Midsummer's Nightmare

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Midsummer's Nightmare
Dates run: February 2009- April 2009
Run By: Ryan
Read the logs: Midsummer's Nightmare

Someone had uttered the title of the Scottish Play. They were surely doomed.

Students from Xavier's get involved in a local production of Midsummer Night's Dream with some interesting consequences.


Catseye, Karolina Dean, Yvette Petrovic, Julian Keller, Callie Betto, Angelica Jones

Joe Macbeth


February 13th, 2009 - April 1st, 2009

Plot Summary

When several of the New Mutants were cast in a local rendition of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, few believed that it could go off without a hitch. But few believed that so many bad things could happen at once.

A whole string of bad luck began centering around Jan saying the name of the play Macbeth aloud in the theater, a evoking a superstition in the community that once the name was said, horrible things would happen to those involved in the production. While Karolina was able to calm many of the theatre folk by knowing how to "counter" the curse, many were still afraid that bad luck would come to the play as a result.

The bad luck unfortunately came in an abundance. During a costumed rehearsal, a sandbag coming down from the flies almost took out Callie, Angel, and Yvette. Upon inspecting of the bag, it was shown that the bag had been cut, which was originally chalked up to Yvette's abilities. But the "accidents" didn't stop with Yvette's increased caution. While running lines with Yvette, Catseye fell through a trap door in the middle of the set. Callie was the recipient of one of the nastier pranks as the bottle given to her by Catseye had its water replaced by vinegar. The next prank came before a dress rehearsal as the female members of the cast found their costumes filled with itching powder, leading Karolina to believe that the curse was still in full force. Several other tricks hit the cast over the next few rehearsals, including several set pieces being ruined and half of Julian's script being replaced with a script from Taxi Driver.

But something funny was going on. Throughout the set, Catseye claimed to smell a "SneakyFastBoy" smell both in the ladies' dressing room and around several of the accident laden pieces of the set. Her suspicions were possibly confirmed as she walked by Joe, one of the bit actors in the show and caught the same smell. Catseye brought her evidence to her originally suspicious classmates, but Noriko, Julian, and Angel suggested they set up a trap to possibly catch the boy in the act of sabotaging the play. The bate for the trap comes from the mouth of Karolina who tells Joe that her parents, the famous actors, would be coming to the final dress before the play. Joe decided that he needed to pull a risky prank during a special rehearsal of the play to get the cast ready to perform in front of the Deans in order to bump one of the other cast members and give himself a speaking role. Julian served as the target, standing over the trap door, and begging for Joe, who had the ability to render himself invisible to pull it. But after pulling the lever, he was pelted by paint grenades from several of the New Mutants who had been lying in wait. Fearing that a video of the entire incident would be put on YouTube by Karolina, Joe agreed to stop with the pranks for the rest of the show's run.

But it seemed the curse was not over as two of the leads of the play had their braces stuck together during a game of tonsil hockey before the casts special performance for Karolina's parents. But Callie and Karolina hatched a plan and Frank and Leslie Dean stood in, performing the parts with their daughter and the rest of the cast. The pair even came back to see the show during opening night.

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  • The quote title of Karolina's log with Joe is from Act II Scene 2 of Hamlet.
  • During the rehearsals of the play, Angel and Julian made their relationship official.


Plotrunner: Ryan