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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Warren Worthington (disambiguation).

Warren Worthington
Portrayed by Dean O'Gorman
Codename: Angel
Affiliations: X-Factor
Birthdate: February 10, 1980
Journal: xp_angel
Player: Z

Yes. That's why women want me. My breakfast skills. Try again, Ms. Storm.

International playboy and son of a wealthy industrialist, Warren Worthington is currently in Switzerland with his partner Barbara Morse, rebuilding his life and reputation after a demon possession nearly destroyed everything.


Character Journal: xp_angel

Real Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III

Codename: Angel

Aliases: N/A

First Appearance: January 21, 2015

Date of Birth: February 10, 1980

Place of Birth: New York City, New York

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Warren Worthington II (father), Kathryn Worthington (mother)

Education: JD/MBA, Harvard (joint business/law degree

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Barbara Morse

Occupation: VP of Worthington Industries

Team Affiliation: Formerly X-Factor



As the only child of Warren Worthington Jr and his beautiful wife, Kathryn Worthington, Warren was provided with everything a child could ever want: private tutors, nannies, a stable, unlimited funds and unconditional love --- wait, no, everything but the last thing.

All he ever wanted was the attention of his parents. Kathryn, a socialite who had dabbled in modelling, didn't know how to parent, nor did she want to. She was happy to foist him on nannies while she attended various social events related to the many charity boards she sat on. Warren Jr, although happy and proud of his boy, was unable to tear himself from his business for more than a day. The happiest moments in Warren's childhood was when Warren Jr would take him along to Worthington Industries. He would sit in the boardroom, reading graphs, pretending to make business plans while his father would have conference calls around him from all over the world: Japan, England, Australia, Brazil. Warren would listen in to these conversations, and dream of one day being in charge,and being as confident and in control as his father.

When he was old enough, he was sent to the finest boarding schools which effectively distanced himself from his parents, and from that young boy who idolized his father. Other than the cursory letter, the relationship between Warren and his parents deteriorated into one of mere tolerance. It wasn't that they didn't like each other -- it was more that they didn't know each other, and had no desire to get to know each other. All that mattered to his parents was that he succeed and not be a burden on the Worthington name.

Nothing of note ever happened at the school. Warren always did what was expected of him, and he did it well. He did his best to not rock the boat. His mutation changed all that. Suffering in silence for months while strange bumps grew on his back, he withdrew from all physical activities, asking to be sent home for a time. That request was refused, and he threw himself into his studies, researching the changes that were happening to his body. When he realized it was wings, he was almost grateful that it wasn't something more insidious, like cancer.

Curiosity grew, and led to him taking activities where he could be alone and not risk having someone come in. The first time he realized he could fly, he felt a weight lifted off his shoulders. All the months of solitude had culminated into this moment, and it was glorious. That summer vacation at home, he spent a large portion of his time trying to control his flight and working out a way to hide his wings. He didn't bother telling his mother -- she'd be horrified at his 'disfigurement'. Instead, he told her he'd hurt his back at school, and was forced to wear a brace. She never looked into it, and he didn't bring it up again.

That first summer taught him his limitations of flying, and the limitations of his own physical attributes. ‎He had grown stronger and more agile, enhancing his already natural abilities. His parents, thinking he'd joined a rugby team, let him be, which allowed him all the time he needed. By the time summer was over, he was by no means an expert, but he could hover reliably for an amount of time, and if he jumped out of a tree, he could soar like a bird for a while.

Upon his return to school, he was a different person -- more social, more friendly, more confident . By the time he graduated, he was at the top of his class, an accomplished debater and he spoke several languages fluently. He was friends to all, and hated by no one. They just didn't know that he was doing it to fulfill a role. He didn't care about any of them. He had his own secret, and for the first time in his life, he felt a power. He'd never met another mutant before, but he didn't mind being alone. He'd been alone for most of his life.

Early Adulthood

He went directly from boarding school to Harvard University where he eventually graduated with his joint degree in Law and Business in 2005. It was while at Harvard that he first used his powers in public. At a fraternity party, a fire broke out. Drunk co-eds were everywhere, and it was chaos. He was trapped on the roof of the building and with no other way to get down, he flew to safety. Thankfully, it was dark and no one seemed to see him but for a few weeks, rumours of an Angel at Harvard spread throughout the campus. He never tried to use them again, but the moniker stuck in his head.

Once he'd graduated, he returned to his family's home in New York, ready to take the reins of Worthington Industries. Instead, his father made him work from the bottom, refusing to allow Warren the opportunity to walk right into a management role. The recession had hit the business hard, making his father even more protective of his precious business. So Warren worked, delivering mail, answering phones, interning within different departments before he was finally allowed to work with his father. During this time, he discovered the flexibility of his wings. With a make shift harness cinching the wings in tight, and the layering of a business suit,he managed to continue on in his day to day living with a the slightest bulge on his back, but nothing that a tailored suit couldn’t fix.

His parents never noticed, and never commented on it. As long as he still looked good,and played his role, he was allowed to do what he wanted. He found an engineer willing to look into a binding brace. Many models were made, but eventually a leather one was found which could hold down his wings appropriately. They'd continued growing since adolescence, and now could span almost 16 feet. His control over his flight was also improving. As they grew longer, he was able to soar for longer, and could even take off from standing; however, that took a great amount of effort and strain.

Due to the physical impairment of his mutation, Warren never explored any fulltime romantic relationships. Being a closeted mutant meant he had to be careful who saw him without his shirt on. Word quickly got around that he had a clothing fetish as he refused to take off his shirt, but he found the rumour amusing and happily contributed to it. There was no shortage of women willing to throw themselves at him, and he was happy to oblige. He didn't bother with any long-term relationships, but no one could say he wasn't a perfect gentleman. He was honest and upfront from the beginning, and he fulfilled his current partner's every need but he was very clear when he said he had no interest in anything further. Because of the respect and honesty he showed whatever woman he was with at the time, they always parted on good terms. It was important to him that he was well liked. The same could be said about his friendships -- he was a loyal friend, and ideal in so many ways, but he was distant. If a friendship ended, so be it. If it flourished, so let it be.

After many years of working in the trenches, taking on more and more complex files and acquisitations, he was finally promoted to the executive level of the company. There, he felt he had reached a spot where his father would notice the work he was doing, but soon, he realized the opposite was happening: Warren Jr was upset with a lot of the work that Warren was turning in. It took a few weeks for Warren III to realize what was going on, and when he did, he was livid. His boss had been secretly taking Warren's projects and either tweaking the numbers so they didn't make sense, or taking credit for his work. Knowing that he would have to have a solid case before presenting it to his superiors, he carefully monitored the situation and assembled irrefutable evidence. It took a while, with the other man screaming nepotism and denying the accusations, but when the dust settled, Warren had finally provde to his father that he was the executive he could be. From there, he received the promotion he was looking for: Vice-President of Operations, and right hand man of his father, a position he's now held for the last five years.

That being said, being VP of the company, he only had to be accountable to the board and his father. It allowed him a lot of fulfillment career-wise, and kept him very busy, but when he went home at the end of the day, he was bored. He took to flying around New York at night, with no real purpose. In order to disguise himself, he'd wear all black, and at times would even wear a mask. This continued for many months until one day, he happened upon a mugging. Swooping down, he used his extensive martial arts skills to subdue the attacker. The victim, in her joy, yelled that an angel had come down to save her. He quickly fled the scene, avoiding flying for several days after this incident. He had to process this for many nights before realizing that he did have a lot of good to offer. Coming up with a basic disguise, he now spends his nights patrolling the city, and stopping crime. Some call him a vigilante, some call him a threat, but he calls himself Angel.

Living Life

The year began with rekindling old friendships. He bumped into Susan Storm at a technology conference and was surprised to realize that they'd met 20 years prior, when Sue was a toddler.

That evening, he attended a museum benefit, and met Jean Grey, an encounter that would end up changing the rest of his life. Warren immediately fell for Jean, and soon started dating her unaware that the red-head doctor had been manipulating him to gain access to the Worthington Industries database so she could search for information on the developing sentinel program. When she found out Warren wasn't involved Jean brought him to the mansion to meet with Scott and Professor Xavier. Warren decided to align himself with the mansion moving in and splitting his time between the mansion and New York. He also informed his crew of Miles, Peter and Matt about the mansion, Miles and Matt both agreed to come by and take a look at the mansion.

While at the country club Warren ran into a fellow mansionite, Jessica Jones, and while neither knew of the other's status there were instant sparks of physical attraction between the two leading them to return to a quiet room in the club, and several more in ensuing days. Warren also meets Adrienne Frost who introduced him to her detective agency, X-factor Investigations, something that instantly the playboys childhood fantasy of being a gumshoe. deciding to invest Warren joins the team.

Settling into the mansion Warren started to befriend the dwellers of that august institution...mainly by hitting on all the ladies that he could. His indiscretions come out at Adrienne's birthday party when Jean found out about Warren sleeping with Jessica. Things didn't go well and their relationship ended in tatters. Warren was later involved in helping another of his friends Susan Storm when some thugs tried to gun her down. He and Sue came up with a plan to manipulating the thugs into shooting themselves in the foot.

Warren;'s world got better when his old friend, Felicia Hardy, showed up as the newest resident of the mansion. They picked up their friendship where they had left off and she even got him interested in social media. Later in the year Warren Miles and Matt ran afoul of the prowler when they tried hunting down a tech thief and ended up getting beaten down by Mile's uncle. As a result Warren ended up locking himself in his apartment for a while, especially to hide from the X-Factor ladies who didn't take his asking them to find the information he used to get himself, Matt and Miles beaten up to well.

The year, alas, didn't end on the positive note it started on, when an investigation into the death of several mutants, led to Warren dearly bleeding to death when his leg was sliced open by Sabretooth. He survived, of course, as it would be a crime to deprive the world of his existence, and used the whole experience as an excuse to kidnap Bobbi Morse off for a vacation, where they spent several days getting into non-lethal trouble and enjoying themselves immensely. At some point the relationship began to take a more romantic turn, not that either would admit it.

2016 and 2017 were relatively quiet years, thank god. Warren, much to the dismay of the office, become full boss of XFI after Adrienne was put in a coma due to a powers malfunction. He took great joy in the pleasures of full boss life and getting to order people around. He also deepened his friendships with Miles, Sue, Felicia, and Lorna, and officially started dating Bobbi in October 2016 after she helped fill in for his assistant during a work trip to Japan.

2018 started out good until he inadvertently went to Limbo. While there, he was seduced (barely) by a succubus resembling Felicia. At the time, he didn't think much of it, but when he returned to New York, he started having a niggling feeling that something was wrong. In May, as a side effect of Jean's connection with Quentin, she reached out to a very willing Warren who, as per the rules of their open relationship, let Bobbi know. Bobbi was understandably upset, Jean realized she did not actually want anything to do with Warren, and Warren was left confused by everything. Upon making up with Bobbi, the rules of their relationship changed slightly but this allowed the weird feeling to make itself known as a voice instead. Increasingly erratic and tormented by the urges which had him drive off everyone in his life, Warren sought relief first in alcohol and drugs, which got him into public trouble and had him fired from his father's company, then in the occult. A meeting with Kevin Sydney was the catalyst for an unfortunate attempt to have the possession exorcised, with Mr Jip and Satana both laying claim to the playboy's soul. It was only with the intervention of those same friends he'd alienated that he survived the encounter.

The end of 2018 and early months of 2019 were spent making amends. Warren apologised to those he'd abused, enlisted Hope Abbott to help rebuild his reputation and went into rehab for a time. When he came out, it was to the news that his father wanted him to take over the Switzerland division of Worthington Industries, a prospect he embraced. After discussing the matter with Bobbi, the pair decided to take the leap together, with marriage mentioned for the first time in their relationship.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'3"

General Build: Tall and slender with an above average muscular physique.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: Warren has wings which grow out of his shoulder blades. The wings are soft, like a bird's, and are 16 feet in span. He wears a leather brace under his clothing to keep them down; however, it creates a slight hunch to his back which is barely visible. The wings are incredibly flexible and fold up easily.


It's no wonder people think they are seeing an angel when Warren flies down. With an impressive wing span of 16 feet, his white, feathered wings are at the forefront of his mutation. The power of his wings can knock a person over, and they're strong enough to lift his body, as well as one other person. He can take off from standing, creating large gust of wind around him, but it does take some effort. Just like a bird, it is easier for him to soar from a high place and from there, he can continue on with his flight. He can fly for roughly a half day, non stop, before having to rest.

In addition, his body has adapted to his unique physiology. His eyesight is sharp, and his skin is tougher than a human's, which allows him to fly to higher altitudes than expected. While he prefers to stay at cloud level, he can go higher, but can only remain there for a few minutes. As well, he has enhanced strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, reflects, coordination, balance, eyesight and hearing. He can also breathe in high altitudes and cold temperatures, meaning that he can finally have that winter home in the Antarctic, if he so chooses.

The cold doesn't bother him.

Warren has mastered several martial arts, and is a black belt in Karate and Tae Kwan Do. He is an active person, and passionate about exercise.




Warren speaks several languages fluently: French, Spanish, and German, with a working knowledge of Mandarin. He knows how to curse in more languages than he cares to admit.

Warren enjoys baking and has a serious sweet tooth.

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Player: Z



Player Icon Base: Dean O'Gorman

Meta Trivia

Warren has extensive history in Phase One; however, he was rebooted for Phase Two and his past history erased. Z played him from January 2015 until August 2019, before returning in July 2023.