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Jubilation Lee
Portrayed by Li Jun Li
Codename: Jubilee
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: November 17, 1986
Journal: xp_jubilee
Player: Seraph

Marie-Ange on Jubilee: I know, she never stops talking, but she is also remarkably good at infiltration. Also she is the size of a small bird and can put her ankles behind her head.

From mansion enfant terrible to X-Man, Jubilee's path has been a rocky one. A series of bad choices means she's not out of the woods yet. Luckily, X-Force is there to knock some sense into her.


Character Journal: xp_jubilee

Real Name: Jubilation Lee

Codename: Firecracker

Aliases: Jubilee (nickname), Short Fuse (temporary trainee codename)

First Appearance: May 9, 2003

Date of Birth: November 17, 1986

Place of Birth: Palmdale, California

Citizenship: U.S.

Relatives: Unnamed parents (deceased), unnamed great-grandfather, grandmother, and cousin (living in China)

Education: High school graduate from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, attended New York City Police Academy (early withdrawal)

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Employed by Snow Valley Research Center

Team Affiliation: X-Force



Jubilee was the only child of Chinese immigrants. Her father was notable in various human rights movements and he and his wife were raising their daughter to be happy, healthy and have a keen sense of social justice. Early on it was discovered Jubilee had issues concentrating, being borderline ADHD, but with patience and tutoring she managed to be a good student. She was also a gymnast, and competed in local competitions.

This idyllic life ended the night Jubilee's parents were murdered in front of her. Returning from a gymnastics meet, where Jubilee had won her competition, the Lees encountered two gunmen who shot down first Mr. Lee, then his wife. They would have slain the young Jubilee as well, only the shots had attracted the attention of neighbors and the alarm was raised. The killers fled, leaving Jubilee's life in tatters. It was later found to be the result of a tragic misunderstanding - the real target was another man called Lee, who was known to have Triad associations.

Unable to find any other family, authorities eventually placed Jubilee with a foster family. Initially, all went well - the foster family were hardworking, but honest, and did their best to care for the traumatised girl. But when the foster father lost his job, things took a turn for the worse. He began drinking heavily, and whilst drunk would frequently beat Jubilee, blaming her for the failures in his life. It was during one of these beatings that Jubilee lashed out instinctively with her powers, burning the man seriously.

Frightened by the display of power and afraid of what would happen to her as a mutant in the social services system, Jubilee ran away, making her way south to Los Angeles. She spent the next year or so living in one of the many malls, shoplifting and performing small scams to survive. It was during one of these scams that she met Jean Grey and Ororo Munroe, who invited the young mutant to come back to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsterswith them. Much to Jubilee's own surprise, she accepted the offer, and became a student.

Phase 1

Living At The X-Mansion

Prior to the events of X2, Jubilee had been at the mansion for approximately two years. She made friends among the other longer-term students such as Theresa Cassidy, Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin, as well as later arrivals Lorna Dane, Marie-Ange Colbert and Doug Ramsey and was making progress with her schooling and her powers control. She completely got off on the wrong foot with new arrival Amanda Sefton despite the common background of homelessness, and the two girls became bitter rivals. Her extended family was also located in China, and she paid several visits to them, discovering she was well and truly an American.

Her abduction by Stryker's task force and the death of Jean Grey were traumatic, but she was dealing with it when the mansion was invaded for a second time. Forced to kill one of the soldiers in another instinctive reaction, Jubilee suffered traumatic flashbacks and fled to the boathouse, where she was found by Cain Marko and Miles Blaire several days later. The stress caused Jubilee to lose control of her powers and it was necessary for her to use a powers inhibiting device for some time.

The rescue of Illyana from Belasco exacerbated hostilities with Amanda, and after catching sight of the other girl's extensive scarring, Jubilee began digging around on the internet for information about them. She became increasingly moody and frustrated at her lack of control and her friendships suffered for it. Her increasing isolation and feud with Amanda drove her to return Manuel's interest, which further isolated her. Contacted by Patches, Jubilee made a deal with the magic user, giving him some of her blood in return for the false information that Amanda's scarring was an augmentation spell. Following the events of Asgard and the powers fight with Amanda over Manuel, Jubilee found her life pretty much in a mess. She tried to run away to deal with Patches herself, had several clashes with staff and generally alienated all but her closest friends. The knowledge that the blood she'd given to Patches had been used to summon the Halloween demon was the final straw.

Concerned for where Jubilee's actions were leading her, Madelyn Bartlet and Henry McCoy took her under their wings and tried to give her the reassurance she needed. A breakthrough with Leonard Samson revealed emotional problems brought on by the deaths of her parents, and she began to make progress. Despite the occasional lapse (such as accusing an over-stressed Scott Summers of keeping the students in the dark and thus threatening their safety), she advanced to the point that she asked for and was eventually granted permission to become an X-Man trainee. She and Amanda achieved an occasionally uneasy truce and eventually became friends; Jubilee and Madelyn also visited the graves of her parents. The news that the killers had themselves been killed in a gang war gave Jubilee the last impetus to move on with her life and she made plans to become a police officer following graduation. She also met and began dating David, a college student living in New York.

West Coast Annex

Following her part in the fall of Selene and the riot in Seattle, Jubilee decided to move out of the mansion and into New York to live with David. She made visits on weekends and kept in touch with her friends, aiding in missions when called on. Then came the discovery that her boyfriend was actually a small-time drug dealer: she lost her place in the police academy, her boyfriend and her apartment all in one day. Following consultation with Scott, it was decided that a clean break was in order and she decided to return to California.

July 2006 - April 2007: After leaving the mansion, Jubilee then spent 9 months at the West Coast Annex before an incident during a training run caused her to re-evaluate her goals and just why she was doing what she was doing. After a conversation with Warren Worthington she decided to head back to China and Hong Kong in order to visit her family and perhaps find out something about where she’d come from in an attempt to understand where she could go.

Hong Kong

May 2007 - mid-December 2007

Hong Kong was not what she’d been expecting and the pressure of having no friends her own age, and grandparents who really didn’t understand their Westernised granddaughter were twin stresses that made her feel alienated and lonely. The cousin she’d been looking forward to reconnecting with had joined the army and was stationed on the other side of the country. In an attempt to gather some meaning from the trip, Jubilee enrolled in the local university, studying the culture and attempting to learn more about Chinese history.

Jubilee quickly learned that while she might look Chinese, her accent made her stand out as decidedly foreign and the local campus students were not shy about letting her know she was Jooksing, or an outsider. She persevered though, not letting her grandparents know just how out of place and lonely she was beginning to feel. She thought about going home many times during this period but her natural stubbornness and refusal to give up had her determined to stick it out.

A chance encounter with a fellow outsider introduced her to the local Hong Kong club scene and finally, Jubilee felt as if she’d found somewhere that ‘got’ her. She quickly made friends with a group of local club kids and was soon spending way more time out dancing then concentrating on her studies, her grades, already struggling, began to take a nose dive. It was during this time that Jubilee also started experimenting with speed in order to keep up with the other kids and also keep her grades within a reasonable level. It was around this time that she also met James, a young man seemingly on the outskirts of illegal activity in Hong Kong but there was something that drew Jubilee to him, a touch of home that allowed her to ignore certain things she may not have back home, like the fact that he was a minor drug dealer.

When Jubilee’s grandfather found out about her lapsing grades and where she’d been spending her nights rather then studying, they fought. As a result of this conflict, Jubilee walked out in a monumental huff, ending up on James’s doorstep, much to his surprise. He allowed her to stay with him, but with the express knowledge that he wouldn’t change his business habits for her and that if she lived with him, she needed to accept what he was doing. Jubilee didn’t want to go back to her grandfather, and while she had reservations about James’ line of work, she justified it to herself as fulfilling a harmless need - after all it was only a few little tablets and she had never seen any of her friends get hurt from them.

She expressly ignored her previous police training, considering that part of her life over with. She settled into her new life with James, sleeping in most days until noon, and then going out to clubs at night. She spent most nights with her friends, dancing and generally enjoying the complete lack of expectations or pressure on her at all. For someone who had always had the idea that people expected more of her, expectations that she’d repeatedly failed to live up to, even if just in her own mind, it was a healing time, and she began to feel like she was finally figuring out where she belonged in the world and was happy.

It was just as this peace was achieved that James came to her and asked her for a favour; he’d been having trouble getting supplies across the border and needed her to help carry some for him. It was the first time she’d been asked to expressly break the law, something she might never have imagined doing in earlier days. She accepted the request and agreed to help him, not caring that she was breaking a law. She was picked up at the border and the police asked her to make a deal, a reduced sentence if she turned informant. She agreed finally, realising that her feelings of loyalty toward her friends didn’t extend as far as going to jail for them.

It was a surprising revelation for her, and one she would think on often later as the consequences of her decision played themselves out. James paid her bail, and immediately drugged her that night with spiked wine, shipping her off to Madripoor. Jubilee spent several days, perhaps weeks aboard the ship - she couldn't really tell as she awoke in a dark hold and was never allowed above deck. Eventually, the ship made landfall and she escaped using an explosive lightshow to blind the crew.


Mid-December 2007 - February 2008

Jubilee eventually found out that she was now in Madripoor. She contemplated attempting to contact her friends back at the mansion but quickly abandoned the idea as undesirable when she thought about their reaction to the situation so far. Embarrassed about the absolute mess she'd gotten herself into, she was also sure that she didn't want to be rescued this time, just like all the other times they'd had to rescue her from her own stupidity. She wanted to work her own way out of the mess, and she also wanted revenge on James and she knew just how to get it. If she just kept an eye on the ship she knew was run by the smugglers, she thought she might be able to find something to ruin her former boyfriend.

During this time, she supported herself by hanging out at local clubs and coffee houses, getting tourists to feed her with hard luck stories. She also attempted the occasional 'date' with some of the men that caught her eye. It was on one of these dates that she realised that it was more the promise of a hot shower and a safe bed to sleep in then any attraction to the man she was with that dominated her thoughts.

It was a revelation of sorts, and she was still trying to work out just what it meant when she met up with some old friends.

A New Life

Since coming back from Madripoor, Jubilee found herself having to re-examine her life and find a path to go forward from. She was given an opportunity by Remy LeBeau to learn from him and the other senior members of the Trenchcoats and find a place in the world for herself that wasn't simply an orphan and a runaway. It was a run in with one of her old friends Forge that made her realise that despite not going the path of the X-Men, she still had a purpose, and that it was a good one.

In her first year with X-Force she faced foes from the horrifying yet extremely human Church of Humanity in 'These Earthly Things' to manifestations of London's past such as the 'Fire of London' during 'Operation: London Calling'. Yet all through it she seemingly kept up the standard 'tough kid' act and the trademark brashness that used to cause her so many issues with her teachers and classmates when she was younger. It was only after an incident with a machine that left her almost dead that she really started to rely on her new teammates in X-Force and feel like perhaps Snow Valley was a place she could find a new home.

It was during an assassination mission in Operation: Retribution that she got her first taste of what lengths she would be taken to, and the price that needed to be paid to keep the rest of the world safe. It was around this time that she finally started taking the counseling sessions with Sofia Mantega-Barret seriously, and started opening up about the issues that continued to plague her, including her problems with sleeping and her need to find company during the long stretches of night she endured due to it.

What began as a series of sleep walking/eating incidents turned into both practice at her craft, and a way to keep herself busy and Jubilee still from time to time visited the apartments of her teammates at the late hours of night. (Unless of course, like Amanda they have protections against such things, or have specifically asked her not to.) Jubilee has notedly never broken into any of the "senior" Trenchcoat's apartments; one might wonder if she's afraid of what they might do to her if she did.

As part of her deal with Remy, she also trained with members of both the New Orleans Guilds| Assassins and Thieves Guilds of New Orleans who train her when they're in New York. Jubilee showed that she was quick on her feet, both as a holdover from her gymnastics days, X-Men training and now training in such things as free running and le parkour. She also learned to fight less in a stylised fashion and more to get the job done. After a year or so, Remy took her on a training run to test out how well her lessons were going and has agreed with the guilds that she was to the point she could be trusted doing things alone.

Far from being the end of her training however, this was only the beginning with every mistake being merely fodder for the next test. Jubilee however was happy to note that she made less mistakes over time than when she first started out, and had gotten to the point where she was currently trying to wean herself off the sex and booze that were her coping mechanisms when she first came back from Madripoor.

With the arrival of Jake Gavin to the Snow Valley team, she found a kindred spirit in both the 'eating anything that moves' front, and someone to sit up late and watch old movies with. It appeared to be a friendship, along with those of the rest of her X-Force team members that kept Jubilee grounded and on the path to redemption. Jubilee also showed both an ability and a readiness to kill and injure in the pursuit of her goals. She also patched up her friendship with Forge to the point where she sometimes tested herself against the mansion's defenses, although with less success then that of her mentor, Remy.

Jubilee considered the members of X-Force to be her chosen family, these days more so then ever. People whom she once had an adversarial relationship with seemed the strangest when considering this new attitude but were Jubilee to be asked she might simply say that these were the family she earned, not the ones she was born with. Jubilee's relationships with the more senior members of X-Force could be described as a balance between respect, and fear. They are people whose skills and abilities she hopes one day to match. There is still a fear here that she's living on borrowed time with the group, and may be asked to leave at any stage. It leads her to being incredibly protective of what she considers her 'niche' in the team, even if it's only a cover job.

"Let's Get To Work"

The next two years – 2009 to 2011 – consisted of hard work for the former mallrat. Called on to use her thieving and infiltration skills on a number of jobs, she increased her skills and proved to the rest of the team that she could take the job seriously – despite her tendency to wisecrack. Off the job, however, she had a tendency towards the sort of immature behaviour she always had, breaking into people's apartments to 'borrow' food out of boredom, posting odd links to her journal and, in one memorable incident, spiking Illyana's drinks during a Spongebob Squarepants party at Mark's apartment. Her antics, especially following the departures of Mark and Jake, her prime accomplices, tended to annoy more than amuse, however, and she found herself drifting back into the dangerous behaviours of before – drinking, clubbing and picking up strange men for sex.

When Doug wound up having to rescue her from a 'date' turned rough, Jubilee realised how much she had backslid, and tried to get her act back together. This was made difficult when an old trauma literally resurfaced with their resurrection of Selene to save Amanda's sister; the witch's stony disregard for the feelings of Jubilee and Amara disturbed her teammate more than she liked to admit. Jubilee had barely recovered from that experience when she was called on to join the team on a trip to India to rescue Lilandra Neramani from imprisonment. In the process, Jubilee, Bishop and Vanessa took on members of the Imperial Guard, whose training and powers made them difficult adversaries.

In the wake of Marie-Ange's departure and her breaking up with Doug, Jubilee took it upon herself to comfort her friend and teammate. What began as no-strings-attached sex became something more, and eventually (with Marie-Ange's 'help' upon her return) Jubilee admitted to herself – and to Doug – that they were actually dating. The return of Marie-Ange and the loss of Remy was extremely difficult for Jubilee, with her regressing into deliberately annoying her friends and co-workers in order to get a reaction from them. A tough undercover job for X-Factor also took its toll, and eventually it became necessary for Amanda to mediate between Jubilee and Marie-Ange after a particularly nasty journal fight. Agreements were reached and the two began to understand each other a little better.

When they received enough information to locate Remy, it was Jubilee who joined Ororo in the actual rescue. She barely had time to process her relief when a visit to the mansion resulted in her being dragged into her worst nightmare, that of Selene succeeding in her attempts to take over New York, with Amanda's little sister Meggan by her side. Watching while Meggan 'died', Jubilee and Amara had a second chance to actually rescue the girl when the dream 'rebooted' somehow, and their success resulted in them managing to free themselves from the dream and then from the Danger Room. With Doug's guidance, they rescued Charles from the Box, before Jubilee and Amara joined forces to create a distraction. The stress of the incident, on top of a hard year, showed itself in an increase in Jubilee's nightmares, and she leaned on Doug as support.

There was no rest to be had, however, when the Exemplars resurfaced, requiring X-Force to get involved in mystical goings-on, and then a trip to Hong Kong to lend her thieving expertise to Garrison Kane and a team of X-Men on the trail of Lady Deathstrike.

In November she assisted in investigating a series of bank robberies, and ended up helping take down the robber, Avalanche - Phase 1, which resulted in the recovery a new student for the school - Madelyne Pryor.


The year started on an interesting note when Jubilee, along with most of the other X-Force members, mentally regressed to sixteen years old, which started with waking up naked in bed with Doug, whom she didn't recognize. It was eventually fixed, though it did, unfortunately, result in the end of her relationship with Doug. It was a hard blow, though not entirely unexpected. After going to Remy for advice, he sent her to Mexico with Cammie.

In March she helped to trap a mutant trafficker working for the Genoshan Government. She had a quiet reprieve for a couple months before a group of students and Xavier allies were kidnapped from a rally at the Genoshan Embassy. They were tracked to Genosha, and Jubilee and Nico infiltrated the country as part of a Japanese tourist group. She was captured while infiltrating the Citadel security room. She was badly beaten when President Moreau decided to demonstrate just how frightening and intimidating he really was. The next day she was loaded onto the mutant train, and subsequently rescued by Jenny Ransome and the Genoshan Resistance. Following the rescue, she assisted in the taking out the geothermal plant and the tank laager, encountering and taking down Mutate 42 along the way. In the final battle with Thomas Moreau, she assisted in destroying Moreau's tactical computer and power core.

Through the ordeal, she became rather close with Kurt Sefton, who comforted her in jail after she was injured, and when they returned they began a tentative relationship. Jubilee was nervous about it, given that her job didn't exactly lend itself to relationships, but Kurt insisted that it didn't matter to him, cementing the relationship.

The next few months were mostly quiet. In September, Jubilee, along with Wanda and Paige, went undercover at a strip club in Minnesota to investigate the Sons of Hel. Through the course of the investigation, Jubilee slept with Garrison under the influence of the Enchantress' magic - something Kurt took better than she was expecting - and they were later lured into a trap that nearly got them all killed. At the end of the month, Jubilee accompanied Kurt on a trip to Kentucky to visit Sam Guthrie's family. While there she helped defend the Guthrie homestead when it was attacked by the FOH.

In December, she was caught up in the invasion of the Brownstone, and was injured during the fight. Fortunately, Kurt was more than happy to nurse her back to health.


When the New Mutants were kidnapped by other-worldy beings known as Slendermen, Jubilee joined an X-Force team in rescuing them. In February, Kurt told Jubilee he loved her, something she found hard to believe, though he was determined to prove it.

The year passed fairly normally - or as normally as it could for a super-secret spy. In April, she joined X-Force in saving Artie Maddicks when he got caught up with Arcade in Atlantic City. In May, Remy declared that it was time for Jubilee to grow up and start taking on her own contacts. Her relationship with Kurt reached its one-year anniversary quietly, and her continued travels around the world led to much random nightblogging. In December, she went to Madripoor with X-Force to help recover Illyana's bloodstones.


Like years past, Jubilee spent most of 2014 bouncing around for X-Force, going from country to country to meet with contacts and popping up every now and again to let people know she was still alive In July she did her annual fourth of July fireworks at the mansion, and in August she, along with Molly Hayes, encountered a group of Shades in New York when a demon possessing Tandy Bowen opened a portal over the Empire State building. In December 2014 she was shot while out with Kurt by a sniper trying to get to Wade Wilson. The bullet wound was more of an annoyance than actual problem for Jubilee.

The End of the World

January 2015 was the month everything went to hell, starting with an attack on Muir Island that led to Jean Grey completely losing control of her powers. Jubilee joined a team of researchers trying to figure out what was going on, and they went to Egypt, where they encountered Apocalypse and faced down an alternate, darker version of Jean, who attacked them. The team managed to escape, barely.

Jubilee later helped try to defend and evacuate the mansion after The Dark Phoenix ambushed it, but the efforts were all in vain.

Phase 2

Brave New World

Jubilee was among the survivors who woke up in the new world Xorn created after their old universe collapsed. She threw herself into her work as an avoidance technique, causing trouble at the Snow Valley offices with Cammie until Marie-Ange and Amanda recruited Kurt to force Jubilee to take a vacation - which she did, reluctantly. It was good for her though - she came back clear-headed and ready to work responsibly once more.

She didn't have much downtime before the spylife reasserted itself once more. In February, when Doug discovered that a lot of information on US politicians had been acquired by Russian hackers, Jubilee went with a team to retrieve it, only to be ambushed and nearly killed. In May she went with another time to China to investigate the disappearance of several Chinese artifacts and in July she was one of several X-Forcers caught up in a time loop. In October she went with Amanda to rescue Topaz, and in November she assisted Wade and Doug in setting up a new contact for their network (which almost went horribly wrong).

It wasn't all work and no play though. She and Kurt got engaged in November, which was a nice way to end the year.


In February 2016, Jubilee helped stop a mutant terrorist attack at Penn Station, and afterwards took a well deserved vacation on Emma's dime. She continued to flit in and out of the mansion as her work took her to many places and didn't leave much room for down time.

2017 found Jubilee out of the mansion even more, although she did manage to be around the Asgard problems leaking over to Earth, and was recruited to help take care of things. After a lot of reflecting on the dangers of her job and her unstable life, she finally made the decision to end her relationship with Kurt, thinking it was what was best for both of them, before disappearing on an extended mission.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'1"

General Build: Tiny and willowy, but with visible underlying muscle.

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Other Features: one piercing in each ear, as well as healed scars from Repodemon.


Jubilee generates explosive plasma constructs that remain briefly stable before releasing their energy violently. Through concentration, she is able to control these 'fireworks' to some extent, timing their detonation or reabsorbing them harmlessly. She can generate power as minute as small 'sparkles', or as an explosive force equivalent to several tons of TNT.

Jubilee's powers are fueled directly by her metabolism, and as such she has been shown to receive an extra boost of energy from high-carbohydrate and high-sugar foods such as candy bars and energy drinks. This often brings with it the resultant low blood sugar crash after the rush wears off, however.

Further Information

Jubilee's fat cells are like super-storage batteries, allowing her to fuel her power for an extended period.

Primary fuel: (currently stored energy from food.) She doesn't have a very high capacity here, hence why she gets hungry after it runs low. If she's just eaten high sugars and carbs, that maxes it out.

Secondary fuel: (fat reserves.) Because her liposomes (fat cells) store so much energy, it'd be harder for her to burn off through normal exercise. While she probably doesn't show it, being naturally slender, she's got a small amount of body fat that exercise won't do anything about. If she has to dip into this reserve, especially for large amounts of energy, she would suffer massive exhaustion from using secondary fuel.

Tertiary fuel: (protein from muscle tissue.) Most likely, she'd pass out before getting to this point, as it would require constant energy output over a very extended amount of time, such as hours of nonstop energy production, or her powers going amplified and out of control, as someone like Fabian Cortez - Phase 1 could do.


None currently.


Jubilee continued her gymnast's training even after her parents died, albeit intermittently. She also made a living in the mall sketching cartoon versions of people. At the mansion, she began learning to play the violin, although not well.

Jubilee changed dramatically during her time away and has become a much quieter, terse speaker then she once was. She'll never be entirely mute but she does think quite a bit more about the things she does say now.

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Player: Seraph

E-mail: SeraphEmail.jpg

Player Icon Base: Li Jun Li

Meta Trivia

Played by Seraph until July 2006, at which time the character was given up. Seraph then took up the character again in January 2008, to take a new direction with her.

Seraph, with socking by Dex, wrote a series of logs describing the events in Jubilee's life between the Annex and Madripoor, as a way of getting back into the character's head.