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Joined November 2008, left March 2014. Rejoined in May 2015 and left again in September 2016.

Former player of Amara Aquilla - Phase 1, Warren Worthington - Phase 1 and Amara Aquilla (Phase 2)


Nat joined XP in November 2008 after having stalked the game on and off since its inception. She reintroduced Amara Aquilla - Phase 1 as a freshman college student, and then a year later reintroduced Warren Worthington, a returnee from the West Coast Annex.

Nat is one of the Australian contingent, living in Melbourne, Australia and working for a courier company a government agency. In her spare time she also writes and morris dances. She doesn't read quite as many comics as she would like, but is something of a devourer of supernatural fiction. She has been roleplaying online since 1998, and joined her first X-Men DW game in 2003 after the release of X2. She has since not left the genre of comic-based games, though has branched out in DC games, as well as original superhero, supernatural and greek mythology based games.

Nat has also become the Keeper of The Chart - Phase 1.

She left in March 2014, due to RL demands. She rejoined in 2015, and left again in September 2016.

Phase 2

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Phase 1


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Worthington Family

Jenny Ransome

Astrid Bloom


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