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This page is part of the X-Project "Phase 1" universe - that is, the game from its onset in May 2003 until January 20, 2015.

For the new student team, Generation X, from January 21, 2015, go to Phase 2.


Teams: New Mutants
First Seen: October 2008

"You went from a school of over a hundred kids to a group of less than twenty-five. Of those twenty-five, few of them have any kind of broad social group with the rest of their fellows. Add to that the increased lack of control, the fights, the anti-social attitudes, and you've got a pretty classic case of balkanization in the school. I know that you've seen it, because you wouldn't have been tweaking the classes for next semester or scheduling more group events."

The New Mutants are a training team for students aged 14-18 (or those still in high school), introduced in October 2008. Incorporating powers training and self-defence with team building and community awareness, the program is designed to foster team spirit and encourage the students of Xavier's to get more involved with things, both inside and outside the school.


Current New Mutants

Hope Comic.png Hope Abbott
Johnny Comic.png Johnny Storm‎
Human Torch
Placeholder.gif Miles Morales
Spider Man
Mol-mel-icon.jpg Molly Hayes
Placeholder.gif Topaz
CloakComicsPB.png Tyrone Johnson
Wiccan !.psd.png Billy Kaplan

Previous New Mutants



Angelica Jones, Callie Betto, Catseye, Cessily Kincaid, Inez Temple, Karolina Dean, Meggan Szardos, Noriko Ashida, Tatiana Caban, Yvette Petrovic


Angelica Jones, Catseye, Doreen Green, Fred Dukes - Phase 1, Julian Keller, Klara Prast, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos, Nicholas Gleason, Nico Minoru, Sooraya Qadir, Yvette Petrovic



Artie Maddicks, Doreen Green, Klara Prast, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos, Nico Minoru


Artie Maddicks, Korvus Rook'shir, Layla Miller, Madelyne Pryor, Matt Murdock, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos, Molly Hayes, Sarah Vale


Clinton Barton, Frank Ludlum, Hope Abbott, Layla Miller, Madelyne Pryor, Matt Murdock, Molly Hayes, Renee Nguyen, Susan Storm - Phase 1, Tandy Bowen, Topaz, Billy Kaplan


Clinton Barton, Frank Ludlum, Hope Abbott, Johnny Storm, Madelyne Pryor, Molly Hayes, Susan Storm - Phase 1, Tandy Bowen, Topaz, Tyrone Johnson, Billy Kaplan

Team Structure

In the program's first year, there were two teams of New Mutants, PCs and NPCs for ease of logging/referencing. As the program is compulsory only for the first year, a decision was made to have the NPCs decide to not pursue the New Mutants beyond that year, reducing the New Mutants to one team of PCs only.

There is no team 'captain', and each member is expected to pull his or her own weight in terms of group activities. As shown in the first outing, the staff will not enforce participation beyond attendance - it is up to the group to ensure everyone takes part.

In September 2009, Tabitha Smith - Phase 1 assumed the role of official mentor the the New Mutants. In November 2012, she passed the role over to Angelica Jones. In 2014, Julian Keller returned and joined Angel as co-mentor of the group.

Team Operations and Training

The New Mutants combines the mandatory self defence and powers training classes within a group structure - the groups are given one Danger Room training scenario a week, initially getting used to each other and their powers, and then gradually developing problem solving abilities and working together as a group. There are also a variety of field trips, be they educational, training (such as visits to emergency services groups to learn about rescue and first aid) and community service (visits to local schools and communities, volunteer work, etc.)

The New Mutants are not a combat team, and would never be deliberately placed in such a situation. However, trouble can sneak up on them.


Uniforms: black pants/shorts, a bright yellow sweatshirt/t-shirt with 'Xavier Institute' on the breast, and a light black jacket with New Mutants in yellow on the breast and shoulder. Those with specific clothing needs have personalised versions.


x_students - the student-only community.

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x_students posts by the student counsellors/RAs

Meta and Trivia


The first New Mutants team was comprised entirely of girls, as there were no male student PCs until Julian Keller's arrival.


The New Mutants concept has been raised several times in the years since the game's conception.

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