never expected to: Dr. Stephen Strange.

As part of his continuing work to rid the world of Selene and any possible means of reviving her, Stephen had secured a particular mantra designed to free evil from its shackles. Pursued by cultists of a local evil deity, he was rescued by Wanda, who assisted him on his quest. When she was taken by the cultists, Stephen contacted his former pupil, Amanda Sefton, and a rescue was launched and the mantra destroyed. The experience served to give Wanda the drive she had been missing - she resigned from the X-Men and joined X-Force, intent on using her powers in a more direct way to stop cults to entities such as Chthon. She became Amanda's supervisor, the witch and the anthropologist combining their talents to become the group's 'Weird Happenings' unit. Wanda's experience also made her perfect to teach the younger members of the group to fight, and she especially trains Amanda and Mark Sheppard.

Wanda's relationship with Stephen, resumed following their adventures in India, was sadly ended due to the constraints and stress of both their jobs. The appearance of her brother Pietro Maximoff, fleeing their father after his status as double agent was exposed, was another source of stress - the twins, always volatile, fought over Wanda's choice of work and Pietro's abandonment of the family. Something of a truce was achieved, but tensions remain high between them.


Wanda settled in quite nicely within the ranks of her new coworkers and teammates at Snow Valley. As their chief researcher, she acquired Amanda as her assistant and Illyana Rasputin, as well. Their chief goal, when there are no pressing concerns, is to build a standing database of all the magical information they can gather. She trains with Remy LeBeau to hone her fighting abilities (and to get rid of the hand gestures she relies on) but also helps to train Amanda and Mark, though she's always up for a sparring session with anyone if they ask. She also went on to start her PhD, finding time between her various positions and responsibilities, including continual training of Jennie Stavros in regards to powers.

2008 began with a trip back to the 1950's, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof, created by a dying reality warper. Caught up in their 1959 personas, Wanda and Remy had an 'affair'; neither remember the incident, however. The weirdness continued with the sudden arrival of Dr. Stephen Strange, warning of something on the astral plane targeting Cain Marko. Using Illyana's teleportation ability in conjunction with Amanda and Strange's magics, they were able to pinpoint the threat to Amahl Farouk, recent arrival at the school, but an unsuccessful attempt to flood the plane with magical energy, using Wanda as an anchor point, failed and an innocent (relatively speaking!) Farouk was nearly terminated by an X-Force team in Madripoor. The incident left Strange powerless and in typical fashion, he incurred Wanda's wrath by nobly - and completely misguidedly - withdrawing from the field to allow Kurt free reign with her.

Wanda's mettle was further tested, first with the apparent death of one of her proteges, Mark, and then by her own capture and torture by an insane omnipath calling himself the Gamemaster. Wanda and Garrison were captured investigating a series of chaos math-related killings, forced onto the Gamemaster, he claimed, as a result of Wanda's powers' disruptive influence on his own. Wanda's recovery was slow due to the doubts sowed by this assertion. Amanda's disappearance in tandem with Wanda's own battle with the forces of Order stretched her even further and during this time the relationship with Kurt quietly ended as it became obvious he wanted more emotionally than Wanda was able to give.

The next few months continued as usual, time spent between getting her younger teammates out of trouble, investigating terrorist acts in Pakistan and being called on for assassination. When Apocalypse attacked New York, she joined the team aiding Fred Duncan retake the city.

Farouk's disappearance and subsequent reappearance in France at the mercy of an ancient demonic entity pulled Wanda into a magical mystery tour of Europe with Amanda, Marie-Ange and Farouk. The trip was interrupted by the apparent deaths of Pete and Garrison (as well as Jay and Dani), which turned it into a mission of vengeance as they sought out, unsuccessfully, members of the Brotherhood of Mutants. When Wanda herself became the target of a mystical attack, it was almost too much for her loyal assistant, Amanda. The culprits - or what remained of them - were tracked to Africa and Wanda saved, but the strain had been too much as she was several weeks recovering. Fortunately, the reappearance - and then disappearance - of Garrison meant a trip to the Pacific and Christian Kane's yacht, where some sense was attempted to the disturbed young Canadian.

Coming face to face with the Weapon X program through former sleeper agent David North left Wanda shaken, especially when she had to assist North in taking out newly-activated agent Warbird, whom she had met (and liked) as Carol Danvers. Wanda continued as normal, acquiring a broken nose in Poland and seeking out Irene Merryweather on behalf of Nathan; that meeting ended with Wanda making a deal with the journalist - information on Askani from the journals Wanda had written several years previously, in return for information on Tara Trask.

Jake's return was a welcome surprise, although the mysterious loss of his arm prompted her to begin her own investigation. A simple casual hook-up with Garrison Kane grew complicated, at least for him. Things grew even more complicated when Jake received a call about his missing arm and Wanda found herself bailing him and Carmilla Black out of trouble. An incident in Japan followed, after which Wanda reacted badly to Jake's inability to copy with his not-boyfriend Jean-Paul's capture by Taygetos, resulting her in breaking his nose. The two friends reconciled in time for Jake to come to Cambridge with her, but things got even more complicated when she and Jake had sex in the wake of the "Shadow Wolf" affair. With Jake telling Jean-Paul and the other man furious and hurt, as well as dealing with Agatha Harkness' apparent lack of trust, Wanda found herself with a far more complicated personal life than she preferred. And, later, Jake's more recent departure left her feeling more than a little adrift emotionally.

The Hard Way

2010 began as many of the others had, with work, Amanda having to remind Wanda of her own birthday, rescuing Meggan from Selene (and the conflict between the Hellfire Club and X-Force being thrown into sharp relief with a deal done by Emma and Doug to install Belladonna as Black Queen) and a mission to assassinate the Prime Minister of India. Pitted against the Imperial Guardsman, Oracle, Wanda found herself coming off rather the worse for the matchup, before gaining the upper hand and almost killing the telepath. Fortunately, Amanda, merged with an angry New Delhi, yanked the pair into D. Ken's office before any mortal injuries were incurred and Oracle and Gladiator witnessed the depth of their leader's madness before abandoning him to his fate at the hands of Remy and Sarah.

The sudden departure of Marie-Ange to New Orleans after the India mission left a large gap in the team, one which they all had to scramble to fill. An unexpected - yet not entirely surprising - return, with Wanda finding Jake in a bakery in New York, made things a little easier. Bribing the shapeshifter on the run to go talk to Remy, Wanda was pleased to have her friend back, although concerned about his safety. Jake proved just as grateful to be back, taking care of Wanda following a mission in England which required her to use her powers in a whole new way in concert with Emma, and which left her with recurring migraines for a time.

After almost a year of open distrust of Doug and his role as White Knight of the Hellfire Club, Wanda began to make overtures towards mending fences, after the incident with his sister highlighted to him the cost of his place in the Club and the danger his friends were exposed to as a result. Newcomer Wade Wilson proved to be an entertaining distraction, and Wanda made moves to be less of a hermit, actually remembering her next birthday and inviting all and sundry for drinks. She also closed a particular chapter of her life, stepping down as an official auxiliary to the X-Men. February also brought the return of Marie-Ange, coinciding with a strange incident involving the same group who had been behind the Mosley Initiative in England. It also brought a new recruit, the rough and prickly Carmilla Black.

A brief bonding with Remy on the roof over their extremely deranged lifestyles threw the events of April 2011 into sharp relief, as a mission went wrong and Remy was captured by Von Strucker's people. Wanda, Amanda and Jubilee only barely escaped themselves, Amanda being shot in the process, and Wanda found herself carrying a lot of the burden of emotional leadership as the team tried to remain professional in the face of their loss. Acting as Jubilee's vent-ee regarding her issues with Marie-Ange, Wanda, like the rest of the team, worked herself harder than ever in the search for Remy. A job in Russia was not as successful for Wanda's team as she would have hoped, the bad guy getting away, but when contacts began dropping out of their network and Doug received a tipoff from the same SYN who had altered them to the set up in Germany, it was the break they needed. Wanda joined Ororo, Doug, Emma and Jubilee on a rescue mission in Berlin.

The mission was a qualified success; Remy was rescued by Jubilee and Ororo and Lady Hydra killed in the battle in the sewers, but Doug, Emma and Wanda were outclassed by a new foe calling himself the Red Skull. In the fight, Wanda's cheekbone and her hand were broken, and when Amanda later tried her healing magic to assist, things went very awry, revealing Wanda's powers were acting up. Always cautious about her control, Wanda took some time away to try and regain her equilibrium, deeply shattered in the altercation with the Skull. It was a brief respite and when she returned, her powers were still unreliable. There was little chance for her to work on that, as she, Garrison Kane and Amanda wound up tracking Amahl Farouk across Europe and the Middle East, only to reach him too late - he was used in an ancient rite by a man calling himself Ozymandias and the telepath's fate was unknown.

Only a few days after their return, Wanda found herself facing an old foe, the Exemplars as X-Force's regular morning meeting revealed they had returned to New York. Foes became allies over the next few days, as the true enemies - the Chthon Cult, led by a madman wearing a deadling, mystical ring, were tracking down and killing the Exemplars. X-Force managed to stop them, but Amanda was stabbed in the shoulder when Wanda's powers were turned against her, and Wanda herself suffered a severe facial laceration with the remnants of the ring. The greatest injury of all was the knowledge that Wanda's mentor. Agatha Harkness, had deliberately hidden her possession of the ring - and the identity of the cult's leader, her son Nicholas - from Wanda. Agatha left New York, refusing to discuss the situation and before Wanda could pursue her, there was a a disaster of a plan which resulted in Arcana Minoru being loosed upon the physical world and rescue of Vanessa Carlysle.

The Search For Agatha Harkness

in October 2011, Wanda and Amanda visited England, catching up with Dr. Stephen Strange who had undertaken to inventory Agatha's secret collection of magical artifacts. So caught up with his work had he been, it was a shock to discover that Agatha's flat had been trashed and Agatha herself taken, the only clue the Chthon Cult's symbol drawn in blood. Wanda and Strange took to the road, looking for any clues as to Agatha's fate.

They returned briefly in January 2012, in time to be caught up in an unwanted second adolescence, during which Wanda accidentally backfired one of Strange's spells, sending him to Alaska in his pyjamas. Wanda returned again in April 2012 for Amanda's birthday, and then again in May 2012 when news of the kidnapping of the school's students reached her. She and Remy infiltrated Genosha (along with most of X-Force and some of X-Factor, and was part of the team assigned to neutralising the security bunker during the mass attack on the Citadel. When the tables were turned and the Xavierites ambushed, Wanda was the only one of her team to escape, forced to leave Remy and Jubilee to be captured. She met up with fellow refugees, Emma and Marius, and the three of them fled in a stolen helicopter and eventually rejoining other survivors of the raid in the mountains. They met up with a group of Genoshans who had also fled the city and stayed with them briefly. Unfortunately, an attack on the camp by the Magistrates resulted in the destruction of the camp and a narrow escape for Wanda, who was injured when she absorbed a hex bolt cast by Marius, driven to try to kill.

The group joined with their fellows who had been sent to Prenova and the Genoshan Resistance led by Jenny Ransome. The combined force attacked the city in an attempt to topple the Moreau brothers and free their captives and the mutates. Wanda's team attempted to flank the Citadel, only to encounter Mutate 557 and were forced to knock her unconscious. While Kurt took the mutates to be cured, Wanda and her group checked the cells for any stragglers, and discovered Doreen Green, relapsed into a feral state. Freeing her, they returned to the fighting, combining forces to topple the insane techno-organic monster Thomas Moreau.

Wanda remained in New York after their return from Genosha, surprising Stephen with the admission that she didn't know where to go next with the search for Agatha and the decision to remain and use X-Force's resources in the search instead. It was during this time she had a random encounter with a teenaged boy called Billy Kaplan and unknowingly triggered his mutation. She provided a sympathetic 'good cop' to Amanda's furious 'bad cop' when the pair narrowly prevented Billy from destroying New York with his new-found magical powers.

Wanda was part of the group who went to Aikins, Minnesota to assist Garrison with an unusual investigation and prevent a gang war of Asgardian proportions. Like many of the others, she succumbed to the Enchantress' magic, seducing Garrison. She later helped save his mind when it was discovered the chaos magic permeating Aikins was destroying him, working with Charles and Amanda to remove the energies before Jean, Emma and Haller could go in and repair the damage.

The year ended about as positively as it had begun, with a set-up and an ambush on the Brownstone, Wanda one of those who were stuck in Madrid while their co-workers were attacked in New York. Another rescue mission, this time to rescue the new Mutants from Internet monsters, did little to help with Wanda's feelings of frustration and she became reclusive once more.

The rest of the year came with the usual ups and downs of being a mutant super spy. She assisted in helping rescue Artie Maddicks after he tried to rip off Arcade's casino, and helped rescue Jean after she found herself trapped in a demon hotel. She also discovered she had a half-sister when Lorna Dane began exploring her roots and discovered that Magneto was her birth father. And in August she was dragged into Rachel Kinross-Dayspring's alternate universe where Apocalypse rules, in order to help free the world. Wanda also faced a personal issue - whether or not to have Agatha Harkness declared dead after over a year missing.

The End

After the attack on Muir Island in January 2015, Wanda joined a team at the Hellfire Club archives in London, researching the Dark Phoenix. While there, the group was confronted by demon versions of themselves, and Wanda fought against a demon Billy Kaplan. Later, when the mansion was destroyed by Dark Phoenix, Wanda used her powers, in conjunction with Strange, to try and hold reality together. The power overload became too much, however, killing both of them.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 172 lbs

Eyes: Dark brown/almost black.

Hair: Dark brown, tends to be rather uncontrollable when long, currently cut to just above shoulder length.

Other Features: Tanned and tends to be stronger than she looks; muscular and statuesque.


Wanda "hexes" things via chaos manipulation, in essence breaking down the natural order of things around her. She makes what could happen, happen, or what could not happen happen. Or what could happen but would be wildly improbable and outside the bounds of expectation happen. She's studied quite a bit into chaotic theory and basically thinks of her powers as getting "A" and "D" to create "Z". However, it's a lot more complicated than that. There's another aspect to our world, the chaos side. When Wanda utilizes her powers, she essentially rips open the barrier between and tosses out the end result, not caring how it happens, just that it does. Sometimes she can't even quite predict the end result - Wanda's manipulation of chaos and reality does not extend to precognition.

But if she concentrates, she can force it; force "A" to connect to "D" and result in exactly "Z", but at a higher cost to herself. When she doesn't force it, it's like she mentally reaches a hand into probability, rummages about and tosses out a result. When she forces it, she has to hold open the barrier longer and mentally look for what she wants. She describes it as "Looking into the abyss, and yes, it's looking back, but the worst thing is... I think it's hungry". She's looking into things that most people aren't supposed to see and she wipes it from her mind.

When she uses her powers, her mind becomes almost a chaotic whirlwind, making it hard to read or grasp (but only when she's actively using her powers, in order to keep up with all the information she's processing); most psionic powers have difficultly affecting her in this state.

When she actives her powers, red "hex" rings appear around her hands, glowing brightly depending on how hard she's trying. She doesn't necessarily have to use her hands to make her power work, it's a fallback for her and one that Remy is working on eliminating completely. Also, if she lets an unfocused "burst" go, she can reform it and create a "hex blast", a beam of entropic energy that erodes or decays whatever it hits.

After Chthon, she lost the limitless well (tapping straight into his chaotic nature), though that has been less of an issue over time. What she gained, however, was an ability to spot the breaking points in an object/person. Using this trick enables her to locate the weak point and then use it against the object or the person in question.

She is also able to affect certain mutant powers besides those with telepathic or empathic abilities: those with the ability to see in the future find it difficult, if not down right impossible, to get a good read on her; she has messed with the destination of teleporters before as well. It is always a guessing game as to which powers she'll be able to affect or what the results of such actions will be.



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Because of the amount she traveled, with and without her family, Wanda speaks a good number of languages. Not all of them well, in fact most she only has a smattering of the necessary phrases down. She speaks Rom (Romani language, but mostly used for trading and cursing) fluently, along with German, though not nearly as well as she would like. She speaks French, and Hungarian and handles the Czech languages pretty well and she can bluff her way through most Germanic languages. Her English is rather good, though she gets confused by it sometimes.

Wanda is a gym rat and she relishes working out -- sparring, lifting weights, etc.

She owns a set of business cards that Amanda gave her for a gift with the term "Boss Lady" printed on them. It's a term that a number of the younger trenchcoats have picked up and Wanda considers it a fantastic term of endearment and she rather adores it.




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Former Player: Jen

Player Icon Base: Carrie-Anne Moss

Meta Trivia

Wanda was introduced to the game long before Pietro Maximoff was ever applied for.