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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Alex Summers (disambiguation).

By request of the previous player and with mod agreement, this character is not available for applications for a period of one year. If you have questions, check the XPP post on the 2021 retirement amnesty, or feel free to contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com.

Alex Summers
Portrayed by Chris Zylka
Codename: Havok
Affiliations: X-Factor
Birthdate: August 12, 1990
Journal: Life Is Short

You got twenty years of brothering to make up on, let's see how you do with that before I start using my baking prowess to get you favors.

Alex is currently taking a sabbatical from the mansion to spend some time with his wife.


Character Journal: xp-havok

Real Name: Alexander Summers

Codename: Havok

Aliases: Alex

First Appearance: July 7, 2015

Date of Birth: August 12, 1990

Place of Birth: Anchorage, Alaska

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Scott Summers (brother), Christopher Summers (father), Phillip Summers (grandfather), Deborah Summers (grandmother), Kate Summers (mother, deceased); Kara Ross and Allison Ross (foster mothers); Megan Ross (foster sister)

Education: High school graduate, graduate from Berkeley College

Relationship Status: Married to Lorna Summers (October 14, 2017)

Occupation: Part-desk jockey/part-contact maintainer with X-Factor

Team Affiliation: X-Factor



Born as the second child of Kate and Chris Summers, and the younger brother of Scott (thirteen), Alex led a quiet, happy existence for the first three years of his life. But everything went pear-shaped when the Air Force transferred his father across country. During their flight, the plane ran into severe difficulties over the Nevada desert, and Alex's parents buckled both boys into a single parachute and pushed them to safety. Scott's powers manifested, allowing him to generate an optic blast to slow their fall, while the plane crash claimed the lives of their parents.

Following the accident the Summers brothers were separated, and Alex went into a foster home without ever knowing what became of Scott. He spent three years bouncing around the system, ending up in six homes before finally, at the age of six, landing in the Ross home with Allison and Kara and their three-year-old daughter Megan. He settled in nicely there, and for a while things were good again. It was at the age of thirteen when everything blew up - literally - and he finally manifested, accidentally destroying part of the Ross’ house. Thankfully Allison was the only one home at the time and she wasn’t close enough to be caught up in it. Aware of the backlash it could cause if it was discovered that their foster son was a mutant, and not wanting to give Alex up or put him in danger, the family covered it up, insisting it was a gas explosion and moving before anyone could question it too much (investigations, of course, proved that it wasn’t a gas explosion at all, but there was no evidence to indicate anything else and by the time it got that far the family was already gone and there was no other evidence to indicate what the cause might have been).

They moved to a small, isolated town, to a house where their closest neighbor was miles away, to protect Alex from being discovered and homeschooling him. Their backyard was a large field that went on for miles - the perfect spot for Alex to bleed off the energy when it began to build up.

He wasn’t a complete prisoner in the house, of course - Allison and Kara were just wary of letting Alex out too much. Over time he began to learn the signs of when the energy was building up too much, which made it easier for him to go out. He found ways to entertain himself at home as well - the long, often empty street they lived on made extreme biking and skateboarding experiments possible and gave his mothers a completely different reason to fuss over him when he came in scraped up and bruised and laughing about it all.


It was a good life, all things considered. By the time Alex turned eighteen, though, he was ready to get out of the house and see the world. It was with much reluctance that Allison and Kara let him go, assured in the fact that he could take care of himself. He spent two years traveling and finally landed in California, where he learned to surf and got a job at a local surf shop, making friends easily and moving between their couches, never really finding a home.

But that wasn’t the life Alex wanted for himself, and the winter before he turned twenty he applied for, and got into college for the following fall semester. He met Lorna Dane at orientation, and the two instantly clicked - not long after the start of their freshmen year, they began dating.

And for four years life was good. Alex and Lorna dated, going through the usual ups and downs of a relationship, but they were happy and in love, and Alex proposed the summer before their senior year. It was all perfect.

And Then It Wasn't

For winter break, Alex decided to go with his class on a trip to Spain. They were, unfortunately, stranded there in the wake of M-Day, and didn't manage to get back to the US until June 2015. He got back to California to find that Lorna wasn't there anymore - she had gone to New York. They made arrangements to meet there - but unfortunately Alex never made it. He was captured while on his way to Nevada to see his family, by the Brotherhood of Mutants, who intended on using him as bait to get to Lorna.

He spent a month in their "care" until he was rescued by Lorna, X-Factor, and the X-Men, and brought back to the mansion. There Lorna finally came clean about who she was (the daughter of Magneto) and why Alex had been captured. Alex did his best to be understanding, but it was a lot for him to take. On the plus side, there was also a nice surprise waiting for Alex at the mansion - his long-lost brother Scott.

Mansion Life

Alex adjusted pretty easily to life in the mansion, making friends with various residents of various ages and throwing himself into making a home in the place. He and Lorna reconciled with the agreement that they were starting over, and had their first "date" in November. He even got a job with X-Factor at Lorna's recommendation. In September he and Lorna went on a road trip back to their apartment in California so they could clean up and pack it up, officially beginning their new lives in New York when they returned. His first mission with X-Factor - investigating the death of a homeless mutant - ended in disaster when they were ambushed by Sabretooth, and barely made it out alive. He spent the next few weeks recovering from his own injuries and nursing Lorna through hers. Pretty much a typical way to end what hadn't been a fantastic year.

New Year, New Thrills

Alex's next mission, thankfully, went a little better, when he helped a small team infiltrate the offices of the Sapien League. He succeeded in blowing the building sky high, and got to experience the thrill of jumping out a window with Susan Storm and falling hundreds of feet with nothing but one of Sue's force fields stopping him from going splat on the ground. He became obsessed with sky diving as a result.

Unfortunately, his daredevil lifestyle was put on hold when he broke his leg skiing with Lorna in March. That didn't stop him from trying to get around, however - he, Arthur, and Kyle Gibney tried strapping a skateboard to his cast so he could get around. It went about as well as one would think it would. At least he didn't break his other leg. The summer was mostly quiet, but ended up on a high note with a hike along the Appalachian Trail and the renewal of his engagement with Lorna.

Wedding, And Not So Happy Stuff

2017 had a lot of ups and downs between wedding planning. X-Factor accidentally ended up with a missing kid case after Alex and Lorna were caught up in a bank robbery (they found him), and later helped investigate a rock that seemed to be making everyone sick (they found the rock and used Warren's credit card to get it off the streets). the apparent death of Quentin left him reeling, although he was more than happy to join in on making fun of Quentin when he came back.

The highlight of everything, of course, was marrying Lorna in October. Even that was marred, however, by her father's appearance. He didn't try anything, however, and the wedding went off without a hitch.

2018 was quiet for the most part, save for having to save the kids from a demon bear. Things went a little bit to hell in December when Warren, semi-possessed by a demon, made a move on Lorna. He was quite proud of her for punching him, and remained furious with his so-called boss.

The end of the year was peak mansion insanity when a malfunction with the Danger Room pulled various mansion people into simulations of fictional worlds, and Alex got to go to Hogwarts for a little bit. He was, unsurprisingly, a Hufflepuff.

2019 shook his outlook a bit when a case about a missing child turned into a hunt for a cult. The girl was killed before X-Factor could get her out, and Alex, who was there when it happened, held himself responsible. He buckled down on his training efforts as a result, determined not to let anyone else get hurt because he wasn't fast enough. There was also some weird thing about other universes existing, and another version of himself dying, but that was all kind of confusing and he put it out of his mind.

Life took on a pleasant status quo for a bit, with most of 2020 and 2021 being dedicated to making sure his wife didn't overwork herself. The results of that have varied. He also continued working with the Underground, helping younger kids adjust and trying to make them feel better about their circumstances.

Life, Continued

Alex continued dedicating himself to work, as well as getting more involved with opportunities to help the Underground. Lorna's departure in 2022 hit him a bit hard, but he did his best to keep a smile and keep on going. He even got to help a young mutant in Chicago find his way to the mansion for safety.

Warren's return to the mansion was a less than thrilling one; between that and Quentin threatening someone on the journals, Alex began to withdraw a little, focusing more on working and his volunteer duties.

Following the encounter with the mutant cult Haven and losing control of his powers, Alex decided it was time to take a break from the mansion and spend some time with Lorna.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Other Features: Besides his dashing good looks? A scar on his left leg from an extreme biking experiment gone wrong when he was fourteen. Various scars from his time in captivity with the Brotherhood.


Alex absorbs and releases ambient radiation. He gets the radiation from solar energy, as well as other forms of high-frequency electromangetic radiation. He stores it in his body, and can release it in a destructive plasma blast. These blasts have the capability of causing massive damage through intense heat. Alex is not capable of controlling the absorption of energy (there’s room for him to learn how to, with proper training, but being self taught he has no idea where to begin), leading to the need to vent the energy on a regular basis. If he doesn’t, he risks going into overload and causing a destructive explosion.

As of his arrival to the mansion, he only kne the basics of his powers - that is, how to bleed them off so he doesn’t explode. He accidentally realized he could control the direction of his blasts during a spider invasion that he could direct the blasts and make it go a certain way by extending his arms. He's been working on that with Scott since.

As a side effect of his powers, he’s immune to most forms of heat and radiation.


Skateboards, surfboards, bicycles, etc.

Alex has taken to carrying around a billy bat on more mundane cases so he has something besides his powers to help him fight.


Alex is into a variety of extreme sports - surfing, skateboarding, biking, if it has wheels and/or a board and is dangerous, he's probably done it at some point.

He has a skateboard collection he's particularly proud of.

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Player Icon Base: Chris Zylka

Meta Trivia

Sam rebooted Alex from his phase one version, introducing him in 2015. In January 2024 they put him on one year hiatus.

The age difference between Scott and Alex changed from Phase 1 to Phase 2 - Alex is now thirteen years younger than his brother.