Mr Jip

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Portrayed by Dominic West
Known Aliases: Mr. Jip
Affiliations: Self
Socked By: Eva
Introduction: Morningstar

The deal was sealed fair and square. My role in this ends after that. Your companion made a choice and now he needs to bear the consequences of that choice.

A smuggler of magical items and dealer of deals, Mr. Jip was an underground legend among the darker magical circles of New York, before being run out of town.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Mr. Jip

Affiliation: Himself

First appearance: November 18, 2018




Mr. Jip is a magical underground legend in New York. He originally was a smuggler and fixer, coming over from Eastern Europe in the 1890s. As part of a deal arranging for arranging fake papers for the Roma relatives of a wealthy family, he spent time learning a corrupting form of magic that allowed him to 'collect' life force from people. It was always an amount; a minute, a day, a year, held inside a small crystal. He moved into moving magical artifacts and supplies, becoming more embedded in the underworld, his expertise available for hire with his coin of choice; life. However, even as his life prolonged, his body changes, taking on a small aspect of the appearance of the person the lifeforce was pulled from, but still aging. Within a few decades, he'd assumed the appearance of a patchwork man, looking near mummified in patches. If only forced him further underground and deeper into his dark community. Mr Jip is not a particularly adept magic wielder. His power has always been influence and his networks of spies, criminals and bribed officials.

In 2018 he made a deal with Warren Worthington - a part of his life force in return for an audience with Satana, who Warren hoped could release him from the influence of a demon he had picked up in Limbo. The deal was a set up, however, and after almost killing Kevin Sydney by draining his lifeforce, Kevin and Gabriel Cohuelo tortured and threatened him until he returned what he had taken before they headed out to rescue Warren. Kevin let him live, but only on the condition that he leave New York within three days and never show his face again.


Ability to 'patch' moments of other people's lives onto his own and increase his longevity. Minor magical ability.




PB: Dominic West

Socked by: Eva