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Peter Parker - Modsock
Portrayed by Tom Holland
Known Aliases: Spider-Man
Affiliations: N/A
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Introduction: Echoes in the Night

Peter Parker was bitten by a genetically engineered spider, transforming him into the Amazing Spider-Man!


Name: Peter Parker

Aliases: Spider-Man (also Web-head, Wall-crawler, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Public Menace #1)

Occupation: College student, freelance photographer at the Daily Bugle, vigilante

First appearance: In text messages, January 30, 2015. On screen, February 6, 2015.

Family: Richard and Mary Parker (parents, deceased), Ben Parker (uncle, deceased), May Parker (aunt)


Becoming Spider-Man

Richard Parker was a scientist at OsCorp who worked on what was ostensibly a project on regenerative medicine. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he was in fact part of a team to recreate the super soldierserum that had created Captain America in the 1940s, a bid that OsCorp had secretly won from the government. Shortly after joining the project, Richard met and fell in love with a regulatory director, Mary Fitzpatrick; they married soon after. Mary was in fact a SHIELD agent who infiltrated OsCorp to clandestinely monitor the progress of the super soldierproject. Despite her love for her new husband, she maintained her cover from him.

Mary had a brief respite from her mission when she gave birth to a son, Peter. Richard’s older brother Ben and his wife May helped care for the boy while Richard and Mary worked, so Peter developed a close relationship with his aunt and uncle at a very young age.

When Peter was 4, Richard learned the true purpose behind the project and confided in Mary, and she revealed the truth about her identity. Richard felt hurt and betrayed, but Mary was adamant that her feelings for her family were genuine. Unsure of how to react, Richard instead focused on the other issue, that OsCorp was using his research - which was supposed to help people - to develop a weapon. Mary recommended that they take what information he had to her superiors at the Triskelion in DC. They left Peter with Ben and May but never arrived at their destination; they were reported killed in a major car accident on the way to JFK Airport. Ben and May then became Peter’s legal guardians.

Peter’s childhood and adolescence were uneventful. He didn’t have many friends growing up, and his unathletic, studious nature made him a target for bullies. In 2012 at age 16, Peter discovered some of his parents’ belongings that Ben and May stored in their basement, including a briefcase full of Richard’s lab notes. Out of curiosity, Peter snuck into OsCorp HQ (under the guise of a new intern coming for orientation) to meet with a colleague identified in the papers: Curt Connors. Peter accidentally found his way to a lab where a genetically modified spider bit him. Afraid that he had disturbed the experiment, Peter fled. On the subway ride home, a scuffle with pickpockets revealed that he’d gained superhuman agility and strength.

A couple of days later, Peter overheard Ben and May lamenting their mounting bills, so he decided to turn these new abilities into something profitable. He designed a costume and entered an amateur wrestling match, which he easily won. Galvanized by his success, he introduced himself to Dr. Connors and provided him with his father’s notes, which included a “decay rate algorithm” which significantly progressed Connors’ research. Over the next couple of weeks, Peter’s free time was spent between his wrestling matches and meeting with Connors. Ben grew concerned with Peter’s mysterious absences, but when he and May confronted Peter, Peter snapped back at them, in typical teenager fashion, that his life was his own and they weren’t his real parents, anyway, so whateva whateva he’d do what he want.

Peter stormed out of the apartment but when he went to the wrestling arena to collect his winnings, he discovered that the manager cheated him out of a substantial portion. In retaliation, Peter didn’t try to stop a thief from escaping with the manager’s earnings. That turned out to be a terrible mistake; Ben, who had followed Peter, encountered the fleeing thief and tried to talk him down. The thief instead shot Ben, who died in Peter’s arms.

Peter felt his course was clear: use his powers to find Ben’s killer and bring him to justice. Using what winnings he did get, he designed a new and better costume, as well as a pair of wrist-mounted spinneret devices that could shoot his personally designed “web fluid,” and gave himself the codename Spider-Man.

Spider-Man became quite popular over the next couple of years. In the early summer of 2012, he stopped Dr. Connors - who had transformed himself into a massive beast called The Lizard when he tested the altered super soldierSerum (now with the decay rate algorithm) - from releasing a toxin that would have also turned half of Manhattan into similar creatures. A year later, he prevented another brilliant but mad scientist, Dr. Otto Octavius (aka Doctor Octopus, named for the 4 metal appendages fused to his spinal cord and nervous system), from killing several scientists at OsCorp, including Peter's girlfriend and high school sweetheart, Gwen Stacy.

Popularity isn’t without its disadvantages. Heightened concern over the status of mutants (even though he’s not one himself) contributed to public distrust of Spider-Man, and this was encouraged by the inflammatory editorials of the Daily Bugle. The NYPD also didn’t appreciate Spidey sticking his nose into their business. But Peter has not let this get to him. He knows that he’s doing the right thing and is living up to Uncle Ben’s philosophy of “With great power comes great responsibility.” The cash he earns from selling photographs of himself as Spider-Man to the Daily Bugle also helps to ease to pain.

Peter met Miles Morales in February, 2014, when the younger boy tracked him down during his nightly patrol and asked to be his protege. Peter rebuffed him; he knew how dangerous it was to be Spider-Man and felt that it was his burden alone. Bad enough that Gwen always got involved and frequently put herself in danger. He didn’t need some random kid on his conscience, too.

He took it all back in May when Miles intervened in Peter’s battle against Doctor Octopus. Peter and Miles seemed to have an innate synergy and worked well together to take down this big bad, so after some thought, Peter relented and agreed to train Miles. Peter was shocked at Miles’s age when the other Spidey disclosed his identity, but Miles was quick to point out that he wasn’t all that much younger than when Peter first became Spider-Man. To help out Miles, Peter built another pair of web-shooters and shared his secret formula for the web fluid. Now the two Spider-Men work in tandem to keep New York City safe.

In the fall of 2014, Peter enrolled at Empire State University to pursue a dual degree in physics and chemical engineering. It’s kind of a wonder than he manages to maintain his Spidey activities and not fail his gruesomely demanding schedule.

Peter, Miles, and their masked colleague whom they knew only as Daredevil were approached in February 2015 by a new masked vigilante, Angel, about following him to a mutant haven just outside of NYC. While Miles agreed to check it out, Peter turned it down, preferring to stay in the city as he had been. He did, however, offer a partnership should he ever be needed.

Peter came to Warren's aid again as part of an investigation into industrial espionage, which resulted in an altercation with The Prowler.


The bite of the genetically engineered spider conferred to Peter a suite of spider-themed powers. He possesses the proportional strength of a spider, speed and agility that would make the finest Olympians jealous, the ability to cling to solid surfaces, and a semi-clairvoyant “spider-sense” that keeps him aware of any nearby danger.

To complete his spider theme, Peter also uses a pair of wrist-mounted mechanical spinnerets that project a web fluid chemical of his own design. He uses this webbing to swing through the Manhattan skyline like Tarzan and as a weapon to immobilize his opponents. The liquid polymer is kept under high pressure in small cartridges that fit into the web-shooters; the polymer hardens into a silk-like substance upon contact with air, and dissolves in approximately 1 hour.

In April 2015, Clinton Barton designed new costumes for Miles and Peter at Miles's request. While they maintained the same designs, they were fabricated with a boron carbide composite and lined with liquid body armor, much more durable but just as flexible than their old costumes. The masks were fitted with filters to keep out chemical agents, and with lenses that filter out bright lights and can catch high-frequency infrared at low light. Additionally, Peter's costume features retractable finger talons to provide an extra sting akin to Miles's venom blast.


Patent Pending


PB: Tom Holland

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