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Ross Family
Ross Family.png
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Kara, Allison, Megan
Affiliations: Alex Summers
Socked By: Various
Introduction: The Caged Bird

The Ross Family - Allison, Kara, and Megan - are the long-term foster family of Alex Summers


First appearance: The Caged Bird (Alison and Kara)

Kara Ross
Kara Ross.png
Alex's foster mother, she lives in Nevada with her wife, Alison, and her biological daughter from a relationship she was briefly in before she met Alison.

PB: Teri Polo, socker Maureen

Allison Ross
Alison Ross.jpg
Alex's foster mother, and a stay-at-home mom, she lives with her wife, Kara.

PB: Sherri Saum, socker Eva

Megan Ross
Megan Ross.png
The biological daughter of Kara, Megan is twenty-one years old and currently in college. She has a good (if not somewhat antagonistic) relationship with her foster brother. She's never met her biological father.

PB: Alexandra Chando, socker TBD

Other family members: None


Phase 2

Allison and Kara met in 1993, shortly after Kara gave birth to Megan (the result of a brief relationship; she doesn't like to talk about it). Though they were instantly attracted to one another, the stigma of the time forced them to hide it, and they tried to just be friends. That only lasted a few months, however, before they finally came clean to one another about their feelings and began dating. They moved in together after a year and became foster parents, temporarily taking in kids who needed homes. In 1996 they took in six-year-old Alex Summers, and he ended up becoming permanent. They continued to foster children until Alex manifested at thirteen, at which time they decided protecting their son was more important.

In 2015, the family became targets of the Brotherhood of Mutants, who were after their son's fiancee. Thankfully Megan was on a road trip with friends, but Kara and Allison were captured and held hostage by Mystique, who was trying to get information on Lorna. They came out of it with minor bruises and some trauma, but mostly just wanted to know if their son was okay. Alex later Skyped them to find out if they were okay, and see if he could get them to move closer to New York, where they could be protected if the Brotherhood came back. They agreed to think about it. While they haven't moved yet, all three attended Alex's wedding to Lorna in October 2017, happy to welcome her into their family.


Phase 2

The Caged Bird


Kara's and Allison's PBs play a mixed-race, lesbian couple on an ABC Family show called The Fosters. Megan's PB is from another ABC Family show - The Lying Game. Alex's player watches a lot of TV.

Socked by: Maureen and Eva