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Character(s): Adrienne Frost
Date joined: April 2008, July 2011, October 2018


Mon joined X-Project initially in April 2008, taking on Adrienne Frost and later, Catseye. She left for a time and returned in July 2011. With the advent of Phase 2, she killed off Catseye and at first took on Roxanne Washington before apping Sebastian Druid. She left in September 2017 and returned in October 2018 with her one true character, Adrienne.

Mon is a drab and dreary prairie girl (who will bake Sex in a Pan for anyone who gets that reference) from Canada who finally finished her masters in history and works as a records manager. Her real job, of course, is feeding and entertaining her cat, Pancakes.

Mon loves baking, animation, gardening, sports (especially the Blue Jays), painting, scuba diving, and historical fiction.

The best way to contact Mon is email. She also begs patience as she has a notoriously awful memory and is distracted very easily by shiny things.

Former player of Sharon "Catseye" Smith, Roxanne Washington and Sebastian Druid.

Phase 2


Modsocks NPCs Villains
None Warren Worthington II Shielda

Phase 1


Modsocks NPCs Villains
None Smith Family Magnetic North


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