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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Warren Worthington (disambiguation).

Warren Worthington - Replaced in Phase 2
Portrayed by Justin Hartley
Codename: Angel
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: January 19, 1981
Journal: x_angel
Player: Retired

Notorious playboy, well-meaning philanthropist, anti-discrimination lawyer, secretive superhero, loyal friend... the many faces of Warren Worthington III. He was lost during the Dark Phoenix Saga in 2015.


Character Journal: x_angel

Real Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III

Codename: Angel


First Appearance: May 8, 2003

Date of Birth: January 19, 1981

Place of Birth: New York City, New York

Citizenship: US

Relatives: Worthington Family - Father: Warren K. Worthington Jnr.; mother: Kathryn Worthington; uncle: Betram Worthington.

Education: B.A. (Business) from ESU, J.D. from UCLA.

Relationship Status: Technically single; formerly involved with Piotr Rasputin, Jay Guthrie and Vanessa Carlysle.

Occupation: Attorney, partner at Walters and Worthington law firm.

Team Affiliation: X-Men



The only son of Warren Worthington Junior and his socialite wife Kathryn, Warren grew up with all the privileges and drawbacks that comes from being the son of a very busy and very wealthy businessman. A series of nannies and staff raised him until he was sent to a boarding school, and as a result he was somewhat independent from a young age.

It was while he was at boarding school that his wings began to grow in. At first it started off as odd twinges in his back and weird muscle spasms, moving on to strange lumps in his back until the wing buds finally erupted from underneath his skin. It was a painful - and somewhat bloody - time, and there were quite a few trips to the doctor and a swap to a private room as things got worse. Warren withdrew from the student body during this time, scared by what was happening and fretting about being a freak.

Once the wings had fully grown in, however, things were easier to deal with. He could fly now, and after a few aborted attempts to launch himself off the ground, he finally settled into the use of his new wings after launching himself off a roof and working it out instinctively. It wasn't long before he started to want to do more than just the few surreptitious flights he had been taking late at night, and the opportunity was handed to him when the school dorm was on fire. He rescued several of his classmates, and buoyed by his success, took to the skies of New York in a mask and costume to fight crime. It was after this that he was contacted by Charles Xavier, and offered a place at his new school along with Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Henry McCoy and Ororo Munroe. He accepted, and the lack of attention from his parents meant switching schools did not prove much of a challenge.

Living At The X-Mansion

Warren struggled to settle into the school at first - a child of privilege, his background clashed with those of his fellow students and it took him awhile to adjust. But his natural wit and charm soon helped him fit in, and he soon settled in fine. After graduating from ESU with a major in Business (ty Dad), he returned to the mansion to teach, taking up a position teaching literature and serving with the X-Men. It was then that his relationship with Piotr Rasputin began - they'd been roommates and close friends for awhile, but it finally bloomed into a romantic relationship after Piotr finally understood that homosexuality wasn't a bad thing. It was a slightly rocky start, but soon settled into a passionate and solid relationship that endured long separations and Piotr's difficulties with his sister than culminated in him disowning her after her time in Limbo.

During Piotr's absence while undergoing security training, Warren developed and renewed close friendship with other mansion residents - he developed a close friendship with Amanda Sefton despite their differences and her sometimes antagonistic relationship with Piotr, as well as renewing an old friendship with childhood friend Jake Gavin. He also maintained friendships with Paige Guthrie and Shinobi Shaw, and attempted to be a go-between his lover and his sister, to no avail. His dislike of Logan continued, and he developed a dislike for Jean-Paul Beaubier when he arrived at the school and replaced Warren as the flight instructor.

Warren decided to further his education and began attending law school in California. He briefly returned to New York and to the team for a time, but it rapidly became apparent that the mansion was no longer the place for him. When the West Coast Annex was established in April 2006, he and Piotr left with Alison Blaire and Haroun al-Rashid to staff it.

Life In California

In California, Warren completed his education and sat the bar exam, and thanks to his family connections, landed a job working for one of California's leading law firms. He quickly developed a reputation for being passionate about pro-bono work, particularly if it involved representing a mutant.

It was also in California that cracks started to show in his relationship with Piotr. While there was no question that each man felt deeply for the other, Warren's increasing work load and distance started to take its toll, and what had once survived long absences from both of them, began to suffer when the absences continued despite them sharing living space. It did not help with Alison's departure for Muir Island after Day Zero and they both had more work to do at the Annex.

Things finally came to a head after Scott and Jean's arrival at the Annex. The cracks in their relationship could no longer be waved away under the scrutiny from people who had known them for so long, and they eventually decided that it would be best if they split. Warren seized on a plea from his mother to return to New York to spend time with his father as an excuse to flee California, deciding that putting a continent between him and Piotr would help him come to terms with the end of their relationship. No matter what state it had been in by the end, they had still been together for six years, and it was a lot to process. So Warren left his life in California and moved back to New York, moving back into the family home and starting to learn the family business.

The Return


His return to the mansion meant the resumption of old friendships and the establishment of new ones - particularly with the other winged inhabitant of the mansion, Jay Guthrie. What started out as a fun flirtation quickly turned into something more serious, Warren pursuing the younger man until he finally caved, despite his reservations. But Warren didn't entirely understand the extent of Jay's psychological damage, until one night Jay ended up attacking him after a particularly bad nightmare. Warren was injured, but not too badly, but it was decided that Jay would go to Muir for intensive therapy.

Warren then threw himself into work, focusing on learning more about the family business and being a full member of the X-Men again. He was present in India for the team's involvement in halting the invasion of Pakistan, and unfortunately (for him) witnessed Logan killing more people than he personally wanted to see.

When Piotr also returned to the mansion in September, Warren was both surprised and shocked. The reunion did not go particularly well, Warren angry that Piotr hadn't given him a head's up about his return - nor had he, apparently, paid attention when Warren had told him about leaving California.

He also grew close to the Attilani princess Crystal Amaquelin, the two easily relating thanks to their privileged backgrounds. Warren was the X-Man to give her the good news about her graduation to the team, and Warren accompanied her to her birthday party in Attilan in early 2011, which sent the rumor miller a-buzzing. Warren's 30th birthday, which he'd initially intended on being quiet about, saw dinners with Amanda, Crystal and Jean-Phillipe Colbert, along with drinks with Jean and later with Piotr in joint commemoration of their birthdays.


Frustrated by working for his father, Warren began to look elsewhere for something to do with himself, an idle thought about investing in District X leading to him putting aside his differences with Jean-Paul to enlist the other man's help in working out what he wanted to do. It also coincided with Jean talking to him about the struggling Angels Clinic, which Warren has decided to help fund.

A flirtation with new arrival Wade Wilson quickly escalated into something quite physical, and after teaming up to threaten a school secretary on Kyle's account, a night out for drinks with Vanessa Carlysle resulted in Warren sleeping with a woman for the first time since his college days.

What was supposed to be a fun trip to Europe with Tabitha Smith, Kurt Wagner and Monet St. Croix ended up turning into a race around Europe after a one night stand of Warren's made off with photos of him with his wings on display. Not willing to be outed against his will, he tracked down the woman and obtained the photos from her.

On his return from Europe, what had been a mostly physical relationship with Vanessa became something more serious. They'd already established a friendship while she was taking a break in Wales, and an attempt to define exactly what they were led them to making the relationship more official.

At the same time, Warren decided to stop hiding his mutant status, and stopped strapping his wings down when going out in public. He moved back to the mansion, no longer willing to keep living in the apartment his father had 'gifted' him thanks to an argument between the men. He also started spending even more time in District X, Vanessa showing him around and introducing him to people and the problems the area faced. When he wasn't spending time with Vanessa in District X, or on X-Men duty, he was studying to re-take the bar exam in New York.

Things seemed to be going well for Warren, up until Jean and many of the mansion residents got caught up in a nightmare caused by a man wanting to get revenge on Jean. Warren, away in the Hamptons with some of the students, had to wait agonizing days until they could return, and even longer for Jean to come out of her coma. She confided in him about the miscarriage she'd had while she was still in California. While Warren lingered around the mansion waiting for Jean to wake up, Vanessa disappeared while out of town on a case.

Doing his best to keep a level head, Warren did what he could to aid Bishop in his search for Vanessa, and took on work at X-Factor Investigations with Vanessa missing and Jean-Paul, the business was more than a little understaffed. His calm broke after an altercation with Jean and Adrienne Frost pushed him into losing his temper, and he headed out on the town, getting drunk and getting into a fight in a bar. Angelo ended up fishing him out of the bar, taking him home to sleep it off on Angelo's couch. While working for XFI, Warren took on a case involving a mutant runaway teenager.

And then they finally found a lead on Vanessa's location. Warren was part of a team that dropped everything to fly to Prague, and they were able to find and rescue Vanessa. Warren found himself uncharacteristically unfazed by the violence used in the process, a feeling he would later discuss with Wade to some consternation on behalf of the winged mutant. Upon returning to the mansion, Vanessa did not wake up immediately, and the tension brought Warren and Adrienne to bickering once more - which they would later resolve after bonding over a mutual love of opera. Warren would also attend a Halloween party thrown by Wade, spending the evening as Robin, Earl of Locksley thanks to a magic spell.

On October 31, Vanessa finally woke up from her induced coma. Warren was there to meet her once she left the medlabs, although the first conversation between the couple would lead to something of a break up, Vanessa not thinking she was capable of being anything more than a friend to anyone, if that. Warren, just happy to see her awake and moving around, agreed to them just being friends - at least for the time being.

Walters and Worthington

Throwing himself into work, Warren contacted Jennifer Walters about establishing a law firm in District X. With the help of Jean-Paul, he found an office location not far from the XFI offices. After discussions with Bishop and Vanessa, it was established that the new firm would kept on retainer by XFI, and the firm would likewise work with XFI when needed.

The year ended with Warren joining a group of X-Men in California, where they assisted Kane in rescuing hostages from a group of old Super Soldiers being manipulated by one of their own.

2012 - 2014

Xm warren.png

The year started off quietly, with Warren helping to acting as security after the X-Men caught wind of a potential terrorist attack at the release of Day Zero: The Movie.

In May 2012, after a group of Xavier students and associates were kidnapped by the Genoshan Government, Warren went to Genosha as part of the rescue team, and was one of the few who managed to escape when the rescue went south. He and Lorna (who escaped with him) joined the rest of the escapees to determined what needed to be done. He later assisted in taking down Mutate 42, as well as helping to destroy the monster Moreau.

Following Genosha, Warren attempted to get back to as normal a life as possible, including spending several months working in Washington. He returned in December 2012. Life was relatively low-key, with him focussing on the law firm, although his goodness of heart made him part of a rescue team to a demon dimension in December 2013. Perhaps the experience set him to thinking of his priorities, because following that, in March 2014, he moved out of the mansion and into District X, where he could focus his energies entirely on his legal career helping mutants in need.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'

Weight: 136 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: People find the white-feathered wings quite distinguishing. His wing span is approximately 16ft, though usually hidden underneath his clothing and strapped down by a leather harness.


Warren's primary mutation is his large white feathered wings, and the rest of the changes to his physiology are designed to accommodate this. The wings are extremely strong and highly flexible - he is able to carry one other person when he flies, providing they are not too heavy, and is capable of folding the wings down tight against his back and hiding them underneath a harness. The muscles in his back and upper body have developed to allow him to operate his wings. His physiology has adapted somewhat to resemble a bird's - Warren has hollow bones and no body fat, his system instead metabolizing calories more efficiently than a human's. His eyesight is also especially sharp, and his skin and eyes are tougher than usual to withstand the high altitudes at which Warren is capable of flying, and his lungs have adapted to allow him to breath at these altitudes. His strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, eyesight and hearing are all at the peak of human capacity, with his wings being strong enough to break bones or bat someone against a wall. Warren usually restricts his flying to below cloud level, but he is capable of reaching altitudes equivalent to the height above sea level of Mount Everest. At the most, Warren is capable of flying non-stop for half a day before he needs to rest.


An image inducer programmed to disguise the colour and shape of his wings, used when out with the X-Men.

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Player Icon Base: Justin Hartley

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Warren was introduced by Keri, then taken over by Angie, and then by Toby who failed to return the x_angel journal. x_highflying was created to avoid the loss of game information, and Warren was picked up by Nat in November 2009. Nat left the game in March 2014. The journal was renamed x_angel when the game relocated to Dreamwidth in April 2017.

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