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Organization: Suitemates of Guthries
First Seen: May 2005

Suitemates of Guthries was created by Kitty Pryde and Jubilation Lee in May 2005. During a conversation about their concerns for Paige, the two decided to form a support group for people living with (or close to) any of the Guthries as a place to talk about their worries regarding Sam Guthrie, Paige Guthrie and/or Jay Guthrie. They invited Forge, Amanda Sefton, Angelo Espinosa, Danielle Moonstar and Theresa Cassidy to join, with only the latter declining.

When Catseye found out about the club a couple weeks after its formation, she felt confused and posted about it on her journal. None of the Guthries were too pleased to find out about it, due to a misperception of the group being a place to complain about them as opposed to its true intent of helping them. As getting ready for Nathan Dayspring and Moira MacTaggart's wedding had been taking up most people's time, the group disbanded before it ever had an initial meeting.